Friday, June 13, 2008

Lest we Forget

Alvin, Texas
"I’m a physician at a small Emergency Room. Tonight I saw one of the children from the FLDS compound who was recently bused to a nearby community. I want to express to you my extreme concern about this baby and all of the very young children in this current situation. The child I saw was under two years old, has been separated from her mother and all familiar adults, taken away from familiar surroundings, and been the subject of intense scrutiny which the child can’t understand. Now the child is ill. I have never seen such a listless, subdued, sad toddler in my life. She doesn’t eat well and her caretaker thinks she may have been breastfed at home as she is so much trouble with bottles. She is losing weight. She doesn’t play with things. She is almost non-responsive to the strange adults around her. This is a child in profound mourning for the loss of her mother, who is sick and by all appearances is going to get sicker.
Why on earth can this mother not be here to comfort this baby? I am not exaggerating in the least when I say this child looks like she wants to die….
Please do something to reunite at least these small infants with their mothers. This is so wrong."

Cedar City, Utah
"I have no association with the FLDS faith. Although I do not know any of these children personally, I have had close association with many of the children of the FLDS community here in Utah. Several FLDS families lived on a large mountain subdivision project over which I acted as supervisor. They stayed in this picturesque setting during the summers as the men worked with their construction equipment to build the roads and install the infrastructure for the subdivision. I ate lunch with them daily. I observed the interaction of the men with the women and children on a daily basis. Men and women were respectful and kind to each other and to their children. In three years of almost daily contact with these good people I have never seen any kind of abuse. To the contrary I have seen loving parents teaching enduring values of industry, honesty, respect for family and nation."


Naiah said...

The one from that doctor just broke my heart. Now that she is home, I can only hope that she is beginning to recover. What trauma these children have been through. What a shock, to their very foundations.

Anonymous said...

I hope and pray that all the children are on the road to recovery.