Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Holy Spirit

“The Purest, most refined and subtle of all substances, and the one least understood, or even recognized, by most of mankind, is that substance called the Holy Spirit.

"This substance, like all others, is one of the elements of material or physical existence, and therefore subject to the necessary laws which govern all matter.Like all other elements its whole is composed of individual particles, like them, each particle occupies space, possesses the power of motion, requires time to move from one part of space to another, and can in no wise occupy two spaces at once. In all these respects it differs nothing from all other matter. This substance is widely diffused among the elements of space.

"This Holy Spirit, under the control of the Great Elohiem, is the grand moving cause of all intelligences and by which they act.This is the great, positive, controlling element of all other elements. It is omnipresent by reason of the infinitude of its particles, and it comprehends all things.It is the controlling agent or executive, which organizes and puts in motion all worlds, and which, by the mandate of the Almighty, or any of His commissioned agents, performs all the mighty wonders, signs, and miracles ever manifested in the name of the Lord, the turning of the earth backward on its axis, the dividing of the sea, the removing of a mountain, the raising of the dead, or the healing of the sick.

"It penetrates the pores of the most solid substances, pierces the human system to its most inward recesses, and discerns the thoughts and intents of the heart. It has power to move through space with inconceivable velocity, far exceeding the tardy motions of electricity, or of physical light. It comprehends the past, present, and future, in all their fullness. Its inherent properties embrace all the attributes of intelligence and affection. It is endowed with knowledge, wisdom, truth, love, charity, justice, and mercy, in all their ramification. In short, it is the attributes of the eternal Power and Godhead. Those beings who receive of its fullness are called sons of God, because they are perfected in all its attributes and powers, and being in communion with it, can, by its use, perform all things. Those beings, who receive not a fullness, but a measure of it, can know and perform some things, but not all.

"This is the true light, which in some measure illuminates all men. It is, in its less refined particles, the physical light which reflects from the sun, moon, and stars, and other substances; and by reflection on the eye, makes visible the truths of the outward world.

"It is also, in its higher degrees, the intellectual light of our inward, and spiritual organs, by which we reason, discern, judge, compare, comprehend, and remember the subjects within our reach.Its inspiration constitutes instinct in animal life, reason in man, vision in the prophets, and is continually flowing from the Godhead throughout all His creatures. Such is the Godhead, as manifested in His words, and in His works. He dwells in His own eternal palaces of precious stones and gold, in the Royal City of the heavenly Jerusalem.He sits enthroned in the midst of His creations, and is filled and encircled with light unapproachable by those of the lower spheres.

"He associates with myriads of His own begotten sons and daughters who, by the Resurrection, have triumphed over death.His ministers are sent forth from His presence to all parts of His dominions. His Holy Spirit centers in His presence, and communicates with and extends to the utmost verge of His dominions, comprehending and controlling all things under the immediate direction of His own will, and the will of all those in communication with Him, in worlds without end!” (Key to Theology pg 39-42)

“Let a person look back in his past life, carefully review and examine the days of his innocent childhood, his first approaches to temptation, immorality, or crime. Does he not remember to have felt a disagreeable burning in his bosom, a disgust, a trembling of nerve and muscles, a hesitation, in short, a something disapproving of the act he was about to commit? And if he still persisted, did not this burning and uneasy feeling increase almost to a fever. Well, reader, this was your monitor – the Spirit of God within you. Had you headed it, it would have kept you from every temptation and crime.

"On the other hand, do you not remember, many times, in the course of your life, a fire, a warm glow of joy, a pleasing burning or sensation of pure light and pleasure in your bosom, approving of a good act, or prompting you to do the same? In short, a feeling of pure good will, kind sympathy, and boundless love to all good intelligences, and to man? – A purifying of heart and sentiment, as if you would wish to do good continually, and never sin? They were the promptings of the spark of divinity within you. They were the teachings, inspirations, and whisperings of that light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.

"IT is sweeter than honey; more harmonious than music; more pure than the drops of dew on the roses of paradise; more tender than the apple of thine eye; and more valuable than the gold of Australia. Blessed are they who cultivate and nourish it in their bosom, and carry it out in their lives; for it is an emanation from the fountain of eternal life; and those who follow up from whence it came, will arrive at that fountain, as surely as a sunbeam leads up to the center of light.” (Millennial Star 14:484)

“…the Father and the Son possessing the same mind, the same wisdom, glory, power, and fullness-- filling all in all; the Son being filled with the fullness of the mind, glory, and power, or, in other words, the spirit, glory, and power of the Father, possessing all knowledge and glory, and the same kingdom, sitting at the right hand of power, in the express image and likeness of the Father, mediator for man, being filled with the fullness of the mind of the Father, or, in other words, the spirit of the Father; which spirit is shed forth upon all of who believe on his name and keep his commandments; and all those who keep his commandments shall grow up from grace to grace, and become heirs of the heavenly kingdom, and joint heirs of Jesus Christ, possessing the same mind, being transformed into the same image, or likeness, even the express image of him who fills all in all; being filled with the fullness of his glory, and become one in him, even as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are one.

"From the foregoing account of the Godhead, which is given in his revelations, the saints have a sure foundation laid for the exercise of faith unto life and salvation, thru the atonement and mediation of Jesus Christ; by whose blood they have a forgiveness of sins, and also a sure reward laid up for them in heaven, even that of partaking of the fullness of the Father and the Son through the Spirit. As the Son partakes of the fullness of the Father through the Spirit, so the saints are, by the same Spirit, to be partakers of the same fullness, to enjoy the same glory; for as the Father and the Son are one, so in like manner the saints are to be one in them. Through the love of the Father, the mediation of Jesus Christ, and the gift of the Holy Spirit, they are to be heirs of God, and joint heirs with Jesus Christ.” Lectures on Faith 5:2-3)

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