Monday, May 3, 2010

FLDS Mafia

If anyone is wondering, I have gone undercover among the FLDS lately, and I believe I have discovered the true reason these men women are willing to force themselves to engage in so much "law" breaking.

These so-called innocents have got to be hiding something!

Here is most likely the ring leader, I don't think any Matt Smith or other court-appointed PILL could possibly not be full of fear getting this kind of intimidation.

I call her "Always Obey Mother"

Or it may be this one, the leaders are easy to spot with keen eyes like mine.
"Obey Other Mother 2"

I believe I have also located some of their top lieutenants.
These guys have the looks that could intimidate any police state militant "just doing my job" out there.



"Say what?"

"Drill Sargent"

I caught this one napping and without her disguise.

"Lead Man"

And last, but certainly not least...

"Willy The Thug"

I believe I can get more of these highly sought photographs, so stay tuned...


Carol said...

Thank you for finally posting. Many of us wondered why you 'sorta' dropped out of sight.
Now we understand. With such a dangerous crowd to investigate, you must be very discreet.

They truly are innocents aren't they? So very precious.
Just watch out for Willie the thug.

Carol said...

Now where did you go? You were a voice of sanity for almost two years. We miss you.
Did the mafia close you down?

fanchon said...

Oh how I enjoyed that! How truly precious they are. I so wish you were still posting. I have really enjoyed reading your past posts!