Monday, June 2, 2008

The War in Heaven

A war! In Heaven!
How can it be? Heaven is where God dwells, where the angels dwell; where all of Gods children who are and ever were dwelt. Heaven is the place of peace, the place where love abounds.

War! That means battle or fight! That means some beings sought to destroy others!
The war in heaven, an amazingly astounding occurrence that we were all involved with before this world even began to be populated.

The numerous hosts of heaven, who are they? They are none other than our Heavenly Fathers little children. Our Heavenly Mothers beloved little ones begotten by them in the Celestial Kingdom. This great battle, this war, caused one third of these children to be cast down, never to even have the opportunity to take bodies. Some of these, our own spiritual brothers and sisters, we knew very, very well, they were our closest friends. We loved them very much, and they once loved us. Yet they turned against us, and against their own Father!

Why? What would cause children to hate their own Father? Not just their earthly father, but God the Eternal Father! Why would they do it? Did not they see Him and know He loved them dearly? What would cause them to hate their own Father? It is amazing, yet it is true.

In forming this earth that we are all a part of; Elohiem gathered us all together and told us of this earth and the wonderful opportunity it was to give us. To have physical bodies, and to perhaps have them forever! We were all overjoyed, for that is what our Parents have! Then we were told of the great sacrifice that it required of our Father and mothers Eve. They had to come here first and fall! He and Eve had to fall from their Celestial condition down to a Telestial condition to give us the opportunity to have bodies. We so loved our Father!

We were then told that we had to fall also. We had to partake of this fall, and though through it we would be given bodies for our spirits, we would also have to die, and lose them again, and to be shut out of heaven forever. Never to enter the Celestial Kingdom again. We could not have our bodies again or enter the Celestial kingdom unless there was an atonement made; an atonement for the fall of our Father, and an atonement for us. Only through this atonement could we have a resurrection and have our bodies back again after we die. Only through this atonement do we have the power of repentance, the reason for us purify our minds our bodies. Only through this atonement could we become like God.

This atonement required a God to die, to suffer for all of our sins! Who would perform such an act as this? Who will atone for these little children of Michael's? Up steps Lucifer, the son of the Morning, a great one, whom we all knew very well. He said “Behold I, send me, I will be Thy Son, and I will redeem all mankind, that one soul shall not be lost, and surely I will do it, wherefore give me Thine honor.” He had a better plan, he believed, a plan for him to atone for us, but he did not want to give us free will in the flesh, so not one of us would sin, and not one of us would be shut out of the Celestial Kingdom. One third of the hosts of heaven rejoiced!

Wouldn't that be wonderful? They tried to explain. All of us in the Celestial Kingdom! Not one lost! All would become gods and angels without exception, and therefore the atonement would not be an atonement for sins, for none could sin. This plan was completely opposite of reason, of principle, of truth, and of freedom; and yet one third of the hosts of heaven believed it to be the most wonderfully kind and loving and the most generous thing to do.

Then said Jehovah, our Grand Father in heaven, even the creator of our Universe; He said “Father, thy will be done, and the glory be Thine forever” Those of us who understood then were overwhelmed in amazement at his love for us. To Live and to Die to allow us to have free will, and to suffer for our sins repented of, to suffer for all to gain our bodies again! Of course Jehovah’s plan was chosen, for it was the only true plan. Lucifer rebelled, and tried to force his plan anyway, and one third of our brothers and sisters rebelled with him.

There was a war in heaven! One third of the hosts of heaven were cast down to earth without bodies. And with them was their leader, Lucifer, who is Satan. Their former love for all became hatred for truth, and they are now here trying to get us to be as miserable as they are. They hate us now more than we loved them. For they cannot have bodies of their own, and must remain as spirits.

There was a war in heaven. And by it there is a perfect plan, a plan for us to enter the Celestial Kingdom again with bodies like our Heavenly Father and Mothers. By overcoming our former friends who know our weaknesses, and overcoming this flesh. Taking full advantage of the atonement of our Lord Jesus Christ. Eternal Bodies. Eternal Life.

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