Monday, May 3, 2010

FLDS Mafia

If anyone is wondering, I have gone undercover among the FLDS lately, and I believe I have discovered the true reason these men women are willing to force themselves to engage in so much "law" breaking.

These so-called innocents have got to be hiding something!

Here is most likely the ring leader, I don't think any Matt Smith or other court-appointed PILL could possibly not be full of fear getting this kind of intimidation.

I call her "Always Obey Mother"

Or it may be this one, the leaders are easy to spot with keen eyes like mine.
"Obey Other Mother 2"

I believe I have also located some of their top lieutenants.
These guys have the looks that could intimidate any police state militant "just doing my job" out there.



"Say what?"

"Drill Sargent"

I caught this one napping and without her disguise.

"Lead Man"

And last, but certainly not least...

"Willy The Thug"

I believe I can get more of these highly sought photographs, so stay tuned...