Sunday, June 15, 2008

Maggie Knows

"As we drove away from the facility, a chilling numbness wrapped itself around my heart, the harsh reality of unpreventable injustice, and I felt helplessly appalled at the inhumanity of gross misunderstanding.

"I knew that the state employees didn't really have anything against me personally, but it was painfully obvious that we were victims of an intrusive and manipulative invasion of a government entity out of control, a nameless, faceless monster, bloated with horrendous pride and vindictive prejudice, fed by the hateful sap flowing en masse from the venomous fangs of anti-FLDS crusaders.

"The evil demon, motivated by anger, jealousy, lying, hate, money, power, and corruption, had wound its vicious tentacles in and out, around and among hundreds of unaware, yet corruptible human beings, servants of the vast domain of the State of Texas.

"What a shame that people in responsible positions would be foolish and gullible enough to allow themselves to be "educated" by contemptible snakes and their lying propaganda against us, and then without conscience, form biased and inaccurate opinions without taking responsibility for their own actions, apparently incapable of searching for truth, allowing themselves to be controlled by the Master Puppeteer.

"We know the CPS is not the instigator of this despicable crime. They simply and detestably fall into the identity of the wicked tool, a destructive sledgehammer, slathered with the murky grease of religious and political corruption, intended to mar and destroy an unpopular religion, wielded by none other than Satan himself."


Anonymous said...

And these women are supposed to be weak, timid, controlled, subservient and cut off from reality?

I don't think so!

These words cut into the belly of the beast's deeper than a sword.

Go get em Maggie!

Bill Medvecky

Naiah said...

Maggie is so amazing--and not just as a standout from the myths we've been fed about FLDS women, but as a woman regardless of faith or culture. Her story has been so gut-wrenching, and she has been able to convey it in such a beautiful way.