Saturday, May 24, 2008

Excellent Radio Interview

Listen to this:
Thanks SAM!

Some notes:
My aunt Susan was five and died in the raid in 1953
Every one of the disputed minors are not minors.
The name of the town Rozita was from is Colorado Springs
The 23 year old who was taken as a child was interviewed by the Associated Press before she was taken. (As well as Dan Jessop) Watch it here:
They have been forced to “incriminate” themselves with the DNA testing garbage; the mothers have been telling the truth all along

Couple things that are slightly inaccurate about the interview:
-There was no informant inside the ranch, the sherriff David Doran had a "former member" as his informant, likely Flora Jessop (How do you tell she is lying? Her lips move)
-There was a slight confrontation between the kneeling and praying men and the police at the temple. Two men were arrested for getting in the way of them, the rest were held “at bay” with machine guns as they prayed.
-I saw the CPS in Arizona do an admirable job when Flora got my sister Fawn to claim abuse, so not all of the CPS are “sadistic”

Link to article with mental health worker letters:
Link to petition:


Bored in Vernal said...

I didn't know anyone died in the Short Creek raid--what happened to your Aunt Susan?

Sam said...

Thank you, A. I must apologize for any factual errors or occasions on which I may have misspoken or not clearly articulated what I was thinking. It was very early in the morning when I recorded that (the host is in Japan, so finding a good time for both of us was a bit difficult, to say the least). I was not at the top of my game, so to speak, I was in fact going on being awake for nearly 30 hours straight.

Upon relistening to it after the fact, I do realize that I was unclear on several points or possibly even wrong.

I do not personally believe Doran had a real informant inside the ranch. I should have clarified that that was HIS claim, not the truth. I fully believe that SheWhoShallNotBeNamed is his "inside source", and that the two of them were in collusion in getting Rozita Swinton to make the false call. This is my belief, a gut feeling if you will. Time will tell if it is true.

Now that more than half of the "disputed minors" have been proven to be adults, I think I should somehow clarify that in the recording. I have believed from the beginning that at least 26 of the 31 are adults. As for the "5x pregnancy test" issue, Sam Roundy's open letter of May 5th mentioned that the girl in question is 14. I believe Rod Parker also stated she was 14. Again, my apologies if I misspoke.

Anything else you can think of? I am thinking of releasing the interview through some other channels, and I would like to correct any errors before I do so.

Thank you for your blog. I love the FLDS people and respect them more than I can ever put into words. My wife and I truly feel as if our own family is under attack right now.

FLDS_Guy said...

I am an FLDS member, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you've done. I have never before heard such a detailed account of everything that has gone on in this situation. It really is heart-breaking when you get all the true facts.

Somehow, we need to get this interview posted to a lot more sites so that the public can actually hear the truth of what's gone on. You have my highest respect.

Pligchild said...

bored- My grandmother wrote about her experiences. I am trying to get the info out ASAP

You are absolutely correct, I changed the post. I too am up long and weird hours constantly. I apologize if I sound critical, I am not.

Uncle Sam Roundy wrote:
"In one instance a fourteen-year-old girl refused to take a pregnancy test, so you naturally assumed she was pregnant, but you insisted that she was thirteen years old and pregnant. So to satisfy your demands, she allowed the pregnancy test. You gave her the test 5 (five) times, and it was negative every time, but you will not believe your won evidence and still insist she is pregnant."

Sandy & Family said...

To Sam: I wanted to let you know that your interview was for the most part not misspoken. We are a family in Texas about 2 hours or so from the YFZ Ranch and have been following this. We have not agreed with it but were willing to believe it if the CPS had produced solid proof. The thing we did not agree with was how it was done. They could not legally take that many children from a community. We are not FLDS/LDS but we are christians. We do not have a church home because we do not fit in. We won't dress our daughter in spaghetti strap shirts or scanty clothes. We happen to think their dresses are very pretty. If I could sew I would make them for my daughter and me but I didn't have the same kind of mother as they do. I really wish I had. They always look very pretty and I like "Little House on the Prairie". We have a problem with modern culture in most areas. We do not even have any kind of cable or satellite TV for our family and won't have it. Our kids do not play video games, we don't even own a game system. Certain things are not kept in our home. My husband is the head of the house and I am just a wife and mother. That is all I ever wanted to be. I have been a mother since I was 17. We have sent many emails and made many phone calls through this whole ordeal. We have lost more sleep than I care to recall and I suspect we will until those parents are holding their children again. As I said your interview was informative. Any way we can support these families is one step closer to them being reunited. Just for the record Texas folks are waking up to what is going on now and more are supporting the FLDS plight. You can look at the vote here and watch the blog. God will right this wrong! We have seen these people be so peaceful even through this. Some of us should look at the example they set thus far, we could all learn a few things from them.

Sam said...

Pligchild, no trouble at all. I was definitely not thinking you were being critical. I actually appreciate you pointing out what I got a bit messed up :-) Thanks so much for linking to all of the sites I talked about in the interview also. In the words of the younger generation, "you rock!" LOL.

FLDS_Guy, I am glad to hear this has met with your support and approval. I'd love to get the interview on more sites. I'm thinking YouTube and Google Video for starters. Can you think of any others that could host an audio file? Maybe an iTunes podcast, perhaps.....Hmmmmm.....I'm open to suggestions. Sadly, I do not think this issue is anywhere near over with.

Sandy & family: it sounds like you have an awesome family. It is good to hear from someone in Texas. I get so upset with the local media from Texas, at least what I see on the web, as it seems like they are heavily biased in favor of the state of Texas, which I think is a big mistake. Jenny Hoff at KXAN TV in Austin seems to be the only reporter that is openly empathetic if not downright sympathetic to the cause of these families who have been torn apart. Thank you for your support and your kind words. However, I take a little issue with you calling yourself "just" a wife and mother. There is no "just" about it. That's like someone claiming to be "just" the most important job in the world. I truly believe there is no higher calling, no greater responsibility, than that which God has entrusted to wives and mothers. You all are entrusted with so much, and all mothers who discharge their responsibilities faithfully and with love are smiled upon by the Lord, more than anyone else; this I am sure of. Jesus Christ himself had such a high regard and total love for children, and so I think that for a woman to choose to be "just" a wife and mother is a choice He is pleased to see. Congrats on being "just" a wife and mother; your children will thank you, as I thank my mother for choosing the same path in life.

Blessings to all,

Sandy & Family said...

Thank you Sam. I realize that in Gods eyes my job is important but I am used to societies response & career women when you make the statement "I am a wife & mother,my job is at home". Their response is usually something like "Oh,you don't have a job". I enjoy taking care of my kids and my husband and God willing I will have some more. By the way,that was an excellent interview. I guess by now before the appeals court came through the CPS tried to go back to the ranch. Willie refused to let them in without a search warrant.

Sam said...

Hello all,

I've posted the interview to Google Video now, at least the first hour. I will edit the second hour for accuracy and updates and get that posted within a day or so.

Here's the link to the interview live on Google:

Please visit the link, and give the interview a high rating. That will bump it to the top of the search whenever anyone searches for "FLDS".

Thanks, and blessings to all,