Sunday, March 22, 2009

Elissa Wall And her missing letter

About seven months after the betrothal sealing ceremony between Elissa Wall and her victim there was a letter written by her. The letter was not used in the trial against the assistant to the Prophet at the time, the man who performed the ceremony. (By the way, he was convicted of Rape for performing that ceremony if you didn't know already.) It was not used because the letter could not be found. But there was a letter used in evidence, written by her victim. It was a greeting card with many flowers etc. on the front, and this is what it said inside:

Written on the front:
To: My Love, and Strength, Elissa J Steed
From: Your love and weak companion, Allen G Steed

November 17, 2001
Dear Elissa,
I take this time now to write to you. I am not a professional writer, but if the Lord will come to my aid I would like to express some of my feelings at this time.
I got home at about 11:15 last night. I thought to myself, I will grab a bite to eat, then run up and see my sweetheart, give her a huge hug, tell her I love her, and go to bed. Well I got a bit to eat and one of my old weaknesses came along, and I sat down to rest my weary legs. Just then our kind Father in heaven said to me “My son Allen, get up and go to bed” But in my weakness and slow responsedness I stayed there, thinking “I’ll get up in a minute when I get done with my food” Now Father in heaven must rebuke me for being so slow to respond to inspiration, and He has 3 different ways.
#1 He allowed me to sleep until 4:00 this morning
#2 He inspired you to write that letter last night to open my eyes to my slowness.
#3 He chastened me this morning through his Holy Spirit.

“Lesi please forgive me”

Now I wonder, what might have she said in that letter? And why was he was asking for forgiveness from her.... hmm.....
Any guess?
(hint: He got home from working late, fell asleep on the chair, and got up in the morning and went to work without giving her any attention)


cheese said...

I wonder how many rape victims recieved a letter like that from their assailant? Hmmmm....

Ron in Houston said...


Good post. Clearly those who want to turn Allen into a characterization of some horrible awful rapist need to consider things like this before they rush to pass judgment.

ChristianFundyMom said...

Slowly more and more is coming out! Wow! He sounds like an honorable wonderful man! My Dear husband has written lots of those types of notes:)

My heart breaks for Allen!

In Christ's love and mine,

Anonymous said...

Thanks Al I have been waiting for the truth to come out.
My heart goes out to Allen, heave n bless him.

duaneh1 said...

I never written a letter like that to my wife. Allen doesn't seem like much of a letter writer so she must have been very angry at him.
I guess if somone is unpopular enough, anything goes and if there is collateral damage, the "you can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs" mentality is in full play.