Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Elissa Wall, Victim of who?

Elissa Wall was 14 when she was betrothed to a young man, a man who is hard working, dedicated, and very kind. Yet Elissa would have you believe that she was forced to marry him against her will. That is not true. Of course a jury of his "peers" riled up by the fabricated evidence, biased media, and bitter former members lies, agreed, with the help of a prejudiced judge, and put an innocent man behind bars. The man was convicted of rape. Convicted not for touching her in any way, not by requiring anything of her against her will, but for asking her the "typical" accomplice's words: "Do you take this man to be your husband of your own free will and choice?" Amazing

Of course the "official story" says that she was crying etc before the wedding. Do you think it might have been due to the fact that she was nervous, and anxious? You mean like every other girl gets before her wedding? No, it was because she didn't want to go through with it she would have you believe now. Her whole life now is based on that re-manufactured story, that lie. Had she said no even once, she would not have been betrothed. But she didn't, not once, and that is a fact. In fact, she said YES.

Yes, these are pictures used in court to convict that man, but these pictures are not of the man convicted, no, they are of the man that Elissa herself calls a "victim" as well. I certainly cannot argue that he was NOT a victim (of her). This man here has not even gone to trial yet.

Here they were taking pictures after the ceremony. Certainly she was very much against all this, having such a young man who is as new to this as she is. Newlyweds against their will, right?

Not long after she must have been forced to a reception of gifts (right?), and here she is really sad at one of her gifts...

Here is the trip they went on together shortly after, can't you see it? She must have been suffering immensely!

For the next year or so, her victim worked very hard trying to make her happy. But of course he had limitations. For instance he was in the volunteer fire department, and worked a full time job. He wasn't completely obedient to her every wish either. Not to mention he didn't really enjoy the garbage music she and her friends listened too, or drinking beer out in the weeds in the night.

Finally she had enough (abuse?), so she began partying without him, and met a really cool party dude named Lamont Barlow. But of course she did not want her victim and family to notice, so she would go home to her victim after sleeping with another man.

Yes indeed, she was "saved" from the terribleness of a good man, and she was "rescued" by Lamont, someone else who would party and drink with her. Here they are just before she went back to her victim and pretended to be good to him too. Lamont is only Nine years older than she is, her victim is five. She was finally free at last when she was pregnant for the second time, with Lamont's child. Finally "escaping" only when she was sent away for committing adultery.

I hold no judgment as to Elissa Wall, or her Lamont, except to discern. I hope only that she has the happiness of her own choosing as I would anyone else. I am not the judge of her, but I can judge between truth and error. I have told the truth here, despite the lies that she has spread, including her fictional account written in her book.


ChristianFundyMom said...

Enjoyable read!

and exactly my thoughts!

May God bless you and your family!


Carol said...

Thank you for posting Pliggy. Now, send a copy to every newspaper and TV station you can find listed. Let the people who are believing her trash talk know the truth and the lies she tells in her book.

Michel said...

its about time people uncover this "thing"

Pliggy said...

Now don't people get me wrong. I hope that Elissa and her Lamont have as good a life as they can now. I have no bad feelings toward them at all.

But the truth is the truth is the truth and they shouldn't be making it up in hindsight. That is actually a lie, and will make them sad in the end. Unless they quit it.

Sue said...

Thank you, Pliggy, for your care and consideration in presenting the truth. I know it is hard to watch people you have always known being vilified for no good reason. Thank you for sharing their side of the story.

It is a great thing that you are trying to be true to what you know has really beeen lived. I, too, believe that truth is our Father's way and lack of it will cause harm in the end, that will need to be overcome.


Headmistress, zookeeper said...

Those pictures of a laughing Elissa at her shower are quite.... eye-opening. Wow.

Nicole said...

I think it is sad that you are putting her down. I also think that it is sad that you took pictures out of her book to make your point. If you think it is wrong that she is putting down the FLDS community then say that but you are no better than her if you are posting up lies and hurtful things. If Allen is really a victim then he should come out and say so but until then her story is the only story that we will hear. At 14 no woman is ready to get married at 21 I wasn't ready to get married but I did. Let us not judge what we don't understand.

Pliggy said...

You are right about one thing, Nicole. We shouldn't write about what we don't know. That is why I wrote this. I know.

These photos are the very ones that she gave to the court as evidence that she was forced into marriage. I only took them from the public domain. You have to be really cloudy in the head to believe she was forced into marriage after seeing these. And a man is sitting in prison because of complete fabricated lies. I wouldn't have said a word if she wasn't still spreading her filthy lies about how it happened. She only, ONLY got married because she wanted to. She changed her mind for the exact reasons I wrote.

"No woman is ready"...
And you thought I was judging?

Pliggy said...

Christina and Kendra, I decided not to let your imaginations and your imaginary "truth" to be broadcast here.

Elissa is STILL spreading her manure, to "Let her live her life" is exactly what I would like to do. If she would let her own mother live her life, her own sisters, and everyone else who knows the truth about her lies. Those who want to be free from the persecution that this "innocent" girl and her fellow liars have caused and are causing.

And you point your fingers at me and judge me. Such nonsense about her "fear" to "not" go through with this marriage is complete unadulterated stinky smelly steer manure in the shape of words. I will not even entertain the moronic lunacy that you believe.

She attempted this marriage because she wanted to get married very badly, and she wanted to have what her sisters and mothers had. But that was only until most of her brothers and a couple of her sisters decided that living true to their religion was "hampering" their happiness. Alcohol, drugs, and the "party" life is what changed in this girl, and nothing else. It is Allen, and Warren Jeffs, who are innocent.

Pliggy said...

HERE is your heresay Christina. Just for the record, I knew Elissa some. I was a friend of her older brother Jared, and knew her sister Becky well, and her brothers James, Thomas, Todd, David, and her younger brother Kyle. I knew Allen, and her new buddy Lamont is my cousin (unlike Elissa and Allen, who are half cousins).It is not I who am speaking of perfect strangers.

And just for arguments sake, 14 year old "children" get married in your community too. Or worse, they become sexually active without being married.

Here are some stats from Texas

mrsbarrett said...

It scares me that there are such followers out there who dont have a mind of their own and can't think for them selves. They don't question what they are told? I understand that there are folks who don't like the worldly ways of American mainstream and I can't blame them for creating their own little world with their own rules. But when you have a dictator who is consumed with ultimate power and control, you are going to have problems. ie: allowing or forcing, (whichever it may be)14 year old girls to get married and suddenly start doing adult things with NO preparation is just SICK. I just read Elissa's book and I dont know if she embellished or justified her actions or what but what I do know is that Warren Jeffs is clearly out for himSELF just like all of our politicians in Washington who are consumed with power and authority over the people. Oppression, dictatorship, monarchy, communisim, socialism are all evil but yet this is exactly what the FLDS stands for! As for poor Allen.....I cannot believe they convicted him!! He is just caught in the middle of all this...of what he has been taught and his culture within the FLDS. I feel that he is totally innocent!! He should not be held responsbile as he has been indoctrinated by this way of life. He was only doing what was "right". I feel sorry for Allen. He deserved a girl (HIS AGE) who would have been as committed as he. It was a mistake to put a 14 yr old child with him. Thus I feel he was also victimized by Jeffs. Jeffs has ruined lives. Also for the record, I am TOTALLY against those state people going in and removing all the babies and children from the Zion compound in TX!!! That was SO WRONG!!!! I hate our government! But then again, Jeffs is just as intrusive and dictating.

mrsbarrett said...

unless someone is being vulgar or cursing you really ought to allow everyone to voice their opinions of this. By censoring some people's comments out, you are not allowing an objective dialogue to take place but are slanting the tones of these posts one way...your way. I would like to see everyone's take on this, not just yours. I CAN think for myself and am able to draw sensible and logical conclusions but its only fair to be privy to all sides, not just one. Thats what democracy is about. Although the FLDS is not a democratic group, surely you appreciate the fact that you can practice the FLDS religion freely thanks to democracy in America.

Pliggy said...

Actually Mrs Barrett your own words give me the impression that you are narrow minded and are a sucker for Elissa Wall's imaginary tale.

If you would only think for yourself you would know that the only thing you need to be "scared" of is your own ignorance.
I feel sorry for you.

Allen has not even gone to court yet, by the way. Elissa and he both entered the marriage very willingly, MORE than willingly.

THAT IS A FACT. Elissa has brainwashed you, with the help of the rest of the crusaders against our religion and our innocent leader. Many in the media. He never would have married them together had they not wanted to.

THAT is part of our religion.

Your comments are typical, and proves just how easy it is to be ignorant willingly.

Pliggy said...

It is amazing, this post is over two months old and several times a week I still get comments from people who have read her fictitious story and now consider themselves more knowledgeable than I am. Just because they read a book.

You people as so smart!
You prove just how easy it is to "brainwash" people. You have to be willing to be fooled.

Elissa was not forced to marry, she was not "required" to marry at 14 or any age within the FLDS. If you believe that you believe a lie.

Force is against our religion, those who believe otherwise have been fooled, no matter who fooled them. Who fooled you?

Whether you believe a lie or not is your decision. That is free will too.

xisbest said...

After reading her book, court documents on the Jeff's trial, and blogs about this whole mess, the tables will spin back to the lier. This is one of the few websites or blogs that is interesting because the information isn't media and there is a photo that isn't seen much all over the internet. The truth is being uncovered one stone at a time and the second side of the story shall be heard at the appropriate time.
Telling horrible lies, ruining peoples lives, and wanting to be the center of attention only last for so long. One story put a man behind bars for the rest of his life because of so called abuse. Hopefully those who do know the truth will come forward and keep this victim from going to prison.

CrystalBlue said...

I have yet to finsh reading this book and I totally belive you when you say you know her. But I believe your brainwashed too sweetheart. You must be to believe that Warren with his stupid beliefs and so on. So your gonna be against her arnt you. Im very open minded and like I said, still have to finsh the book. But I doubt she would really wanna get married at 14. Think about it.... :)

Pliggy said...

You poor people, I really do feel sorry for you.

Allen was 5 years older than Elissa, and treated her kindly.

Lamont was 9 years older than Elissa, and began "dating" her at 16 when he was 25. THEN she would go home to Allen. She did not even leave the FLDS until it was discovered that she had committed adultery.

If you believe her book, you are believing lies. If you believe her book, I pity YOU.

Go ahead folks, and continue to write comments here if it makes you feel better, but I won't be publishing things that you know absolutely nothing about, except by believing a lie.

I wish nothing but the best for all, but there is never good that comes from loving lies, Elissa will be as sad as anyone else who holds onto lies and wishes they were true. You who believe her lies she will feel responsible for, and she will be sorry. I do not envy her in any way. So for HER sake, don't believe her book of "Stolen Intelligence"

Emily said...

Dear Pliggy,
For someone that believes in peace and being a follower of Jesus' life, I am suprised by what I have read here. Would Jesus had blocked other's comments just because you dont agree with them? Would he have called other people's words manure? I believe he calls us to forgive others unless you are reading a different Bible than I am. I have no connection with you or with Elissa but as I google searched her name for school, I came across this page. Is this how you want the world to see you? I think it is more important for us to live our own lives in accordance with the scriptures than to point out the faults of others. I am not trying to hurt you or who you represent I just thought I should try to bring a positive light to all of the negative things said from both sides.

Peace and love.

Pliggy said...

Emily, you bring up valid questions. The first one I could only answer with: He would probably not even write a blog, but if He did, I doubt He would entertain bitter fiction as a legitimate discussion comment. He only was interested in telling the Truth, and teaching it. I need to do better.

As far as how I want to be seen by the world, certainly I would prefer being known for telling the truth, as I have here. Calling lies manure is actually an attempt at civility.

Fascinating it is! To think that to let lies prevail is considered a black eye for the FLDS people to some folks, and yet to stand up and tell the truth is considered a sin to others because it is "un-Christian" criticism and being judgmental.

I guess that is why we should always look to Heaven to know what to do.

redhead85 said...


I think it is wonderful that there is a place (espically here on the internet) where anyone, no matter what religion or thought process you think of, can voice their own opinions.
I am a member of the Mormon church and have a beautiful family of my own but I have always been intrigued about the original teachings of Joseph Smith and the current lifestyles of the FLDS. I did read Elissa Wall's story but that does not mean I judge her or what you said here on the blog because I do believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and lifestyle. I do have some questions if you would be willing to send e-mails with me back and forth, please let me know and God Bless Everyone.

Pliggy said...

For you others:
Here's the actual "abuse"

And Here's some more

I'm sorry that so many have read Elissa's fairytale and believed it. I can't do anything with your pointless arguing with me. I mean seriously, you are pretty much saying to me: "Why don't you believe a made up story as we do over what you saw with your own eyes, and lived in your own life?"

Mercedes said...

I was just wondering, since you say nobody who reads the book knows the truth about your religion, what is the truth? How do you guys go about things, and what do you believe in? Also, if you guy's are like Mormans, why is it that you aren't Morman? Is it because of the plural marriage like the book says, or something else? I'm not judging either side, I just want to know what you think is the truth about your whole religion, since I already read another point of view. Thanks, -Booknerd

Mercedes said...

Have you read the book Escape by Laura Palmer? I haven't yet, but she is saying basically the same thing as Elissa in her book... so if they are two different people who never met, but have been through similer things in the religion, why would you say they are both lying?

Pliggy said...

Mercedes. all you need to do is look down the side of my blog and click on and read my old blog posts. Then you will know a lot more about the FLDS religion.

As someone who has grown up in the FLDS, when I hear stories like what Elissa and Carolyn tell they are much more shocking to me than they are to even you folks. I can't even read them without getting sick, so I don't. They are just plain twisted and vindictive filthy recreations meant to create hate and stir up prejudice. They are really no different than propaganda the Nazi's put out about the Jews.

The last thing on the planet we experience in the FLDS is anything remotely similar to "forced marriage". That, if it was true in any stretch of the imagination, would be something I would fight against than any of you. It just is not true. We love our daughters as much or more than any people on earth, and it is insulting to me to even entertain the idea otherwise. To us, mothers and motherhood are held out as the greatest people and careers on Earth, and we would never do anything to take away from their happiness. There are no happier women on the planet than the true FLDS mother.

If a girl did not want to marry, she didn't. and that is all there is to it. In fact, of ALL of my family members(over 12 married sisters), extended family members; every story about marriage, among hundreds of marriages I personally know about, NOT ONE ever occurred until the GIRL ASKED to get married. NOT ONE! In fact THAT is HOW marriages happened. I have so many stories and experiences, so many sisters and brothers and aunts and uncles and cousins and extended cousins and grandparents etc, etc. More than a thousand! I have listened to so many countless hours of FLDS training; that for me to believe, or even IMAGINE that anything is REMOTELY accurate about the way Elissa or Carolyn explain it is completely impossible. COMPLETELY!

I will tell you how it happens that their stories "say the same thing"; they copy each other. Plain as the nose on my face. There is a group of Very vindictive and prejudiced people who spend all their time thinking up ways to vilify the FLDS and stir up hate against us, and they are always looking to convince us that we are "victims" of our treasured religion and leaders, and our sacred and holy practices.

Even this very hour, I have a seventeen year old sister who lives in my fathers home who is out at some party, and her parents don't even know where she is. She has been out like this for three and four days in a row many times, and even has several underage drinking tickets. She may choose a life outside of the FLDS, as many of our brothers and one sister already have, it is her choice completely and absolutely. Force is the OPPOSITE to religion, to me that is common sense.

Email me if you have any other questions and I would be glad to answer you, if they are honest ones.

interthegreat said...

Please justify a 14 year old girl marrying a adult man

Pliggy said...

He was 19, give it a rest.
Or are you talking about her 25 year old boyfriend Lamont?

Marriage, let alone intimacy is not, was not, and never will be "required" in the FLDS, EVER.

Stop swallowing the BS, it stinks.

Pliggy said...

ESCAPE Stupidity!

Top 5 lies about the FLDS
Plus the sixth

How marriage really is in the FLDS

interthegreat said...

Was it Elissa's free will to marry Allen?

Pliggy said...

As my sister looking over my shoulder just said to me:

I actually wonder if you are being serious in that question. I know that your prejudice is hard to overcome after reading a fictional account written as an autobiography.

Just try.

Read what is actually written here.

interthegreat said...

Was she pressured at all?.. I understand that it is a different style of life and i respect that.. but i dont quite understand it..

Pliggy said...

Click on the blue words:
"How marriage really is in the FLDS"

Spastic Lemon said...

I don't usually comment on blogs but after reading Elissa Wall's book I decided to randomly Google her name and see what was to come up as I don't like not hearing both sides of an argument!
I have absolutely no religious background nor belief however after reading this blog, I've found a deep respect for the FLDS people, and I think it's a shame that her book has made an entire community of people who just want to be able to live their lives happily and as they believe it should be led into some form of demoralized cult. People who know nothing about the FLDS, like myself, would read her book and think bad of people who really -from what I've read - seem like decent honest people.
Sorry for such a long - and late - comment!

P.S. - Pliggy, you're a really good writer!

Moriah said...

I had a question for you. As it is sometimes difficult to find out what the laws were at a certain time if they have changed since then... I found this website regarding Utah law, and it seems to discuss changes to laws made in 1997. (Please pardon some of the crude language added by the owners of the site near the end -- it is not truly obscene, but still crude.)

As you are much more familiar with the situation than I am, you may know a lot more about if this page is accurate. But it would seem like, under Utah law, Elissa and Allen could not have had sex legally (it would not have been defined as rape, but still unlawful) unless they were legally married. And if Lamont Barlow had been just one year older, it would have been illegal for them to have had sex when she was 16.

So, my question is this - if this above page is accurate, were Elissa and Allen legally married? I know they had a ceremony in Nevada, but from what the book says there was no marriage license.

If that was the only illegality, and everything else was consensual, then it would seem like Warren Jeffs was falsely convicted. If they were actually legally married under Nevada law, then Allen was not guilty of breaking any laws if consent was in place.

I am still of the opinion that a fourteen year old girl has no business getting married, no matter how badly she wants to marry. It would seem like everything you have said regarding this incident supports that assumption -- she was obviously too immature to make such a commitment if she made it then backed out two years later because of drugs and drinking.

... the only thing I've really been disappointed in seeing on your site was referring to Lamont as having a "harelip". Kinda low blow, don't you think? I mean, if he did, it's not something he could have really helped. Unlike drinking or drugs or partying... Otherwise I've been very impressed with your site.

Take care and be well.

Moriah said...

One other question, as again, I know you are more familiar with this than I am, and all I really have to go by is a book. (The reason I came to this site was to find alternative viewpoints, as it's usually through putting together everyone's stories that you find truth when facts are in question.)

The picture you show of Elissa in a blue pullover dress with a white undershirt, with a very large grin and Allen seated to her left, seems to be taken the same day as the picture from her book where she says she received an "encouragement box" from Fred. She says this was her 15th birthday.

Was this a birthday party or a bridal shower picture? I had noticed a discrepancy in the book itself, that on the caption for the photo she says it was a "few weeks after" the wedding, whereas in the text of the book it says it was 3 months.

Thank you for taking the time to answer questions from nosy people on the Internet like myself. ;)

karenm said...

I have read Elissa Wall's book. Like most books you take what you want out of it whether I believe it or not it was good reading. I am still believe though that marriages are between 2 people. I have been married for 22 years to the same man, and after all those years I still have the same opinion I had when we were first married, I don't like sharing my man with anybody. Call that selfish ?? well maybe I am. But my husband is still with me. I have known many marriages that have never lasted when there is another person in the midst. My sister and her husband are Mormon and they are the most giving couple with the friends in there life and family. My sister still tells people what she thinks and fights for what she believes in. coming from a large family as we did there is a mixture of different personalities But my sister and her husband would still lend a hand to those that need it. Without any hesitation. My Brother was not in the church but when he was dying of cancer the ward that my sister belongs to rallied around painted my brothers house and got it ready to sell without any payment other than food and refreshments. Very good People.
Then I see other religions that don't do anything other than come around knocking on the door asking for money to buy their books and walk away not knowing anything about the peoples door they knocked on an shun you if you didn't look like a worthy enough person. Some people do hide behind their religions to escape the reality. but all in all we are the same people just with different beleifs. I am not a religeous person as I have had the wrath of someone I was suppose to trust. The same person would hold the bible in one hand and belt me with the other saying a woman should be in subjection to her husband. how can you trust someone that could not be trusted to respect the bible in that matter or someone you are suppose to love. I am now with a different husband now of course. Holding someone captive will not set you free or make you a complete happy person. The reason that I am writing this blog is because I see that there is a lot of anguish and heartache the book has caused. One person's Truth can be misinterpritated and the ones that are calling names are no better. Everybody has there own version of the truth. As far as Photos go (a Picture paints an thousand words) It's all about one persons interpretations. Which makes the person calling someone a liar no better than the one that told the lie.


Pliggy said...

I still get PILLS (Prejudiced Ignorant Lie Loving Suckers) posting their drivel as comments here. I have to feel sorry for you. It has to be hard to want so badly to stop some horribleness that DOESN'T EVEN EXIST!

For any wondering, when Elissa MORE than willingly married Allen in 2001, it was done in Nevada. Nevada law allowed 14 year old young ladies to marry anyone. Provided they had parental consent. At the time of the wedding, no one objected, except the bigots who hate us. Those who later recruited Elissa to lie about her past.

Gina said...

Pliggy... thank you for the posting, I found it very interesting. I ask this question not out of judgment... i ask because i genuinely do not know: Is marriage to a first cousin not considered incest? I know states have different laws about this and i was unsure about the ones in Utah. If you could offer any info, I'd appreciate it!

Pliggy said...

Notice that there was no charge of incest?

Elissa and Allen share ONE grandparent. They are not full first cousins legally.

Someone should have told ELISSA that marrying Allen was abusive. If so than she abused herself. Her fictional story only plays well to the prejudiced.

Bamagurl32 said...

Firstly I would like to state that I am completely unfamiliar with the FLDS belief system or the act of pologamy. As far as I know, I have never even met anyone involved with the practice. I have seen the documentaries and read the books but that is as far as it goes. I personally have no problem with adults making a decision to practice pologamy. I don't understand it but I'm not the one living it.

The problem that I do have is when a 14 year old KID is being treated as an adult. Was Elissa happy the day she got married? OF COURSE SHE WAS. Most 14 year old girls are eager to get married and play house but most states and parents refuse to allow it because as a kid, they don't always make the right decision. No 14 year old girl should be allowed to be married (and before you say anything about me judging, let me state for the record that I am a southern woman who comes from generations of 12 year old brides, and I have seen the harm it causes.) Children are children and when that childhood is taken away (even if they "Want" it at the time)generations of offspring suffer for it. Did Elissa Wall fabricate most of her book? Probably. Sadily most of the things she did such as drinking in the woods and cheating on her husband is what most girls end up doing out here in non FLDS land when they get married too young.
Guess what I am trying to say is this, practice pologamy all you want. It REALLY is not any of my business or America's business what you do inside your own home. I say legalize it and let everyone live they way they see fit BUT DO NOT try to force feed me this hogwash about a 14 year old girl being able to mentally handle being a married woman. In this aspect it seems the FLDS is no better than the rest of society expecting our females to be women before they turn 9. Good grief, let the kids be kids..they have plenty of time to be wives and mothers.

Lindsey said...

I have a few questions for you if you don't mind taking the time to answer them.

Do couples married in the FLDS church have the agency to have a monogmous marriage? Also I read your link about FLDS marriages and it stated...

"The girls go to their good fathers when THEY want to get married. If he and their mother approve, then they would go see the Prophet. Even after they seek the prophets council they have the option to say who they want to marry, or they can say yes or no to the man the prophet suggests without any recourse whatsoever."

The article also stated that the prophet is told by God whom the girl should marry. If I am understanding this correctly then how does a FLDS member in good standing tell the prophet that his revelation straight from God is not who they choose to be with?

Pliggy said...

I find it interesting that folks still come to this old blog post and comment.

Lindsey, you are referring to
This Post and I find it curious that you put your comment here instead of there.

To answer your question I must first seek to open your mind to the reality of what kind of personage of being, and character God is to us, and thus how our Prophet approaches the situation.

We believe that God loves us and desires the greatest good for us, and that He desires us to be happy. If He whispers a name of a fellow to the Prophet regarding a girl, He only does it in a suggestive way, and never as a demand. NEVER AS A DEMAND. The vilifying stories you hear in the news and the bigot books twist the truth to be be exactly that, a demand to "be fruitful". It is not anywhere in our religion to force in any way, it is not anywhere in our religion to even require marriage! At any age! 90 percent of the time, it never reaches the Prophets ears until AFTER it is REQUESTED by the BRIDE!

If a girl (and I KNOW of instances it has happened) says she doesn't want to marry the man he suggests, IT DOESN'T Happen. That is the truth, it is universal and is the DEFINITION of the free will in our religion. That is how we can tell the apostates are lying, because they ARE lying about the methodology of marriage within our religion.

The foundation to our belief is this -We believe in God-. We REALLY TRULY DO! We believe in Him soooo much that we don't believe that He would ever do anything to hurt us or our families in the long run. We look to that man as Prophet, who has proven himself to be the MOST like our Father in Heaven.

It is that simple.

Lindsey said...

If you believe that the prophet speaks on behalf of God then wouldn't any name of a fellow that the prophet suggest for marriage be the equivalent of God telling that young woman that she should marry him? I am just trying to understand how the process works, I am not condemning your religion I am just curious.

Also, could you address my question about monogamous marriages in the FLDS religion?

Thanks for taking time to fill in the uninformed.

Anonymous said...

I like how you have a filter as to what people can read. So much for the first ammendment of the constitution of the country that lets you practice your religion freely!!! Way to be patriotic.

Pliggy said...

Well, Hello everyone who comes and reads this blog post, written a year and a half ago. Like many have said who posted here, you probably came here by googleing "Elissa Wall" after reading her fantasy version of her history.

I certainly wish that Elissa was honest, for if she had been there are one of two things that would be different today. One- If she was accurate in her story, (the one she had much help re-creating) than I would be right there along with you people telling how badly she was treated. OR Two-(As is the truth) If she had been honest, you people would not even be paying attention to her life.

I know that very few of you know what has transpired since her book was published, so I will tell you: In the "trial" (railroading more like) of Mr Warren Jeffs, Elissa testified to things that either make her book wrong, or her testimony wrong (or both, as is the case) Also it has been shown that some of the evidence that was used in the case was FORGED, As in the medical records of her pregnancy. You know... small stuff.

Anyway I had not published hardly any of your comments, mainly because they are just repeating what has already been said here; That I am mean and nasty for telling the truth here, or that I am "brainwashed", or some other nonsense. Certainly your prejudices, coupled with close mindedness to reality, will only see others (such as myself) the same way you are.

I apologize to Lindsay for not replying to her last question, I forgot about it.

"...wouldn't any name of a fellow that the prophet suggest for marriage be the equivalent of God telling that young woman that she should marry him?"

I have answered that same question before, many times, and it seems by the question that our God is a different type of Being to me, and to the FLDS, than He is to any person who asks such a question. We believe that God would not require anything other than what would make us the most happy, so if a girl believes she would not be happy marrying a particular man, she doesn't. The end. I have seen it many times where girls are given suggested names, and she declines. There is no requirement that she marry.

As far as monogamy, all young men only marry one wife and are monogamist for a time. Only honorable, loyal, and kind men are suggested to ladies as suitable husbands. Plural families are the only type of families that are in the highest heaven, and so FLDS women, as well as men look forward to that family arrangement.

More reading for you Read the comments

As far as that last comment by lOwens517, I have to admit it was paradoxically funny to me. For one, this is blog is not the United States of America, it is my own intellectual property, and thus is governed as a dictatorship! (A benevolent one however, because you are free to leave!)
Plus, your suggestion that I am free to practice my religion in this so called "free" Country, is HIGHLY SUSPECT!
I owe no patriotism to a country, or a government, they must earn my patriotism.
I pledge allegiance to the Constitution,(unlike most politicians)and the Declaration of Independence, which was the first law passed! What does it say?

I quote:
"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it"

Pliggy said...

I wonder if giving a link to THIS POST would help you people who continue to comment, who really have no clue, perhaps it will give you a desire to have a clue. Read before commenting.