Thursday, May 8, 2008

From An FLDS Mother

I have been very busy, I have lots to post, lots of questions to answer, but I want to post this comment that I stole from this blog post because I think it is important:

An FLDS Mother said-
"I am so very tired of hearing from people that listen to media as well. (Media says whatever sells.)
I have sons, each have had to make their own choices. Two were having some troubles. What I mean is they liked girls, listened to bad music and drank with friends. This in turn lead them to be very disrespectful to their father and me. They had to choose, what they wanted in life. I’m so grateful the choice they made was to clean up their life and stay. They are very good men now and such a support to us all. I also have another son who is having to make the same choice. At first he didn’t want to stay, but he is seeing things a little different. He doesn’t want to leave now… he is working on cleaning up his life as well. I pray he can do it. I know he can, but its his choice. All the boys that have left had the same choices.
What the standards are for one religion may not be the same standards for another. We expect perfect obedience. Honoring the parents. Behaving as the “outside” world does, is NOT honoring your parents. We try to raise our children to be clean, have morals, to talk sweetly, to act sweetly, to love one another, to be kind to everyone, pray for everyone, forgive everyone, and let God be the judge, ect. How could this life style be so abusive. You say well underage marriages…. this is not taught nor is it trained. I was legal age when I married my husband who is only two years older then me. Old men??? Where???? There aren’t very many old men left here. But there sure are a lot of young men that are ready to be married, and there are a lot of older girls, in their 20’s that are still waiting to be married. I’m sorry, but the media says a lot of lies. “Judge not that ye be not judged.”


godfearers2005 said...

My family is so sorry for you all. I am a mother of 6 and probably pregnant with a 7th. I am from a town just a couple of hours from the ranch. I have lived in Texas all my life and I am so sorry for the injustice that has been done but God will work it out. We have you in our hearts and prayers everyday and we are following this process. We have heard all of the media slander and we see it as a bunch of lies from their side. We don't believe any of these allegations brought forward. I do hope you are reunited soon with your children. By the way the songs on the website are very touching and we admire your strength in this matter. We believe it to be the very way that Christ requires any christian to be. Hang in there, I know this nightmare will end we just pray it is soon. The only abuse here is by the state not you parents. We do not believe the media much. As your brothers and sisters in Christ, we truly do love you all.

An FLDS MOther said...

Thank you so much for your love, prayers & support. I know God hears all the cries going up to Him. He will answer all our prayers.
God bless you and your family.

Pligchild said...

More from mother:
To Daniel… Have you never climbed a tree and broke a limb? : )

I personally know many of the “lost boys” and whatever you “believe” from media reports aint neccessarly so. Most of the young men were out at nights drinking, smoking, and sexually involved with (gasp) underage girls. Are you saying that we (FLDS parents) should have encouraged that behavior and allowed it so the boys would “stick around?”
And for your info…each boy chose on his own to stay or go. Staying meant cleaning up and making something more of their life…going to school…learning a trade, etc. And the reason so many of them have “educational problems” is for the very fact that they “chose” not go to school, rather, they “chose” to go off with their “friends”.

My suggestion to you is don’t believe everything you hear and half of what you say!

The hearts of everyone of those boys’ parents were broken. They want nothing more than for the boys to succeed in life, BUT…should they give up their values so a stubborn teen gets what he wants? Shouldn’t those boys be as respectful of their parents as everyone in the nation seems to think the parents should be of the ‘Lost Boys’?

And please don’t rant back at me about FLDS values or such…just realize - there is WAY more to the story than any of you realize…give the same consideration to the FLDS Parents that you give to “Lost Boys” before condemning anyone.

Pligchild said...

Same blog as mother, but from Not a lost boy:

"I have to stand up and say here, I left the FLDS because I wanted to play, I wanted to go to movies, I loved basketball, and I liked a girl. My mother was sad, but she said “you need to make the choice that will make you happy, God want’s us to be happy, and if that’s your choice go be as good a man as you can”. I left, I know many of the lost boys, they are all ones who listened to Dan & Flora and saw they could make a ruckus. I am happy, My mother still loves me, although she is grieved with my choice. FLDS Mom is very correct in her sentiments, and for your information Brian, you have been brainwashed with a lot of lies and misinformation. Oh, by the way!! Did you notice I can spell and type? I’m not dumb and neither are most of them, except the ones who refused as was stated to go to School."

They don’t sound like the lost boys stories, ummm, perhaps you can see my title: I Am NOT A Lost Boy, that’s the name. Furthermore, you can’t see past your own nose, or whatever appendage you care to interject. You think we were all forced out, well, U. Warren reached out to me many times, I was never made to feel like I wasn’t wanted there. Google bullcrap Brian, Google Satanism, Google even Brian and I’m sure you’d find a lot there that you wouldn’t want attributed to you. I spoke cause I’m sick of the disinformation campaign, and whether you believe me or not makes no difference, because what I’ve said is true."