Thursday, July 3, 2008

Heeeeere's Ruby!

Stop the presses!, this is as big as finding Elizabeth Smart! Hooray! She is alive!
OK Mr. Curran and Mr Beswick, along with Les Zitting and Lenore Holm, you can put away your signs and close your offices.

Or better yet, keep them open and find Waldo or Carmen San Diego.

Interview given to and story written by author Gary Naler:
"Let’s now move forward to 2001 when Flora began to dramatically enhance her public slander of the FLDS, becoming its chief persecutor. Like the written account from Martha and the interview with Phil, what you are about to read is the first ever account of actual events that unfolded regarding Flora’s oft-touted sister, Ruby, whom she alleged was brutally raped at the age of fourteen. This first-hand information comes from my personal phone conversations with Ruby and her husband, Haven; with Martha; with former FLDS member, Allen Holm, the older brother of Fawn Holm; and email correspondence with Ruby’s mother, Pat. For the first time, the veil of silence, misunderstanding, and false information will be lifted...."

"Today, Haven and Ruby remain happily married. And despite the unwelcomed willful intrusion of Flora and others like her, they are living the life they have chosen. Looking back at the struggles she went through in 2001, today Ruby is now able to say with gratefulness, “This is my life, and I would never go back to the world.”

"Frankly, I was stunned at their account. It was not at all like what I had read and heard, and I could not grasp how Flora could contrive something so profoundly different. Puzzled, I asked them, “Where could Flora get such a story?” “Where she gets all her other stories,” replied Ruby, “from her head...”

"Despite this reality regarding these peaceable and moral people, Flora sought to incite others with the oft-repeated claim, “Ruby is a hostage.” But Ruby was not and has never been a hostage. Rather, she is the happily-married mother of four young children, two boys and two girls, who love her very much and whose lives are threatened by people like their venomous aunt. Ruby is not the hostage. But rather, it is Flora who is the hostage—hostage to her own blinding hatred and willful pursuit to gainfully destroy those who tried to help her so many times.

"If there is anyone who was born and raised in Colorado City who needs to be set free from a “compound,” it is Flora Jessop, the little girl who was “a beautiful child, well loved and enjoyable,” who is held captive by her own walls of bitterness and self-gratifying destructive pursuits. Flora lived a lifestyle that was self-destructive, and now she seeks to destroy those who, even now, still love her. In all my contacts and interviews with FLDS members, I have yet to find a single person who is bitter towards her; they all want only the best for her.I asked Haven and Ruby one last question: If you knew Flora was telling these vicious lies about you, then why didn’t you say something? Why didn’t you speak up and refute them? “In our culture,” answered Haven, “we’re not out to find problems, or to find fault with other people. We try to mind our own business, and others can live their own lives. If some say something bad about you, you forgive them, turn the other cheek, and move on with your life. Flora really does have family here that love her…,” then Ruby interjected, “but we don’t appreciate what she is doing…,” and in a seamless sentence between the two of them, Haven continued, “and she needs to come out and be honest.”


Anonymous said...

I think it's Ruby who needs to be honest. I don't believe her for a second. Get her away from her husband & away from the FLDS for a while then see what she says. She's most likely been brainwashed. She's been in the FLDS long enough to be. The FLDS has been breaking the law since 1890. Of course the FLDS members are going to put themselves in the best light possible.

Anonymous said...


You are such an idiot.
Do you know Gary Naler?

First of all Naler mentioned talking to you? How much of this garbage about Flora did you contribute?

Naler talked to Ruby, Pat and Haven on the phone? Yes, when piggys fly!

It is going to be so amusing when you all are exposed for the idiots you ALL are.

Maybe you should read some of Mr. Nalers revelations?

You nuts and flakes keep hanging together, dude.

Pliggy said...

Yeah, if we could only get her away from where she loves to be, we could "de-program" her against her will.

I am sure Flora and you know more about what Ruby wants than she does.

The Law has been breaking the Constitution since 1862. Of course the anti-FLDS bigots are going to ignore the truth.

Pliggy said...

To tell you the truth, I donated all that I thought was true, and then I tried to help get him in contact with them. He did a much better job than I did.

I know he talked to them, and it wasn't easy to get them to talk.

We have been exposed, you and I, and I may be an idiot. But if so you and I belong in the same boat.

Maayan said...

dear Anonymous and Anonymous
At least mr Naler, Ruby, Haven etc are not Anonymous, we who believe in what we say have a name, an identity and dont have to hide, or pretend to be Batman or Superman to show what we know or what we are capable of doing.
Take off your disguise, and show who you really are and what you really believe in. Cause here even if I dont agree on Mr Naler´s ideals of his previous writings, he is sincear. He writes upon FACTS, he could get sued for posting a lie saying Ruby said this or that. But you......................... You are just an anonymous.......... or is it Flora fodorra??? Sodoma and gomorra, it even rhimes with Flora!!!

Karyn said...

I never personally knew Flora (or had any desire to.) but I was very close to both Fawn Holm and Fawn Broadbent in my younger years. We were neighbors, and I grew up with those girls. When Flora was making a big deal over them, I remember reading the press articles and thinking "man, this is really interesting." Its obvious to anyone who has worked with Flora(and everyone else who has one ounce of brains), that she is a liar and nothing but a liar.
Ok, I'll try to be positive.... I think Flora should be using her time and talent(?) to write novels instead of holding press conferences.

Pliggy said...

I talked to Fawn Holm a few days ago, and she is doing OK and lives up in Massachusetts.

I am trying to help her get a car of her own, and I hope to visit her soon!

Xorphshire said...

Well Anonymous, both of you, it looks like you fell for the ol' "their enemies said it, so it must be true" trick. It works every time -- especially when you're already immersed in a "pervasive pattern" or a "pervasive environment" of religious bigotry.

Gary Naler did what you have never imagined doing. He actually sought out the other side of the story. I did know Flora, and witnessed some of the very history written in his article.

Unfortunately, you'll probably not even read this. But I challenge you: For every person you find that will testify to your worn out silly "brainwashed" theory, I'll find fifty that will refute each one.

Your only evidence is the testimony of liars. Indeed, it would be much easier to prove that you are the one(s) that have been brainwashed.