Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Brotherhood

Deseret News-
"The Washington (Utah) County Sheriff’s Office sent Texas authorities dossiers of several FLDS members “who may engage in acts of intimidation or violence again law enforcement and/or potential witnesses.” The information, obtained by the Deseret News through Texas public records laws, includes intelligence compiled during Warren Jeffs’ 2007 trial in St. George for performing an underage marriage."

Actually the trial was for rape as an accomplice, which in any other case has nothing to do with marriage. But anyway, here is their list of "hitmen" in the Keep Sweet Club.

William Roy Jessop
• AKA “Willie the Thug” or “King Willie”
• The most serious threat affiliated with the FLDS religion.
• Reportedly has a passion for violence, weapons (legal and illegal) and explosives.
•Accused of intimidating witnesses at Warren Jeffs’ trial in 2007.
•“If anything remotely resembling violence or intimidation occurs, you can be fairly certain that William had a hand in it.”
• Has acted as a spokesman for the FLDS Church after the raid on the YFZ Ranch.

Yes indeed he is the MOST serious threat, second only to my grandma. This is the most resembling violence or intimidation I have ever heard from him. Just listen:

Ruth Cooke
• A “wild card” who is “blindly devoted to Warren and the FLDS religion.”
• “We reviewed countless letters she had sent to Warren that confirmed her unstable behavior, as she talked of disturbing visions she had received and breaking down the prison walls in the name of the prophet.” “She is just the kind of person who may be capable of doing something crazy, but justified in her head.”

Wait a minute, I thought she was a victim, make up your minds!
"I had a dream!"

Lindsay Hammon Barlow
• Several witnesses describe him as Warren Jeffs’ “muscle.”
• Barlow was “clearly in charge of the group’s security.”
• During Warren Jeffs’ trial, Barlow “attempted to seat individuals who could intimidate the witnesses in their direct line of sight.”
Wimp! My muscles are bigger than his.

William E. Jessop
• “Respected as a bishop in the FLDS religion.”
• “He is a very powerful man in the community, but I have never received any information that would indicate that he is involved in anything of a violent nature.”
• “Could be involved in the decision-making processes due to his position of power.”

If you ever heard a soft spoken man, he speaks softer.

Lyle Steed Jeffs
• Brother to FLDS leader Warren Jeffs.
• Acted as wedding security during illegal marriages conducted in Nevada.
• “Minimal information to suggest that Lyle would be considered a threat to commit acts of violence or witness intimidation.”

But he could whip you in a game of tennis!

David S. Allred
• Involved in the financial areas of the FLDS Church.
• “Fairly high in the FLDS pecking order.” “I do not have any specific information that would label David as a threat, nor do I have any that would discount him as a threat.”

Can't discount anyone at this time, not even Casper the Friendly Ghost

Nephi Steed Jeffs
• Brother and personal assistant to FLDS leader Warren Jeffs.
• “To the best of my knowledge, he is not involved in any FLDS security and has no known history of violence or intimidation.”

Sure sings good though!

Wendell Loy Nielson
• One of the presiding elders in the FLDS religion.
• “He is not likely at this time to be involved directly in any acts of violence or intimidation, but may still be involved in their development, planning and approval stages.”

He plans for and approves of people being kind.

Rodney Hans Holm
• Convicted of unlawful sex with a minor in Utah in 2006
• “Known to have significant disdain for law enforcement.”
• “Rodney also was under the close watch of our court security staff during the trial, as he appeared at times to be attempting to intimidate witnesses from his seat.”

The former policeman, who was convicted of breaking a law that was passed years after the "crime" occured, intimidated me when I drove around without my pickup being licenced. He walked up to me, put his hand on my back, and said "Get your truck licenced Al, its four months out."
Can I sue?

Rulon Daniel Barlow
• “Rulon seemed to be extremely focused on the routines of our court staff and repeatedly seemed to be staring down the prosecuting attorneys and their witnesses.”

O those eyes, O those eyes! I see them in my sleep!

Dee Yeates Jessop
• “Appears to be another intimidating enforcer for the FLDS religion.”
• Was more interested in intimidating witnesses with “menacing” stares during
Warren Jeffs’ trial than the trial itself.
• “He has been described as a fanatic, who is blindly devoted to Warren Jeffs.”

He has also been described as a good man, and an excellent outdoorsman. Great with wild animals such as Zebra's, Buffalo, and Ostriches.

Samuel Rapylee Bateman
• “Showed an unnatural interest in the security procedures and routines of our staff during the trial.”

What would be natural?

Donovan J. Stubbs
• “Seemed to be taking mental notes of the security staff present.”
• “Donovan carried himself well and seemed to be respected by the other members of the FLDS group. When he spoke, others listened.”

What did he say in his mental notes? If a man speaks in the middle of the forest, and no woman is around to hear him, is he still wrong?

Guy Curtis Bauer
• “Seemed to “make it a point to be noticed by the prosecution’s victim and witnesses whenever possible.”
• “Seemed to be there for the purpose of intimidation.

Seemed to wish they would leave the FLDS people alone.

Guy E. Nielson
• “Appeared to make several discreet attempts at intimidating the victim and members of her (Alissa Wall’s) family.”

Very discreet, like thinking "I sure pity your hatred"

Nathan Mead Jessop
• “Multiple witnesses confirm Nathan Jessop is a member of the FLDS security team.”
• One of three men who came to a woman’s home and informed her she was no longer a worthy member of the community, a task generally reserved for Warren Jeffs’ security staff.

A possible former member of Uncle Rulon Jeffs "pod squad". Like I have any room to speak. "I'll go on a diet tomorrow!"


Anonymous said...

I'm going to run for Governor in the new State of Zion, formally known as Texas.

If elected, I promise you all the above will be in my new cabinet. (Unless they're dead, in which case, I'll send them to New Mexico).

Don't worry about not being a resident of Zion, I'll have Willie the Thug pull a few strings.

Is Washington County really this goofy?

Bill Medvecky

Bruce in Montana said...

Yep, that's a scary bunch. You don't want to tick em off...they might pray for you.

Anonymous said...

The scary thing is how many people believe those lies and continue to believe them even when the truth comes out!

It is interesting that Washington County has this list...we should come up with one of our own. There would be quite a few more "thugs" on it though, I'm athinkin! :)

I remember the menace Matt Fisher and that lady cop (can't remember her name) were to the FLDS out in Short Creek...and the intimidation and underhanded scare tactics they used on innocent women and children there.

"I'm just doing my job" - those are some of the meantest words I have ever heard!

Anonymous said...

Might !!

I pray that I AM included in their prayers...As they are in mine.

May the Lord bless them and all the Honest in Heart who strive each and every day to improve their selves and those around them.

Naiah said...

I'm not sure about how the immunities work, but this list is ceratinly tantamount to slandar/libel.