Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Kiss!

"PICTURE REMOVED" (Although it was an adorable picture of a one year old girl planting a big kiss on a newborn baby boy) I want to apologize for not contacting the parents first.

Media report:
"Breaking News! Highly reliable ex members of the polygamist cult explained to us that this photograph clearly shows assault of a minor, there is a hair on a bed to prove it"

Other media report:
"It is obvious by the photo that female members of the cult are perpatrators in the systematic teachings to the boys that assault is going to happen in 40 to 5o years."

Nancy Grace:
"This is outrageous! That baby looks happy to get the kiss! Flora, you went through this, how did you cope?"
"The bruises hidden under my long hair dulled the pain"


Autor Intelectual said...

Flora really makes me laugh.
The other night on Nancy Grace she was saying that the woman of the FLDS wore those clothes because they had to hide all their bruises on their bodies.
We all know that its G-ds law to use the clothing like that because we cant look atractive to other man.
Jewish religion is also supossed to do it. The old testament commands it.
So really, someone should tell Flora to shut up because she is making a fool out of herself.

Pligchild said...

She makes me laugh too, but when I heard a caller on Nancy Grace crying her eyes out because she believes Flora; I wanted to cry too.

Autor Intelectual said...

Yeah Allen, But you know what, that sells, and who knows. maybe it was a fake caller. Im a Journalist and I dont work in journalism because THE TRUTH NEVER COMES OUT! like you said on another place THE TRUTH DOES NOT SALE!
I have read many books about FLDS, and the more I read, the more secure I am that those people are jelous and resented with the world that they could not adjust to!.
Your sister Fawn looks like a robot when she talks about what her life was, Elissa unfortunately did not believe what she was practising. And c`mon..... Flora.....she was fortunate to have those grandparents. Because in this world the truth is that people dont get a second, third, forth etc time. And tell me about Carolyn, she has made a pact with the devil selling those books, and im sure CNN helped her publish it. THOSE ARE THE REAL STEPFORD WIFES.
You can even see in the show Big Love how the future YOUNG BRIDE lies when she leaves, and this was BEFORE this raid.
This is a difficult world, but, if people dont start tolerating and respecting their neighbour well..... then not for the FLDS, Jewish, Christian, Catholic....... The Messiah will never come!!!!!!!!!!!