Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My heart

If you people only knew how hard it is to listen and watch the news is for me somtimes, you would excuse my bad writing, and my dumb conclusions.

I have to go to work every day and right here in the company I work for there is not one man who comes close to holding up to the moral standards that I strive to. And I am nothing compared to the men in the FLDS church. To know that little children and angel mothers are being rung through a wringer every day by people with no clue as to how high the moral standards are within that church; to me it is no different than lighting the streets of Rome with their hearts. Stealing custody of the best treated, most well loved children on the planet and threatening angel mothers with the loss of their children forever if they hold on to their religion. It almost is too much for my little foolish heart to bear.


Anonymous said...

People have no idea how wrong and misguided the media can be until they are actually IN a media story. I have actually been affiliated with an "alternative" group that has been covered in news stories and the misguided, misunderstood slant is just unbelievable. The misinformation just piled in heaps. And this was not in a story anywhere near as national in scale as this one.

Its because of that that I came looking for the "rest of the story" and found your blog.

My son was even on the news for something as tiny as a little local disagreement at his school, and they STILL, even when trying hard to present the story fairly, messed it all up.

I can only imagine what watching the news must be like for YOU.

There IS NO fair and balanced media. At least not since the beginning of the 24 hour news cycle. And likely not before then, either.


Sandy & Family said...

I am with ya all the way. My husband and I are raising a family and until all of this I thought we were ok. What we have seen is closer than anyone as far as being compared to our Savior going as like a lamb before the slaughter. We admire them for their strength thus far. As far as the judge of their full religion well he is same as mine and that is God. All I know is they are striving to follow God and to be perfect. No one wants to hear it but Jesus walked perfect and with his strength you can. I love those people for the simple fact that they are my brothers and sisters and some of the most gentle people I have seen. Their ranch was nothing but peaceful and tranquil place and by the way I know a lot of ranchers who are behind locked gates where you can't see them and their land is not called a compound. These are propaganda terms being applied to these loving mothers and fathers.

Matt Hardin said...

If a church isn't persecuted, we know it to be a den of iniquity, according to the gospels. I take a lot of solace in that.

Bored in Vernal said...

I can't bear it.

Taking over 400 children from their homes and parents on the strength of an anonymous phone call?

Refusing to accept Drivers Licenses and Birth Certificates as proof of age?

Taking away pictures of their prophet and copies of the Book of Mormon?

Requiring DNA/Pregnancy tests and invasive medical examinations of the children?

Forcing them to abandon the home and community they have built with their money and labor? Daring to suggest they PAY for the costs of this debacle??

The rights of these people are being trampled upon. How can Americans possibly put up with this? I cannot stop thinking about this, I dream of these children at night, I pray for them in the day. I wish there was something I could do to help!!! I am so sorry.

onthestreet said...

It is history in the making, and the fulfillment of many prophesies. Let all hearts be comforted, for this is what the Lord says:

"Search diligently, pray always, and be believing, and all things shalll work together for your good, if ye walk uprightly and remember the covenant wherewith ye have covenanted one with another"
(D&C 90:24).