Friday, March 27, 2009

Keep Sweet, the true meaning of Charity

“Wherefore, if a man have faith, he must needs have hope; for without faith there cannot be any hope. And again behold I say unto you that he cannot have faith and hope, save he shall be meek and lowly of heart. If so, his faith and hope is vain, for none is acceptable before God, save the meek and lowly of heart; and if a man be meek and lowly of heart, and confesses by the power of the Holy Ghost that Jesus is the Christ, he must needs have charity; for if he have not charity he is nothing; wherefore he must needs have charity. - -(Moroni 7:42-43)

“Are all apostles? Are all prophets? Are all teachers? Are all workers of miracles? Have all the gifts of healing? Do all speak with tongues? Do all interpret? I say unto you, Nay; for I have shown unto you a more excellent way, therefore covet earnestly the best gifts.

"Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing. And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing.

"Charity suffereth long, and is kind, charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up, doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil; rejoiceth not in iniquity but rejoiceth in the truth; Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.

“Charity never faileth; but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away. For we know in part, and we prophesy in part. But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away.

“When I was a child I, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things. For now we see through a glass darkly; but then face to face; now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.

“And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.”
(1 Corinthians 12:29-13:13)

“Wherefore, my beloved brethren, if ye have not charity ye are nothing, for charity never faileth. Wherefore cleave unto charity, which is the greatest of all, for all things must fail—But Charity is the pure love of Christ, and it endureth forever; and whoso is found possessed of it at the last day, it shall be well with him. Wherefore my beloved brethren, pray unto the Father with all the energy of heart, that ye may be filled wit this love, which he hath bestowed upon all who are true followers of his Son, Jesus Christ; that ye may become the sons of God; that when He shall appear we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is; that we may have this hope; that we may be purified even as he is pure. Amen” -(Moroni 7:45-48)

And without Charity, there is no Priesthood.

"Behold, there are many called, but few are chosen. And why are they not chosen? Because their hearts are set so much upon the things of this world, and aspire to the honors of men, that they do not learn this one lesson— That the rights of the priesthood are inseparably connected with the powers of heaven, and that the powers of heaven cannot be controlled nor handled only upon the principles of righteousness. That they may be conferred upon us, it is true; but when we undertake to cover our sins, or to gratify our pride, our vain ambition, or to exercise control or dominion or compulsion upon the souls of the children of men, in any degree of unrighteousness, behold, the heavens withdraw themselves; the Spirit of the Lord is grieved; and when it is withdrawn, Amen to the priesthood or the authority of that man. Behold, ere he is aware, he is left unto himself, to kick against the pricks, to persecute the saints, and to fight against God.

"We have learned by sad experience that it is the nature and disposition of almost all men, as soon as they get a little authority, as they suppose, they will immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion. Hence many are called, but few are chosen.

"No power or influence can or ought to be maintained by virtue of the priesthood, only by persuasion, by long-suffering, by gentleness and meekness, and by love unfeigned; By kindness, and pure knowledge, which shall greatly enlarge the soul without hypocrisy, and without guile— Reproving betimes with sharpness, when moved upon by the Holy Ghost; and then showing forth afterwards an increase of love toward him whom thou hast reproved, lest he esteem thee to be his enemy; That he may know that thy faithfulness is stronger than the cords of death.

"Let thy bowels also be full of charity towards all men, and to the household of faith, and let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly; then shall thy confidence wax strong in the presence of God; and the doctrine of the priesthood shall distil upon thy soul as the dews from heaven. The Holy Ghost shall be thy constant companion, and thy scepter an unchanging scepter of righteousness and truth; and thy dominion shall be an everlasting dominion, and without compulsory means it shall flow unto thee forever and ever." (D&C 121:34-46)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Brigham Young on Marriage

“Brethren, what is it that you love the truth for? Is it because it gives you the power, the authority of the Priesthood? Is it because it makes you rulers, kings, and priests unto our God, and gives you great power? There are men professing to be Saints, even in this congregation, within the sound of my voice, who feel how almighty they have become. They will curse you, if you do not see proper to comply with their wishes. Many men have feelings in their hearts towards their wives, that if they will not do precisely as they wish to perform this or that, they will curse them. What wonderful things they are going to do! "If you do not obey my voice, my counsel, I will send you to hell, and turn the keys upon you, that you may never! no NEVER! be released." Sisters, you might as well heed the crackling of thorns under the pot, the passing idle bird, or the croaking of a crane, so far as their Priesthood is concerned. You are safe, if they will only keep their hands off from you; let them curse. It reminds me of a proverb which the Arabs have, that "cursings are like young chickens, they will still come home to roost."

Is it for this—is it because it gives you such great power and authority, that you love the Truth? That it gives you power to curse your neighbors, your neighbor's children, their cattle, and everything around you? Let all such go away to their own place, to California, by the northern route; not to San Bernardino, at brothers Lyman and Rich's location, for they have devils enough there already; but go into the world entirely away from the Saints, and the sooner the better.

Men should act upon the principle of righteousness, because it is right, and is a principle which they love to cherish and see practiced by all men. They should love mercy, because of its benevolence, charity, love, clemency, and of all of its lovely attributes, and be inspired thereby to deal justly, fairly, honorably, meting out to others their just deservings.

If selfishness prompts you to embrace the truth, if it is merely to exalt yourself and your friends that you covenant to serve your God, and that is your only motive, you had better pass on the northern route, for we can do you no good if you wait, or remain with us; not but that God has regard for all His children; but He loves those who love all the principles of righteousness, because they are righteous, and have a delight in the exercise of pure principles, of virtue, of excellence and truth, of meekness, long-suffering, and self denial, mercy, and charity.

I am aware that my language fails to convey my ideas to you as I could wish. But I will proceed a little further. A great promise was made to Abraham, which was—you shall have seed, and unto your increase there shall be no end. The same promise was made unto the Saviour; and unto every true and faithful man who serves God with all his heart, and whose delight is in keeping the law of the Lord, obeying the behests of Jehovah, and building up His kingdom upon the earth.

The Elders of Israel frequently call upon me—"Brother Brigham, a word in private, if you please." Bless me, this is no secret to me, I know what you want, it is to get a wife! "Yes, brother Brigham, if you are willing."

I tell you here, now, in the presence of the Almighty God; it is not the privilege of any Elder to have even ONE wife before he has honored his Priesthood, before he has magnified his calling. If you obtain one, it is by mere permission, to see what you will do, how you will act, whether you will conduct yourself in righteousness in that holy estate. TAKE CARE! Elders of Israel, be cautious! Or you will lose your wives and your children. If you abuse your wives, turn them out of doors, and treat them in a harsh and cruel manner, you will be left wifeless and childless; you will have no increase in eternity. You will have bartered this blessing, this privilege, away; you will have sold your birthright, as Esau did his blessing, and it can never come to you again, never, NO NEVER!

Look to it, ye Elders! You will awake from your dream, alas! But too soon, and then you will realize the truth of the remarks I am making to-day. Whose privilege is it to have women sealed to him? It is his who has stood the test, whose integrity is unswerving, who loves righteousness because it is right, and the truth because there is no error therein, and virtue because it is a principle that dwells in the bosom of Him who sits enthroned in the highest heavens; for it is a principle which existed with God in all eternities, and is a co-operator, a co-worker betwixt man and his Maker, to exalt man, and bring him into His presence, and make him like unto Himself! It is such a man's privilege to have wives and children, and neighbors, and friends, who wish to be sealed to him. Who else? No one. I tell you nobody else. Do YOU HEAR IT?

Many applications will unquestionably be made to me for wives, and, perhaps, by men too who will steal, or trespass upon me, their neighbors, kill their stock, do wickedly in various ways. Nothing would damn such men sooner than to give them this privilege. I answer the brethren; they have to go upon their own responsibility. I tell you the truth. If you are a first-rate good man, and honor your Priesthood, it is your privilege. The man who has proved himself before God, has been faithful, has gone through and performed everything the Lord has laid upon him to do, for the purpose of building up and sustaining His kingdom, has proved himself before men, angels, and his Father in heaven, he is the only character that will increase, and obtain a Celestial glory. Others may seem to prosper, to increase for a season, but by and by they are left in the shade, their glory is clipped, and their house is left unto them desolate.

Pray the Lord to inspire your hearts. Ask for wisdom and knowledge. It is our duty to seek after it. Let us seek, and we shall find; knock, and it will be opened unto us. But as for His coming down here to pour His Spirit upon you, while you are aiming after the vain and frivolous things of the world; indulging in all the vanity, nonsense, and foolery which surrounds you; drinking in all the filthy abomination which should be spurned from every community on the earth—so long as you continue this course, rest assured He will not come near you.

I will not enter into particulars. You already know enough about them. I ask that you would leave it off; refrain, purify, and sanctify yourselves before your God, and get so much of the Spirit of Truth that you may become filled with it, so that you can shout aloud with all your might to the praise of God, and feel your hearts clear as the noon-day sun. Then you can dance, and glorify God; and as you shall abide in the truth, God will raise you up, and add to your numbers, so that your train will fill the Holy Temple, as it was said of the Lord by one of old.”
(Brigham Young JD 1pg 118-120)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Elissa Wall And her missing letter

About seven months after the betrothal sealing ceremony between Elissa Wall and her victim there was a letter written by her. The letter was not used in the trial against the assistant to the Prophet at the time, the man who performed the ceremony. (By the way, he was convicted of Rape for performing that ceremony if you didn't know already.) It was not used because the letter could not be found. But there was a letter used in evidence, written by her victim. It was a greeting card with many flowers etc. on the front, and this is what it said inside:

Written on the front:
To: My Love, and Strength, Elissa J Steed
From: Your love and weak companion, Allen G Steed

November 17, 2001
Dear Elissa,
I take this time now to write to you. I am not a professional writer, but if the Lord will come to my aid I would like to express some of my feelings at this time.
I got home at about 11:15 last night. I thought to myself, I will grab a bite to eat, then run up and see my sweetheart, give her a huge hug, tell her I love her, and go to bed. Well I got a bit to eat and one of my old weaknesses came along, and I sat down to rest my weary legs. Just then our kind Father in heaven said to me “My son Allen, get up and go to bed” But in my weakness and slow responsedness I stayed there, thinking “I’ll get up in a minute when I get done with my food” Now Father in heaven must rebuke me for being so slow to respond to inspiration, and He has 3 different ways.
#1 He allowed me to sleep until 4:00 this morning
#2 He inspired you to write that letter last night to open my eyes to my slowness.
#3 He chastened me this morning through his Holy Spirit.

“Lesi please forgive me”

Now I wonder, what might have she said in that letter? And why was he was asking for forgiveness from her.... hmm.....
Any guess?
(hint: He got home from working late, fell asleep on the chair, and got up in the morning and went to work without giving her any attention)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Elissa Wall, Victim of who?

Elissa Wall was 14 when she was betrothed to a young man, a man who is hard working, dedicated, and very kind. Yet Elissa would have you believe that she was forced to marry him against her will. That is not true. Of course a jury of his "peers" riled up by the fabricated evidence, biased media, and bitter former members lies, agreed, with the help of a prejudiced judge, and put an innocent man behind bars. The man was convicted of rape. Convicted not for touching her in any way, not by requiring anything of her against her will, but for asking her the "typical" accomplice's words: "Do you take this man to be your husband of your own free will and choice?" Amazing

Of course the "official story" says that she was crying etc before the wedding. Do you think it might have been due to the fact that she was nervous, and anxious? You mean like every other girl gets before her wedding? No, it was because she didn't want to go through with it she would have you believe now. Her whole life now is based on that re-manufactured story, that lie. Had she said no even once, she would not have been betrothed. But she didn't, not once, and that is a fact. In fact, she said YES.

Yes, these are pictures used in court to convict that man, but these pictures are not of the man convicted, no, they are of the man that Elissa herself calls a "victim" as well. I certainly cannot argue that he was NOT a victim (of her). This man here has not even gone to trial yet.

Here they were taking pictures after the ceremony. Certainly she was very much against all this, having such a young man who is as new to this as she is. Newlyweds against their will, right?

Not long after she must have been forced to a reception of gifts (right?), and here she is really sad at one of her gifts...

Here is the trip they went on together shortly after, can't you see it? She must have been suffering immensely!

For the next year or so, her victim worked very hard trying to make her happy. But of course he had limitations. For instance he was in the volunteer fire department, and worked a full time job. He wasn't completely obedient to her every wish either. Not to mention he didn't really enjoy the garbage music she and her friends listened too, or drinking beer out in the weeds in the night.

Finally she had enough (abuse?), so she began partying without him, and met a really cool party dude named Lamont Barlow. But of course she did not want her victim and family to notice, so she would go home to her victim after sleeping with another man.

Yes indeed, she was "saved" from the terribleness of a good man, and she was "rescued" by Lamont, someone else who would party and drink with her. Here they are just before she went back to her victim and pretended to be good to him too. Lamont is only Nine years older than she is, her victim is five. She was finally free at last when she was pregnant for the second time, with Lamont's child. Finally "escaping" only when she was sent away for committing adultery.

I hold no judgment as to Elissa Wall, or her Lamont, except to discern. I hope only that she has the happiness of her own choosing as I would anyone else. I am not the judge of her, but I can judge between truth and error. I have told the truth here, despite the lies that she has spread, including her fictional account written in her book.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


From a sermon by Jedediah M. Grant

“I want the Saints to be impressed with the motto of being happy all the time; if you cannot be happy to-day, how can you be happy to-morrow? I speak this from what I have learned myself; though it has given me much of trouble, and a great amount of perseverance, to be happy under all circumstances. I have learned not to fret myself. It has taken me a great while to arrive at this point, but I have obtained it in a measure, and perhaps many of you have obtained the same thing, but I doubt whether a great many have learned the secret of happiness.

In order to understand the principle of happiness you must not be ever complaining, but learn not to fret yourselves. If things do not go right, let them go as they will, if they go rough, let it be so; if all hell boils over, let it boil. I thank the Lord for the bitter as well as for the sweet; I like to grapple with the opposite: I like to work and have something to oppose. I used to dread those things, but now I like to grapple with opposition, and there is plenty of it on the right hand and on the left. When trouble gets in among you, shake it off, or bid it stand out of the way. If the devil should come and say, “Brother Brigham is not doing his duty, or is not doing right,” kick him right out of your way; bid him depart, do not allow him to have place in your habitation, but learn to be happy.

I remember a noted deist who said that it was a poor religion that would not make a person happy here in this life: he would not give a fig for such a religion; and I would say the same; give me a religion that will make me happy here, and that will make me happy hereafter. If you have the blues, or the greens, shake them off, and learn to be happy, and to be thankful. If you have nothing to eat but johnny cake, be thankful for that, and if you have not johnny cake, but have a roasted potatoe and buttermilk, why, be thankful; or if you have a leg of a chicken, or any other kind of food, learn to be thankful, and if you have only one dollar in your pocket, learn to be as happy under these circumstances as if you had ten dollars.

One time in Nauvoo, some English brethren did not like to eat corn bread, and one of them says to another, just before partaking of some, “Are you going to ask a blessing? I am not going to thank God for nothing else but corn bread, potatoes, and salt.” Brethren, those feelings should not be, we ought to be happy and shake off the blues, no difference what we may be called to pass through, but let us have the light of the Lord, the channel of inspiration open, that the light of truth may break in upon our understandings, that we may be rich in faith and in good works.

I used once to be troubled with dyspepsia, and had frequently to call upon the Elders to administer, and on one occasion, brother Joseph Smith says to me, “Brother Grant, if I could always be with you, I could cure you.” How is it that brother Brigham is able to comfort and soothe those who are depressed in spirit, and always make those with whom he associates so happy? I will tell you how he makes us feel so happy. He is happy himself, and the man who is happy himself can make others feel so, for the light of God is in him, and others feel the influence, and feel happy in his society. I want the Saints to live in a way that they can feel happy all the time, and then we shall enjoy the Holy Spirit; then we shall meet in heaven to part and meet again; and when we get through our work assigned us, then we may assist, if not to make a world as large as this, in organizing some little lump of clay.”–Excerpted From JD Vol 3.

Monday, March 9, 2009

How Texas Traced the Calls to Rozita Swinton

It must have been quite the day for ol Brooks Long, that Sunday, April 13th 2008. He had spent a week rounding up “victims” of “abuse” with his army of machine gun toting comrades, and just following orders by taking cell phones away from “guests” and breaking into buildings and confiscating children’s journals and computers, as well as breaking into a sacred Temple building safe and stealing the contents, all in his attempt to find Sarah Jessop Barlow, the victim who made all these desperate phone calls. Certainly he was enjoying his much needed day of rest. He was probably drinking his morning coffee when he realized that something was now troubling him, this tenth day after. Something he just needed to figure out that he had never thought about before.

He probably thought along the lines of “Hmm, you know what, maybe those guys at the gate ten days ago might have been on to something. They did prove to my buddy Doran that Dale Evens Barlow was a long ways away, but I didn’t want to stop this wonderful force that George Bush would be proud of from invading the “dirty plig” paramilitary compound. So when they said we aught to check the phone number and trace it, they might have been on to something. But I certainly don’t want to give them credit. They are the bad guys”

So he called up a perfect stranger in the Colorado Springs Police Department and asks him about it. Yes, it was no strange thing that he called the police department rather than the phone company; that is how all phone numbers are tracked down I am sure. If you want to know who is calling you on your phone, just call the police department of the area code on your phone silly.

It was all only a coincidence that he just happened to speak to the very guy who knew about a crime using the exact phone number he gave him too. That is just fantastic, this guy he calls on Sunday the 13th actually recognizes one of the phone numbers, wow!

It was a phone number that he was sure had been blocked ten days ago, but realized just that day, the 13th of April that it never had been blocked. It was just another fantastic coincidence that he was able to reach Sean on Sunday, as Sergeant Mandel was not even working out of the CSPD office, he was working for the FBI and was not associated with the rest of the force. But it was a coincidence for sure, for sure. Why would you doubt that?

Well this was great, Long discovers that what the men at the gate of the YFZ ranch said was exactly right, the phone call was a hoax, ruining all he was hoping was true about the raid. But being the honorable Ranger he is, he asks CSPD to arrest this woman named Rozita Swinton so they could pretend to begin an investigation, certainly now on the 13th she was a person of interest, having the same phone number and all. So Long speaks to Mandel and he tells his coworker that he doesn’t work with, Sergeant Hugh Velasquez in the sex crimes department, and Velasquez passes the info on to Detective Terry Thurmston, all on Sunday, the 13th of April. Certainly this is standard procedure. Thurmston goes the next day, on Monday the 14th, calls Brooks and verifies Swintons phone number ect, and arranges for the arrest warrant. Which they serve two days later when a couple of the Texas Rangers fly in.

Move along folks, nothing to see here…

From the Affidavit in the arrest Warrant for Rozita Swinton:
"On April 13, 2008, I [CSPD Detective Terry E. Thurmston] was contacted by [CSPD sex crimes division]Sergeant Hugh Velasquez (1514D) regarding information he had obtained from [CSPD, FBI task force] Sergeant Sean Mandel. Sergeant Mandel told Sergeant Velasquez he had been contacted by the Texas Rangers in regard to their investigation into the Yearning for Zion (YFZ) Ranch. Sergeant Mandel related Texas Ranger Brooks Long had advised he had two cellular telephone number listings from the Colorado Springs area (719-351-0913 and 719-243-2866). Sergeant Mandel was aware that the phone number, 719-351-0913, that was possibly related to the reporting party for the YFZ Ranch incident in Eldorado, Texas, was also identified in a prior CSPD case report.

“On April 14, 2008 I
[CSPD Detective Terry E. Thurmston] spoke with Texas Ranger Long and confirmed telephone number 719-351-0913 was in fact a local Colorado Springs telephone number associated with Rozita Swinton. I informed Ranger Long that Rozita Swinton was known to make false reports of sexual abuse to the police and other agencies. The Texas Rangers advised they would be responding to Colorado Springs to conduct further investigation.”

The “only” [cough, cough] problem with our story, is Hugh McBryde spoke personally with Sergeant Sean Mandel, and Sean told him that he had never even spoken to Brooks Long at all, but rather he was contacted by his boss at the FBI in Colorado, Steven A Smith, who had been contacted by an FBI agent out of San Angelo TX. Hugh also spoke to Steven A. Smith, who did not know the name of the FBI agent he spoke to and couldnt pin a date, the dates too are uncertain as to when they were contacted he says and he did not open a case when he gave the assignment to Sean. Certainly the Rangers hadn't found this out earlier, certainly it was all done in the short time of one or two days. Certainly it wasn’t early enough for them to stop the raid. And Certainly this was not a manufactured story to cover up the fact that Texas ALREADY knew it was Rozita, as much as a ten days earlier right?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Life After Birth

Once upon a time, twin boys were conceived in the womb. Seconds, minutes, hours passed as the two embryonic lives developed. The spark of life grew and each tiny brain began to take shape and form. With the development of their brain came feeling, and with feeling, perception–a perception of surroundings, of each other, and their own lives.

They discovered that life was good and they laughed and rejoiced in their hearts. One said to the other, “We are sure lucky to have been conceived and to have this wonderful world.” The other chimed in, “Yes, blessed be our mother who gave us life and each other.” Each of the twins continued to grow and soon their arms and fingers, legs and toes began to take shape. They stretched their bodies and churned and turned in their little world. They explored it and found the life cord which gave them life from their mother’s blood. They were grateful for this new discovery and sang, “How great is the love of our mother–that she shares all she has with us!”

Weeks passed into months and with the advent of each new month, they noticed a change in each other and in themselves. “We are changing,” one said. “What can it mean?” “It means,” said the other, “that we are drawing near to birth.” An unsettling chill crept over the two. They were afraid of birth, for they knew that it meant leaving their wonderful world behind. Said the one, “Were it up to me, I would live here forever.” “But we must be born,” said the other. “It has happened to all the others.” Indeed, there was evidence inside the womb that the mother had carried life before theirs. “And I believe that there is life after birth, don’t you?”

“How can there be life after birth?” cried the one. “Do we not shed our life cord and also the blood tissue when we are born? And have you ever talked to anyone that has been born? Has anyone ever re-entered the womb after birth to describe what birth is like? NO!” As he spoke, he fell into despair, and in his despair he moaned, “If the purpose of conception and our growth inside the womb is to end in birth, then truly our life is senseless.” He clutched his precious life cord to his breast and said, “And if this is so, and life is absurd, then there really can be no mothers!” “But there is a mother,” protested the other. “Who else gave us nourishment? Who else created this world for us?” “We get our nourishment from this cord–and our world has always been here?” said the one. “And if there is a mother–where is she? Have you ever seen her? Does she ever talk to you? No! We invented the mother when we were young because it satisfied a need in us. It made us feel secure and happy.”

Thus, while the one raved and despaired, the other resign himself to birth and placed his trust in the hands of his mother. Hours turned into days, and days into weeks. And soon it was time. They both knew their birth was at hand, and they both feared what they did not know. As the one was first to be conceived, so he was the first to be born, the other following. They cried as they were born into the light. The coughed out fluid and gasped the dry air. And when they were sure they had been born, they opened their eyes–seeing life after birth for the very first time. What they saw was the beautiful eyes of their mother, as they were cradled lovingly in her arms. They were home.
“No eye has seen, no ear had heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him” (1 Corinthians 2:9).

Saturday, March 7, 2009


“All are bound by the principles of virtue and happiness, but one great privilege of the Priesthood is to obtain revelations of the mind and will of God. It is also the privilege of the Melchizedek Priesthood, to reprove, rebuke, and admonish, as well as to receive revelation. If the Church knew all the commandments, one-half they would condemn through prejudice and ignorance.” – Joseph Smith 6/6/1837

“If the plurality of wives is to pander to the low passions of men and women, the sooner it is abolished the better… The man that enters into this order by the prompting of passion, and not with a view to honor God and carry out his purposes, the curse of God will rest upon him, and that which he seems to have will be taken from him and given to those that act according to principle. REMEMBER IT.” (Brigham Young JD 9 pg37)

“A man dishonoring his Priesthood and his marriage covenants, forfeits his wives and children, the wives being released by the same authority that sealed them, are free to marry other men, -- worthy, their children automatically going to their new husband without an adoption ceremony. They follow their mother and her sealing to a husband takes them with her” (John Taylor)

“Christ’s statement (Matthew 5:31-32) indicating fornication and adultery the only grounds for divorce is modified to mean that that a man may become unworthy of his wife and yet not be an adulterer, yet she is justified in leaving him and, under proper authority, marrying another” (John Taylor)

"If persecution comes from the outside to this people again, it will be because of the iniquity within this body of people.... And the time is coming when the Lord is going to ask us to invite men and women out who do not obey and are not worthy of the blessings of eternal life" (Leroy S Johnson 2/12/67)

“Can you think of any one single thing that has brought the overthrow of the Saints of God, even some of the leaders, some of the apostles, more than what immorality has done? Controlling the lusts of the flesh? The prophet gave a few clues along the way. And others have given a few clues along the way. Some of those that were near to the Prophet couldn’t abide in purity. … We’ve heard the prophesies, we’ve heard the declarations that this nation will be overthrown, that it will topple and go to ruin, and all nations will; and the Kingdom of God will rise. [And yet] We want to do everything we can to try to secure our position in there short of purity of living. That’s too much to request upon us. We can give up our money, we can give up our families, and we can give up most anything but the lusts of the flesh. …We have been threatened in the South unless we do better, even our community so beloved by all of us who have been there and worked there and helped to build it up; will be shut down and the Priesthood will withdraw, the people allowed to wander and go and do as they damn please, until they are ready to do what God wants them to do.” (Carl O.N. Holm 6/2/63)

“There are some who come out of curiosity, come with an axe to grind, and some to obtain some blessing. You know what you have come for. But this I know, if we are not here for the explicit purpose of learning the truth and then living it, we are causing adverse influences in this congregation and the time will come when you will either be asked to stay away or our merciful Father will arrange your life so that you will be found somewhere else. Take it as prophesy if you would like, but it is still true.” (Carl O.N. Holm 7/22/62)

“Brethren, it is a matter of Priesthood by which we have the right to hold these women and to bring forth these children into the world under the New and Everlasting Covenant of Marriage. If we will only bear in mind, brethren, it is only so long as we magnify this Priesthood that we are going to be able to do that which is required of us, and carry out the undertakings that God has called us to do” (Rulon T Jeffs 2/2/64)

“Dear brethren, again I call upon you to be mindful of what you hold, you heads of families. You cannot direct and control them without the benefit of the Priesthood and the gift of the Holy Ghost, which is power; to magnify this Priesthood by setting our families in order, that we can be used, the Lord willing. I do not know what it is going to take, but I have a very foreboding feeling, if you want to call it that, that something is in offing to shake us up.” (Rulon T Jeffs 10/17/71)

“The wheat and tares must grow together till the harvest; at the harvest the wheat is gathered together in the threshing floor—so with the saints. Here they will be threshed with all sorts of difficulties, trials, afflictions and everything to mar their peace, which they can imagine, and thousands which they cannot imagine. But he that endures the threshing till all the chaff, superstition, folly, and unbelief are pounded out of him, and does not suffer himself to be blown away as chaff by the foul blast of slander, but endures faithfully to the end, shall be saved” (HOC 4:451)

The Importance Of Doing as He Is Bid

Why does He insist on doing what the Lord requires? Even though at times it is an unenviable task, the Prophets must do what they are asked of God or be removed out of their place. WSJ is a man who WILL do it no matter what men may think of Him, just as Joseph would as indicated in the previous post.

v1 And, behold there came a man of God out of Judah by the word of the Lord unto Beth-el; and Jeroboam stood by the altar to burn incense.
v2 And he cried against the altar in the word of the Lord, and said, O altar, altar, thus saith the Lord; Behold, a child shall be born unto the house of David, Josiah by name; and upon thee shall he offer the priests of the high places that burn incense upon thee, and men's bones shall be burnt upon thee.
v3 And he gave a sign the same day, saying, This is the sign which the Lord hath spoken; Behold, the altar shall be rent, and the ashes that are upon it shall be poured out.
v4 And it came to pass, when king Jeroboam heard the saying of the man of God, which had cried against the altar in Beth-el, that he put forth his hand from the altar, saying, Lay hold on him. And his hand, which he put forth against him, dried up, so that he could not pull it in again to him.
v5 The altar also was rent, and the ashes poured out from the altar, according to the sign which the man of God had given by the word of the Lord.
v6 And the king answered and said unto the man of God, Entreat now the face of the Lord thy God, and pray for me, that my hand may be restored me again. And the man of God besought the Lord, and the king's hand was restored him again, and became as it was before.
v7 And the king said unto the man of God, Come home with me, and refresh thyself, and I will give thee a reward.
v8 And the man of God said unto the king, If thou wilt give me half thine house, I will not go in with thee, neither will I eat bread nor drink water in this place;
v9 For so was it charged me by the word of the Lord, saying, Eat no bread, nor drink water, nor turn again by the same way that thou camest.
v10 So he went another way, and returned not by the way that he came to Beth-el.
v11 Now there dwelt an old prophet in Beth-el; and his sons came and told him all the works that the man of God had done that day in Beth-el; the words which he had spoken unto the king, them they told also to their father.
v12 And their father said unto them, What way went he? For his sons had seen what way the man of God went, which came from Judah.
v13 And he said unto his sons, Saddle me the ass. So they saddled him the ass; and he rode thereon,
v14 And went after the man of God, and found him sitting under an oak; and he said unto him, Art thou the man of God that camest from Judah? And he said, I am.
v15 Then he said unto him, Come home with me, and eat bread.
v16 And he said, I may not return with thee, nor go in with thee; neither will I eat bread nor drink water with thee in this place;
v17 For it was said to me by the word of the Lord, Thou shalt eat no bread nor drink water there, nor turn again to go by the way that thou camest.
v18 He said unto him, I am a prophet also, even as thou, and an angel spake unto me by the word of the Lord, saying, Bring him back with thee into thine house, that he may eat bread and drink water, that I may prove him; and he lied not unto him.
v19 So he went back with him, and did eat bread in his house, and drank water.
v20 And it came to pass, as they sat at the table, that the word of the Lord came unto the prophet that brought him back;
v21 And he cried unto the man of God that came from Judah, saying, Thus saith the Lord, Forasmuch as thou hast disobeyed the mouth of the Lord, and hast not kept the commandment which the Lord thy God commanded thee,
v22 But camest back, and hast eaten bread and drunk water in the place, of the which the Lord did say to thee, Eat no bread, and drink no water; thy carcass shall not come unto the sepulcher of thy fathers.
v23 And it came to pass, after he had eaten bread, and after he had drunk, that he saddled for him the ass, to wit, for the prophet whom he had brought back.
v24 And when he was gone, a lion met him by the way, and slew him; and his carcass was cast in the way, and the ass stood by it, the lion also stood by the carcass.
v25 And, behold, men passed by, and saw the carcass cast in the way, and the lion standing by the carcass; and they came and told it in the city where the old prophet dwelt.
v26 And when the prophet that brought him back from the way heard thereof, he said, It is the man of God, who was disobedient unto the word of the Lord; therefore the Lord hath delivered him unto the lion, which hath torn him, and slain him, according to the word of the Lord, which he spake unto me.
v27 And he spake to his sons, saying, Saddle me the ass. And they saddled him.
v28 And he went and found his carcass cast in the way, and the ass and the lion standing by the carcass; the lion had not eaten the carcass, nor torn the ass.
v29 And the prophet took up the carcass of the man of God, and laid it upon the ass, and brought it back; and the old prophet came to the city, to mourn and to bury him.
v30 And he laid his carcass in his own grave; and they mourned over him, saying, Alas, my brother!
v31 And it came to pass, after he had buried him, that he spake to his sons, saying, When I am dead, then bury me in the sepulcher wherein the man of God is buried; lay my bones beside his bones;
v32 For the saying which he cried by the word of the Lord against the altar in Beth-el, and against all the houses of the high places which are in the cities of Samaria, shall surely come to pass.

I Kings Ch.13

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Value Of A Righteous Rebuke

"I frequently rebuke and admonish my brethren, and that because I love them, not because I wish to incur their displeasure, or mar their happiness. Such a course of conduct is not calculated to gain the good will of all, but rather the ill will of many; therefore, the situation in which I stand is an important one; so, you see, brethren, the higher the authority, the greater the difficulty of the station; but these rebukes and admonitions become necessary, from the perverseness of the brethren, for their temporal as well as spiritual welfare. They actually constitute a part of the duties of my station and calling. Others have other duties to perform, that are important, and far more enviable, and may be just as good, like the feet and hands, in their relation to the human body neither can claim priority, or say to the other, I have no need of you. After all that has been said, the greatest and most important duty is to preach the Gospel."

Excerpted From D.H.C. 2:477-279

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We Who Love Him

There is a man who sits alone
behind a prison door.
No evil has he ever done-
this servant of the Lord.

His sacrifice for us is great,
yet as we face each trial-
So often it is we
who are encouraged by his smile.

We love him, our Dear Prophet
and need his guiding care.
Oh, let us plead for his release
through constant, fervent prayer.

So greatly does he yearn for us
to live as we are taught.
If all would love as he loves us,
his life would not be saught.

The Lord has loved His people well,
and given us every chance.
If we would just love each other
He could change this circumstance.

If we had faith as those of old,
No chains could keep him bound.
We know the Lord will set him free
when sufficient faith within us is found.

Why should we wait to do our part
to bring God's servant forth?
Make haste, let's rally to the cause-
that he may be about his work.

We love him, our Dear Prophet
and need his guiding care.
Oh, let us plead for his release
through constant, fervent prayer!

-Sent to me by an FLDS Poet