Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Original Post on my previous blog

Ladies, and Ladies, and Ladies, and Gentlemen!!
Step right up and witness to your wonder and amazement. The FLDS polygamists!

Look at that man, doesnt he look sinister? No?
Poor guy has to take orders from.... HOW many women? What is he thinking? There has got to be an easier way to satisfy his urge to...OBEY GOD? What madness!, what insanity!

THERE AUGHT TO BE A LAW! How does he support them? How does he care for them? They have to be abused! WE have to be abused! How dare he have so many children! ISNT THIS AMERICA? Dont we have some guns somewhere? Where is the justice, where is the humanity? Save the children! Save the women!

JUST LOOK AT THOSE POOR WOMEN! Look at their....HAPPY FACES? THERE AUGHT TO BE A LAW! They must be abused into smiling like that! KEEP SWEET? What tyranny! What abuse!, these women must be mad! How can they abuse their bodies into having all of those little....GOURGEOUS CHILDREN? They can't possibly love so many! An army of Fundamentalist! We will be overthrown! We will be bankrupt! Stop the children! Stop the children! AAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHH

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