Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lest We Forget

A story from one of the fathers:

"When the mothers and children were taken, the CPS took all the herbs and medicines from them.

"One young girl, a diabetic, was not even allowed her insulin. She was suppose to go to CPS and ask for the insulin when she needed it. This young girl went up to them to get her insulin. CPS dropped the vial, and it broke. The mother of this girl said, "You need to get her another one." They said, "No we don't!" She said, "Yes you do." CPS again answered, "No we don't!" Again the mother said firmly, "Yes You Do!" And once again CPS answered, "No we don't."
The mother said, "You're going to have a dead little girl here if you don't!"
"CPS still refused!
"There was a doctor on the scene. He talked with CPS without any luck. CPS would not buy anymore insulin for her. The doctor left. When he returned, he had four vials of insulin with him. He had charged them to his credit card, at $100.00 a piece. This kind doctor gave this young diabetic girl the vials of insulin she need so dearly.
"They never saw this doctor again.
"Anyone who was good to them was never seen after they had been kind to any of the FLDS.
"I feel the stories need to come out, about the real child abuse CPS did and is doing to these children. "

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Nomadic said...

As the mother of a diabetic son, I would have been mortified by CPS' callousness about the child's need for insulin.

God bless the doctor who purchased the insulin, wherever he may be!