Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Crime of Marriage

Paradigm shifting time! This is indeed the Orwellian era, that is the only way a betrothal,which is an eternal contract of mutual benefit,; and sometimes the eventual sacred procreation, can be twisted into “sexual assault of a child”.

We all know that coercion is wrong. Forcing someone to do what is wrong should never be tolerated. But what is force, and who decides what is or is not wrong? And who decides who should tolerate what? Countless hours of lawyer-ing and politic-ing have stretched and diluted the definition of “force”, all in attempts to mitigate personal responsibility. Let me save us all some time. Force is physical, or the threat of physical, coercion.

Now stop this “spiritual threat” nonsense!! This is central to the first amendment! This is like saying a man who threatens his wife that she will magically turn into a frog, is responsible for what she does because of it. The only way to prove a “damnation” threat as real, you must prove that the religion is true! Now all you lawyers and judges go write on the chalkboard fifty times: ”Damnation threats are not legitimate unless the church that makes the threat is established as the true church by the state” Although irrelevant to FLDS marriages, as there is never any type of threat over when to marry or a particular match, it is true just the same.

It is in fact a crime to force (as defined above) anyone to do anything against their will after they reach the age of accountability, unless to protect others or themselves from harm. It is not a crime to teach or persuade someone to accept your definition of right and wrong, or else every lawyer who speaks to a jury is a criminal. In fact, the prosecution in the Warren Jeffs case actually convinced the jury that it was RIGHT to believe a lie about the FLDS doctrine.

The police state gives responsibility for the actions of a “child” differently than that of an adult, and also attempts to protect children from adults. In the FLDS age has little relevance to responsibility or protection. All ages are responsible, and all are protected. In secular society “crime” is punished by monetary fines and incarceration via guns. In the FLDS crime is punished by disassociation, “the silent treatment”, or enforced “escape”. Once upon a time in this country, marriages were merely registered with the government for census purposes. But now, civil marriage is a government controlled welfare state function. No wonder it is rare! Religious FLDS eternal marriage is in many instances a “civil crime”. And I could be used as evidence.

A Dult Hood
Adulthood, to most people, is defined as the age to vote, or to buy alcohol, but that is not truly when you enter the dult (neighbor)hood.

The age of accountability is when people have more personal responsibility for what they do than their parents do. In Secular society [The police state] the age of accountability is either the age at which one can civilly [licensed by government] be married, or charged as an adult with a crime, or emancipated from their parents, or turn 18 years old, or 21 years old. In the FLDS, the age of accountability starts at the age of baptism. To the Secular (whiners) society, the age of 18 is when you enter adulthood, if you are not already civilly married or emancipated by a judge, in just about every state, and at age 21 you are officially an adult, and lose most all protection from authority. Most teenagers decide for themselves when they are adults, but it is not “legal” unless the police state says so. If a young man is not yet “legal” but feels he doesn’t need a judge, or his parents, to be responsible for him, he is a “Lost Boy” and needs to get welfare and mental help from Dan Fischer’s Diversity (freeloaders) Foundation. The phenomenon is not exclusively "associated with polygamy".

Obviously sexual activity is the most fiercely contested topic since The Garden of Eden. Through it humanity begins, and next to murder, rape is the worst possible crime. It is the ultimate oxy-moron. So-called “liberals” (libertines) believe that sexual activity is an act of freedom and has no relevance to law, unless it involves pedophilia (with varying definitions). Marriage, on the other hand is to be pondered and studied for years (sex, no big deal, marriage, noo!) And they are afraid of babies. So-called “conservatives” (hypocrites) believe that sexual activity is sin if outside of civil marriage, and age of civil marriage law should be strictly adhered to, and civil marriage is a religious act that makes it legitimate. And yet they forgive themselves and thier family but others should toe the line. For both liberal Republicans and conservative Democrats, marriage is worse (as in much more feared) than sexual activity is. Go look in the mirror, most people are to some degree hypocritical libertines. I have a mirror too.

In reality, intimacy is for babies, naturally. Marriage is a lot more than that, but is the only way in which babies and mothers can truly thrive. Women are “victims” (mothers) of “crimes” (babies), and should be protected “from” (in) that “abuse” (joy). Among other benefits, pregnancy is a Cancer fighter, especially under the age of 20.

In the FLDS, Marriage means commitment through eternity, and creates a haven for mothers and babies; while among libertines and hypocrites, marriage merely legitimizes sexual activity and has tax benefits. Marriage in the FLDS vs Marriage in Secular society is the difference between “the nest and the hive” vs “the birds and the bees”

Real men never pressure their wife in any way, the womb is hers and she is master. Even though a natural trait of angelic femininity is submissiveness, a good man will wait for her. Weak men, who are not married, should be punished when they coerce any obviously brainwashed woman into sexual activity. That punishment should be civil marriage. How bout that for polygamy! How bout that for “underage” marriage! If there is anything women and girls should “escape”, it is whoredom. A true women’s rights movement would march on Washington demanding to pass a law giving them the right to be civilly married at consummation, and have the right to half of their husbands estate.

Fear of Marriage
When most women think of their own marriage, they are filled with happiness and life. But they are also afraid of the commitment. A sister of mine (who just so happened to be 21) said, "I don't want a man, I want a baby!" Most men are much more afraid of the commitment than women are, but they do enjoy marriage to gain the commitment of their bride.

Natural law shows that men are responsible for their wives, but women are not responsible for their husbands. The fact that marriage is more feared in society today than sexual activity is blatantly obvious. Out of wedlock pregnancies are very common, teenage mothers and adult fathers are much more common than not, and a majority of children born today are unplanned. Not even to mention the murders of the unborn that occur.

Joy of Slavery
When most people think of polygyny they think of the subjugation of women, and this confuses me. It confuses me because it only proves that most people DO think that women are “less than”, whether they admit it or not; EVEN WOMEN. Marriage has absolutely nothing to do with personal freedom, and the basic human right to decide for yourself what you want to do. Marriage and family is no more slavery when there are two women than it is when there is one, in fact it is LESS so. I feel sorry for those who are married and feel that marriage is ever slavery. Perhaps they should understand the gospel better. Divorce, like Marriage, is not fully defined in the Bible, for women can separate from their husband if he is cruel or otherwise not living his religion; but a man can never put away his wife unless she commits adultery. He is responsible for her salvation, but she is not responsible for his.

Age Difference
A sixty year old man marries an eighteen year old girl. Is that a crime? Is that immoral? Is that slavery? If you cringe at the thought, you need to get your mind out of the gutter, and realize that marriage is not anything but a nest, a psychological home to go to. Outside of marriage, sexual activity is immoral and should be decried, yet practically all women seek a man who will be responsible for her, to marry her, whom is a rock for her to lean on. And all great men seek to be a loving father figure to his wives, no matter what his or her age is.

Multiple Love
Polygynous families are not “normal” in today’s society, but perpetual monogamist families are. Obviously in my experience, polygny is much more beneficial to children than monogamy, let alone the very common "visitation rights with step girlfriends". A woman can love her father, her husband, her sons, and her brothers all at the same time. Love, you must remember, is a verb. A man can love more than one wife just as easy as he can love his own two arms and two legs, and any two children. Love is not divided among them, it is complete for each. As my grandfather said “I love you, I love you, from the bottom of my heart, and a few other ladies occupy the upper part” There is not amore perfect dynamic in a home than one with a Magnanimous father, and sweet and independent mothers for each and all of the children. I grew up with over thirty siblings, and my mothers each went to college when they wanted to, and each earned their own money. And yet I (except when I purposefully snuck away) never was without supervision, love, and a nurturing home. I often think of the “Duggar Family”, just multiplied by two.

Raising Children
How many children can one woman handle for hours upon hours of the day? Ask a teacher. I went to the Salt Lake City Unified School district from kindergarten to sixth grade, going to Hawthorne and Lincoln elementary schools. I was never in a class with less than 25 students and one teacher, with aids once in a while. After sixth grade I went to the FLDS private school, and although the classes were smaller, they were similar. Yet at home the children varied much more in age, and the older ones were much more responsible and helpful than any of my classmates were at school. Good heavens! Who would not want my childhood? What wonderful memories! I wouldn’t trade it for all the gold in China (which makes Fort Knox look like a piggy bank) You feel sorry for me? I feel sorry for YOU!


Anonymous said...

So, a 60 year old man marries an 18 year old girl, and is that a crime? Maybe, if someone leaned on that girl and said "God told me you belong with this man" and went against her wishes. One of the ugliest things about FLDS doctrine is "placement marriage" which is basically coercion which is basically setting her up for rape, since meaningful consent on her part was not sought. And it works that way for the man too, to be saddled with responsibility for a woman he would not have chosen on his own. How many FLDS wives went childless or had fewer children than they wanted because the man didn't want them?

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

I can't agree that arranged marriage is a crime, Anonymous. And I'm not FLDS.

Pliggy, I'm sorry to be annoyingly teacherish here, but I was raised by an English teacher mother and some errors give me physical pain, such as:
that of a dult, and also attempts to protect children from dults

Every place you use the word 'dult' in this article needs to be replaced with 'adult.' I do not even think 'dult' is a word. Adults are grown-ups, legally speaking. So the above sentence should read, "That of an adult, and also attempts to protect children from adults.

And you're right, we do have some confused ideas about the age of majority in this country. And we'd rather see a young girl have a dozen abortions than one marriage- and that makes me ill. Supposedly this is because marriage is for life, but while my husband I believe that, few people around us do (my poor husband's parents have each been married five times each). And abortion causes all kinds of health problems, including raising the risks of cancer for the girls who have them, and those risks truly are for life- and sometimes life threatening. It's bizarre to give a 14 year old free birth control, as most of our public schools will do, and then say a 17 year old getting married is sexual assault.

My children can all, legally, do pretty much whatever they like when they turn(ed) 18- they could go off and get married against my wishes, they could move in with Howard HEfner, pose for Playboy, contract for thousands of dollars of debt, join the Marines or take a trip to Timbuktu. If they wanted to do any of these things (which they don't) there is nothing I could do to stop them.

They can't buy a beer. They could be serving in Iraq, getting shot at, wearing their countries uniform from the age of 18- but they couldn't buy a beer until they were 21. And if these legal adults who have reached the age of majority go to college and apply for financial aide, any government grants will take their PARENTS income into consideration, because although we have no legal authority any more, the government says we're expected to help pay for college and if we own a farm (and we do) these 18 year olds aren't eligible for financial aid.

Our culture is inconsistent. Which makes it really hypocritical to impose our culture's alleged values on a religious group.

Pliggy said...

Does my name have to be Webster to coin a new word? :)

Pliggy said...

Ok, I fixed it, I always do what mothers say.

Pliggy said...

Anon, What I find as amazing is the willful ignorance that people like you display.

Why? WHY? Can't you read? Are you really interested in the truth, or is your bigotry so blinding that you cannot see?

I personally know hundreds, if not thousands of people who are FLDS or former FLDS who believe that Placement Marriage is ordained of God. That is the way WE WANT IT.

It is a PART of the RELIGION. Choosing your mate is a RELIGIOUS act. We CHOSE to FORCE Heavenly Father to CHOOSE for us. We PRAYED that Heavenly Father would Inspire a man to make that decision. Not all of us, but MOST of us. And you call it "ugly?" It is the GREATEST, and most AWESOME way on the PLANET to get married.

"If someone leaned on that girl" HELLO, has "stolen intelligence" taken yours too? Marriage is a VOLUNTARY act, a willing and DESIRED lifestyle. Is God a tyrant who would force you to do anything? No WAY!!

So when a very few who leave the community and want to justify it, or want to get rich by destroying their former church will in hindsight say, "I was forced" because people like YOU who are WILLFULLY IGNORANT, will convince them that it is true; that they were innocent little "brainwashed zombies" who didn't know better, but after coming to the light they now say they must have been forced.

Were they asked if they wanted to get married? YES, AT LEAST!! Most had to ask MANY TIMES! Were they asked if they approved of the decision? YES!! Did a few say no, with absolutely no repercussions from the church? YES!! Were they lied to? NO!! Where they coerced to do anything? GOODNESS NO!! Our GOd does inspire, but He does not coerce against your will!!

The most important religious question in life ends in these words "...before God, angels and these witnesses of your own free will and choice?"

Who in their right mind would believe that a religious leader would want you to lie?

And now because in hindsight they believe it must have been "force" that no one was able to read their mind at the time (which I doubt they would want!), or what people like you say "should have been" in their minds, they were "leaned on?"

How many people have to testify in this NAZI State RUN Religious requirement would it take for you to stop being a bigot? How much "meaningful consent" does it take for you to DESIRE to understand?

Disciple said...

Bravo, pliggy, bravo!

Well said!

I hope many, many people will read that anwer.

Anonymous said...

And I hope that Pliggy will stop censoring responses to his comments. I know of at least one that never saw the light of day.

Pliggy said...

As long as there is life, there is hope!

Pliggy said...

Are you talking about the one someone (you?) posted here that was nothing but facetious spam, or the two or three on "Who am I" who claim to be the prophet, cursing me?

Anonymous said...

Why can a woman not have 'many' husbands then? If Polygamous marriages are so great why can't she choose as many husbands as she wishes?

Pliggy said...

Nonny, if you want to know, it is fine by me if you want to do that. Go ahead.