Sunday, June 8, 2008

Flora Jessop

Someone has contacted me who is writing an article about the life of Flora Jessop
Anyone who knew her personally, or knows how to get a hold of Joe C. please email me or call me. Those who are FLDS that are reading this can get my phone number from my father or brothers.

Al Holm
aka Pligchild

RUBY! RUBY! Come on CUZZZ its time to shut sis down!


Anonymous said...

tempting...but I do not want my identity I choose to keep quiet.

Anonymous said...

Not only do you know it's legit and not Flora putting together her own "Escape" book?

Pligchild said...

It definately is not Flora.

We need RUBY!

RUBY! RUBY! (lets all chant together!)

Come on CUZ! it's time to shut sis up!

Anonymous said...

What FLDSers don't know is that it is Flora's turning in the hoaxer's Arizona calls that called attention to the hoax on Texas. They should be thanking her.

Pligchild said...

Actually, no, Rozita called Flora for the first time on April 30 (according to Flora) She had over 40 hours of recorded phone calls with her. She did not turn these phone calls over to authorities; she turned them over to CNN.

O yes, thank you Flora!
Had it not been for you this raid would never have happened. Had it not been for you Sheriff Doran would not be the bigot he is. Had it not been for you they would not have known what the beds were for, or where to look with the cadaver dogs. Had it not been for you, o wonderful Flora, CNN would not have had those "lets pretend" video clips.