Friday, July 25, 2008

Life Is God

We all know that life is good. We all know that God is good. The word good actually comes from the word god. But do we ever wonder if God is life? If we find life, do we find God? I believe so. Whether you believe in a particular religion or no religion at all, you know that goodness and life are synonymous. Life really is not life unless it is good. Good is not really good without life.

Can you gain more life? Can you gain goodness? You gain life as you gain goodness, and as you gain goodness you are not just enhancing life, I honestly believe that you are gaining life. I believe that life is a permeating force in the universe, something that exists within matter that has not been discovered yet. Call it “the force” if you wish, Yoda. I believe life is what dictates matter in all cases. I believe that life has substance, just invisible.

I promise you, life exists!

There are three invisible substances that are more important to us than the first visible substance. You cannot see water in a glass, only what is in water. You cannot see air, only what is in the air. You cannot see life, only what has life. Science teaches us about the first two because they have been discovered, and their properties defined. But you and I know that life exists. Life is more important than air, and air is more important than water, and water is more important than food.

“O come now” you may say, “take any of those other things away and life does not exist”. But I tell you life exists without air, without water, and without food. Take a body that has air, and water, and food and tell me it cannot die. There are also countless of examples of those who went without air, or water, or even food for extended lengths of time who regained life. Life is the power in the universe, the greatest energy. Life can also be defined as a degree of happiness. Take away happiness and you have less life, no matter how much food, water, and air you have.

Many believe that life is an accident, that humans are nothing more than fish out of water, or primates who climbed out of the trees. Evolution is a process of adaptation to environment, (progress through change) but it has never been shown to create a new species, or change one species into another. Accidental improvement is preposterous, let alone accidental creation, effort is required for any improvement; discovery and creation come from effort. Life grows on purpose, and thus purpose is life.

There is a school of science called Quantum Physics that says that time travel is possible, and things move and exist outside of known physics. Einstein’s theory of relativity (E=mc²) explains that energy can be changed into matter, and matter can be changed into energy if you can get it moving fast enough. That is how this world was created. Life is the greatest energy; energy that can not be seen but we all use it every day. Life is intelligence, take away intelligence and life loses value. Every living thing can be defined by how intelligent it is.

We find in religion the terms “spirit”, and “Ghost”. The Holy Ghost is the power in the universe that is good. In the Bible it is God, the third part of the One Godhead. I say it is the power that God uses to run the universe. God is God because of His ability to dictate and control this power. We are His children and He wants us to gain and to use this power also. That is why we are here.

This physical life is a testing ground for us to gain life power. It is akin to going to school, with the final exam coming after we get out of this physical sphere. If we have life growth (spiritual and character growth) we organized individuals who pass the exam that we are each given, we continue on with God forever, and the ability to gain life forever.

God is good, and we become like God as we gain goodness. We become godly. Of course the opposite is also true, for as our goodness decreases, so does our life. Some people exist physically, but the life in them is all but non existent. Analyzing them actually decreases life in us, so they are not useful in the study of life.

Life is power, it is happiness, it is purpose and intelligence, and it is good. So… get a life!

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Anonymous said...

Your brain never ceases to amaze me! You and your bro's have an endless shot of humor and wisdom that keeps me going when I need it most. You are an honor to your grandfather and his family. May you so live to see us again!