Thursday, July 24, 2008

I agree with Carolyn Jessop

Yes indeed, there is one thing in which I agree with her. One thing.

It is hard to leave the FLDS.

But it is not because she couldn't take her children (well she did have to lie to them to "free" them in the middle of the day). It is not because she was abused, or her children were abused (her daughter chose her father the day she turned 18). It is not because she had no money (more than what she earned) . It is not because she didn't get educated (College degree, teachers certificate). No, it was not because anyone else physically stopped her in any way.

But I know it was hard for her to leave the FLDS. VERY HARD

She had to decide that what she was doing was RIGHT.

After living in the FLDS, with the sweetest people on the planet. With hard working men, and sweet women, and many, many good neighbors.

THAT is a hard thing to leave.


Anonymous said...

Just finished reading Stolen Innocence followed by your blog, which drastically differ!
I wouldn't want to be a part of "the sweetest people on the planet" if what they did to Elissa they did to me. Plus I thought you were not to have contact with the outside world, with us Apostrates! so what is up with the internet access and the blogging?? just curious?

Pliggy said...

Good heavens Cassandra, Elissa didn't even tell the truth UNDER OATH. Why would she tell the truth in a book she dictated?

What "they did" to Elissa was try to help her. What "they did" to Elissa was to be patient with her. What "they did" do Elissa was show her what happiness was and let her choose for herself.

She chose a drug addict over a hard working farmer because he wouldn't party in the bushes with her. But the money was nice.

She did not even leave Allen until she was found with condom reciepts when she got back from Vegas. She did not even leave Allen until after she was pregnant with another man's child. She did not even leave Allen until she was told she had to FINALLY be responsible for her own actions. She did not even leave Allen until she was TOLD to LEAVE.

Do you think her own mother would be a defense witness otherwise? That the girl who was the same age and was betroth'ed on the same day, and left her husband and later returned to him, ALSO was a possible defense witness? They were all ignored!

Good heavens people, we are not maritians!

Anonymous said...

I guess we all have different ideas of what the "truth" is. I will respect your choice, as I hope you do mine, but I DRASTICALLY disagree with your previous post. Why would someone, as well as many people other who have left "lie".. many have not written books, not had to go to court.. and if she lied.. Why is Warren Jeffs behind bars, and more charges coming, and more chargers laid in the last few months.. including marrying his own daughter off at 15? Did they all lie? Did the justice system buy into the lies? Many criminals claim they are innocent, did they all lie too? I really think it is hard to see the truth with rose colored glasses! As for own mother, well, we all do things when we are under the influnence of certain things.. and when you have only lived "darkness" it is hard to see the "light" and what is truly the proper thing to do for your 14 year old daughtern instead of marrying her off to her 1st cousin.. even if that was the ONLY thing they did to her, that was enough... I have a daughter and would go to extreme lengths to protect her, unlike Elissa's Mom.

Pliggy said...

Elissa was as forced to marry as you were forced to post here. THAT is the truth, not an opinion.

Warren Jeffs is behind bars because Elissa and her sister lied, that is the truth and not an opinion.

Now the current charges may be considered "crime" and be accurate, but he is now in jail on a jury buying into complete lies.

I don't think it is "wrong" to get pumpkined (FLDS marriage which is not sex) at 15. But if it is a crime than going to jail over it can be legit.

If you think that Elissa's mother was too dumb to think for herself than it is you who are in the "darkness", fourteen year olds are not ALL as dim as you think.