Saturday, June 7, 2008

Polygamy and Monogamy Science and History

This online book is very interesting:

I took a couple notes so far:

"It is a melancholy and an humiliating fact that the opinions of most people are determined more by what others around them think and say than by what they believe themselves. They are not accustomed to the proper exercise of their own reason, and do not follow the convictions of their own minds. Yet there are some who dare to think and act for themselves ; and into the hands of a few such I doubt not these pages will fall : and to all such I most heartily commend them.”

Pg 41
“Marriage perpetuates the human race; lays the foundations of organized society; promotes industry; accumulates wealth; cultivates the arts; and maintains religion. It builds the house, tills the soil, supports the family, and fosters every charitable and benevolent enterprise”

Pg 43
“But all nature and all revelation has demonstrated that [God] is a benevolent being, and it is both impious and absurd to believe that his laws have made no adequate provision for everyone to be married who wishes to be”

“It is, therefore, demonstrated that any form of society which fails to provide for the marriage of all is a defective system, and opposed to the natural, inherent, and inalienable rights of man [and woman]

Pg 50
“On the whole, therefore, women are practically marriageable ten years younger than men are, a period which constitutes a third part of the average duration of adult life. From these two causes alone, - the greater number of women, and their being marriageable so much younger, - the proportion of marriageable women to marriageable men would be about two to one… But the practical difference is still greater. For after men have arrived at adult manhood, and have aquired the means of supporting a family, many of them refuse marriage”

Pg 52
“”There is not one woman in a million who would not be married if she could have a chance. How do I know? Just as I know that the stars are now shining in the sky, though it is high noon. I never saw a star at noonday; but I know it is the nature of stars to shine in the sky, and the sky to hold its stars. Genius or fool, rich or poor, beauty or the beast, if marriage were what it should be, what God meant it to be, what even, with the worlds present possibilities, it might be, it would be the Elysium, the sole, complete Elysium of woman, and yes, of man. Greatness, glory, usefulness, happiness, await her otherwheres; but here alone all her powers, all her being can find full play. No condition, no character even, can quite hide the gleam of the sacred fire; but on the household hearth it joins the warmth of earth to the hues of heaven. Brilliant, dazzling, vivid, a beacon and a blessing her light may be; but only a happy home blends the prismatic rays into a soft, serene whiteness, that floods the world with divine illumination. Without wifely and motherly love, a part of her nature must remain enclosed, a spring shut up, a fountain sealed. ” – Gail Hamilton”

Pg 58
“We have always accustomed ourselves to believe that polygamy originated in barbarism; that it is perpetuated by barbarians only, and that it panders to the basest and most depraved of human passions. But let us now think for ourselves. For one, I claim that right.”

Pg 65
“Is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob the Christian’s God, or is he not?”

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