Friday, July 11, 2008

Top Ten Signs You Are A Victim of Religious Persecution

10. When people talk about where THEY live it is a four-plex, apartment building or ranch. When they talk about the four-plex, apartment or ranch YOU live at, it is a compound.

9. Your religion is constantly referred to as a cult, or a sect.

8. The state decides how your children are to worship by taking away their religious documents and scriptures.

7. When you move to a state, laws are changed specifically to target your religion.

6. The only adults in your state NOT allowed to MARRY at 14 or 16 years old are the members of your congregation.

5. Based on looks given to someone in a courtroom, you are now religious fanatics and are prone to violence.

4. The state accepts birth certificates as proof of age for everyone, except those practicing your religion.

3. You can't have your children back unless you denounce your religion, and take classes learning how to think like them.

2. Your leader is put on the top ten most wanted list, and hunted like a terrrorist; for performing a wedding ceremony.

1. The children of your religion are hauled away in buses displaying the name of another church.


WC said...

11. The governor, who wants to vaccinate everyone in the state for HPV, tells you you are not welcome here because YOU are the one who is immoral.

WC said...

12. Based on looks given to someone in a courtroom, you are now religious fanatics and are prone to violence.

Anonymous said...

Go to

And check out signs of a CULT!

Pliggy said...

Looks like your site is not been built yet, or you haven't paid your godaddy account.

But I did find Steve Hassan's site He is the bonehead that sat in the Dr Phil show with my sister Fawn and later "counciled" her. When she said "I might still believe" the whole crowd booed.

Such a good councilor who hates most religions:
"There are thousands of people who've been in other groups with other leaders who are prophets or apostles or messiahs or avatars where the same system of mind control is in place."

Of course I think Psychiatry is a mind control cult, so we are even.

Anonymous said...

Dear Al,

You run with a pretty rough character.

Better be careful who you break bread with.

Pliggy said...

Is that an invite?