Sunday, May 18, 2008

Letter from Russia to Canadian Prime Minister

Your Excellency,Honourable SirPrime Minister of Canada,

Dear Mister STEPHEN HARPER !Greetings You !

The USA newspapers and Internet mass - media, for example, on the:,5143,700225992,00.htmldid inform tha the Canadian attorney and officials have plans to arrest the members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the FLDS). As the supporter and friend of the FLDS people I do very respectfully ask Your Excellency to not allow the religious prosecution in your own country - in Free Canada. The FLDS Church today is the most original and identity Mormon Church, which does follow the authentic doctrines of the Prophet Joseph Smith, Juniour - who was the founder and the first Prophet of Mormon religion.

Yes, the FLDS Church does follow the Biblical laws about marriage. The FLDS Church strongly believes that it is absolutely necessary to keep the "Law of Abraham" - the celestial plural marriage. That does not mean absolutely that the FLDS people do not obey the civil laws - the laws of the land.The "Church" and the "State" are absolutely separated. That is why the FLDS polygamy does not broke the laws of country. The celestial plural marriage is the absolutely private religious ceremony for FLDS people. The FLDS people, that is why, do not broke the country laws against polygamy.Forefather Abraham, the father of nations, did follow the laws and the orders of the celestial plural marriage also.

When Warren Steed Jeffs was sustained as the FLDS Prophet and President he did call his FLDS people to be absolutely pure. He did ex-communicate many people who do not follow the Biblical laws, who were wicked and immoral. The ex-communicated people, the apostates, did organize the great company against President Warren Steed Jeffs. They did use only the falsehood and the libel against him.The so-called "mainstream" "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" in Salt - Lake - City, Utah, USA did reject the Biblical law of Abraham in 1890 year. From that time it secretly use the money and the evil people to work against the followers of the "Law of Abraham". That Church, the Utah officials and the apostates do prosecute today the religious liberty and the civil rights of the FLDS people.

When the pagans occupied the ancient Judea they did not allow to Judean people to teach their children about religion, they did not allow Judeans to follow the religious laws. Today the Americans do absolutely similar things against the FLDS people. The government of Texas organized the military attacks against the peaceful "Yearning For Zion" FLDS community in El Dorado, Texas. The officials did defile the FLDS Holy Temple and did kidnap all FLDS children. The all kidnapped FLDS children today are under the so-called "state custody". The authorities do not allow parents to visit their own children.That is why I do very respectfully ask Your Excellency to protect the religious liberty and the civil rights of the FLDS people in Canada.

Please, allow the FLDS people to live in peace in their old Mormon religioun.With the best regards,

Yours very respectfully and truly,with the great hope on Your help for the FLDS people,

Yaroslav A. Kazmin (Voronezh city,central Russia).

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