Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Greatest Thing in Life

I often contemplate what it is that is the most valuable thing to have in the whole world. And although it may seem to be different to different people, yet the truth is absolute. There is something more valuable than all other things in life, when it comes right down to it. At the end of life and we look back we all know that this is the greatest thing, if we think about it.

Many believe that money is the most valuable thing in life, even many people who say they don’t. So much time and effort and labor is used to gain money that we can often forget why we are trying to earn it, and many center their whole life on it and the things they can buy with it. In fact many believe that the decision of whether or not to become parents is a financial decision. I cannot tell you how backward that is from my thinking.

Many say that children are the most valuable thing in life, and the association of friends and family and little ones is the greatest thing on Earth. How can they be wrong? They are wrong, and I have been wrong as I have often believed this to be the case myself. To me, not being able to be with family and most especially little children has been very hard on me, as I love to be around them; having had that privilege most of my life. But even holding your own child in your arms, while being greater in value than money, exponentially, to the power of millions, it is not the greatest thing in life. It is not.

So what is the greatest thing in life? What is it that is so valuable that no one would argue with me when I tell what it is? Actually, some may argue with me now, but when they look back at their own life on their deathbed, they will realize it truly is the greatest thing, the most valuable thing they have.

And what is it? I will tell you. It is this:

“Righteous Desire”

The center of our character is WHAT we want.

Believe me, desiring only right is the greatest thing in life, it is the most valuable thing in life, and is the most sought after thing in my life. It is what I pray for the very most to improve in myself. Without it nothing else holds its value; with it everything gains value. What we truly desire defines who we are, it guides what we do, and in truth we will find we have never freely acted, spoke, or even imagined, against our deepest desires whether we admit to it or not.

Those who have changed their life, their heart, their mind, to the point that they desire nothing, truly not one thing, that is different than what God wants, are truly the happiest people alive. They are the ones who are the MOST alive, and the most free.