Saturday, May 17, 2008

Silent and lone

Silent and lone, silent and lone!
Where, tell me where, are my little ones gone?
That used to play about my knee
With noisy mirth and boisterous glee?
Who littered the carpets and misplaced the chairs
And scattered their playthings all unawares

Who called for their supper with eager shout
And while they were getting ran in and out
Who kept the apples and nuts from spoiling
And never saved jackets and pants from soiling
Silent and lone, silent and lone!
Where, tell me where are my little ones gone?

There are no faces to wash tonight
No little troubles for Mother to right
No little blue eyes to be sung to sleep
No little playthings to put up to keep
No little garments to hang on the rack
No little tales to tell or nuts to crack

No little trundle bed brimful of rolic
Calling for momma to settle the frolic
No little soft lips to press me with kisses
OH! Such as sad, lovely evening as this is
No little voices to shout with delight
Good night, dear Momma, good night, good night!

Silent the house is, no little ones here
To startle a smile or chase back a tear

-by a Short Creek Mother
(Truth 1953)

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Sandy & Family said...

This is a really beautiful poem. It is very heart wrenching as well. My heart is going out to all of you caught up in this circus of the state. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.