Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The FLDS Online Store

"Hearing rumors that there were more children at the Ranch, CPS in late May wanted access to the [YFZ] Ranch. It was denied them. Had they gained access, they would have found some very busy people at work. Men, women, and yes, even children.

There was a birth taking place; a birth of continuance, of hope, and of the future.

Please feel free to visit the website created by necessity and inspired by the love for their children."
- from Free The FLDS Children

You will find a wide selection of baby and childrens clothing, from dresses to trousers, shirts to slips, pajamas to nightgowns. All made in America by some of the sweetest mothers on the planet!



J. Patrick Smith said...

Sorry... a little off topic, but:
I have read numerous press releases, watched many videos, etc. in which the C of JC of LDS categorically denies that the FLDS are Mormons. To quote one video, "If a person practices polygamy, you can be certain, that person is not a Mormon."
My questions is this: Do members of the FLDS refer to themselves as Mormons? Is there any official statement from the FLDS in regard to this? How would the FLDS prefer the media refer to it's own membership?

Pligchild said...

I find it kinda funny actually that the LDS church followers claim exclusivity to the name "Mormon" when it is only a few years ago that the LDS church sent out a press release asking all the news media to stop referring to them as "Mormons"

The term "Mormon" came from early (F)LDS church critics, but even Joseph Smith did not object to the nickname. I would say that anyone who believes the Book of Mormon to be true is a "Mormon" Which we do.

Tina said...

I am curious about something. If the FLDS mothers are so busy earning money to take care of their children, why is it that so many of them receive public assistance? I am not condemning the beliefs of this group, I am just not clear as to why it is ok to take government assistance because there are too many children in a family for the husband to provide for.

Pligchild said...

Tina, I hope you come back and read this.

Not one of the mothers at YFZ recieved any more public assistance than you do, probabably less. SSI for the elderly and handicapped was all they got.

But even if they did start now, I wouldn't blame them.

I suggest you read my posts: "Q and A with FLDS mothers" and Top 5 Lies about the FLDS"