Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The First Amendment

Religious freedom, freedom of religion, what a term! When the founders of this great nation added the Bill of rights to the Constitution this was the very first thing in the very first one. What do you suppose they meant by “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”?

How much religion can you have? How much freedom?

Back in the early 1800’s a young boy found a book and established a religion. It is plain to anyone that this religion got under a lot of peoples skin. It began with just other religions, and then spread through all areas, including government officials. The teachings of this church never sanctioned violence, disputations, or intolerance. It only taught that those who choose to be members abide by the strictest of laws, and those who didn’t to leave.

Still people hated and persecuted the people of this church. All manner of lies and slander and vicious accusations were heaved at this church, many lawsuits were filed, and many criminal accusations were charged, and not one of these was true. It is historical fact.

This angered those who hated this church to a feverish pitch. They pushed the civil leaders to make laws to make it illegal to be a member of the church. They felt it was their duty to stop this religion even if they had to kill the members. And so they did, they killed many, including innocent children and the boy prophet who brought it forth. Not one of the killers faced any type of real justice for their murders because they were doing the world a favor.

Can it not be obvious that they were doing the devil a favor?

The people moved west, and so did the devil. In fact right before the Civil War the US government sent the army to put down these people. If you read the true history, you will find that the church never taught anything but the greatest peace. Never was anyone approved of hurting another except in obvious self defense.

So angered were the people who hated this religion they puked and puked and puked up all the lies and dreadful accusations their evil minds could imagine. They enraged the people who made laws to create laws to stop the free exercise of this religion. The laws were obviously against the first amendment, but they were upheld because of the sheer volume of the screams of those who puked.

They were doing the world a favor.

No person has ever been injured by living this religion. No person who left the religion was ever persecuted by those who were obeying the religion. The facts are there, and easy to see. Never was anyone stopped from doing good, but those who did wrong became nonmembers.

The people went into hiding because of the persecution. More and more laws were added to stop this religion but yet it still, to this day, survives, and will continue to survive as God said it would.

This religion teaches the most pure, biblical, moral, and strict teachings known to man. There is no compromise with wrong, but charity in its fullest sense of the word.

The most hated, and fought thing about this religion is not plural wives, it is not "under age" marriage, but it is the fact that there is one man on earth who is the leader of this church. It is obvious. This may be argued all day long by all different types of people, but all who hate this church have only one thing in common, and that is hatred for its leader. The fact that he is innocent of any real crime against anyone, no matter how many lawsuits and criminal charges are heaved at him does not matter.

They think they are doing the world a favor.

So I ask again. How much religion, and how much freedom, is guaranteed by the first amendment?


Matt Hardin said...

There are a few good souls in Texas. The decision has been overturned. Hallelujah!

Mac said...

ref your question "How do you feel about the taking of all the children in the Texas raid?" Should a persons safety be denied for the sake of religion? Jonestown should be allowed to happen again and again?

Pligchild said...

Mac, I hope you read this.

I don't know what you know about the raid, but this is what happened:

1-Anonymous phone call ("I am being beaten!")
2- NO ONE contacted the ranch, instead they called ANTI-FLDS bigots to confirm its "possibility"
3- FOUR DAYS later they march in with a tank, snipers, and machine guns looking for a "Sarah Jessop Barlow" who did not exist.
4- They coralled the girls into the schoolhouse and interrogated them. No one fought them, no one lied to them, they just wanted to know what was going on!
5- During interrogations, the CPS investigator, and feminazi bigot, Angie Voss decided these "victims" were not acting like feminazi's and clearly that is abuse in her eyes. They referred to their several mothers as "mother" (which is a lie only in technicality)
Some wanted their husband and protector to be there for support, (which is a sin in a feminazi world). And they "looked" underage reguardless of their STATE ID!
6- ANTI-FLDS were called again, assuring them that the abused girl must be there and they should do house to house searches, breaking down any door that was locked. And breaking into the Holy Temple looking for abused girls.
7- They found a bed with a hair on it in the Temple. NATIONAL NEWS
8- They used cadaver dogs in the flower beds.
9- They made the men kneel down with guns to their heads while they desecrated their buildings.
10- All the children, clinging to thier mothers were dragged away.

And that is just the beginning!

Does that sound like Jonestown to you?