Saturday, May 10, 2008

FLDS_Guy speaks out

[I want to thank the author of for notifying me of this post]

"I’m an FLDS male member currently living in Colorado City, and I would like to try to dispel some of the horrendous rumors that abound about our people.
We absolutely DO NOT condone child abuse. This crap about “breaking” babies is just that — absolute complete lies. I would immediately call 911 if I witnessed anyone doing that to a child. Our children are considered the most precious gifts that God gives to us, and are to be treated as such.

"Young girls are not forced into marriage. They are asked if they have anyone in mind, and can say “no” to a marriage if they want. We do not believe that a girl must be married young. Most are married over the age of 18.

"We’re not a bunch of brainwashed dunces. We believe in hard work, learning as much as possible, and educating ourselves in every area that will be useful to us. For example, I’m a website and software programmer. We highly value education, and I’m sure you people out their know the dire state the country’s public education system is in.

"The women are not held captive at home only to be abused and commanded by the husband. That’s complete crap. We’ve got loads of women who work jobs. I’d bet about 1/3 of the EMT’s in our town are women. Nearly all of them have their own cell phones, even the unmarried teenagers. It’s not like their held with no communication.

"Teenage boys are NOT routinely dumped on the road to reduce competition for brides. They leave on their own, and their parents yearn and love and feel after them. This whole “lost boys” thing was a thing that Dan Fischer, a bitter ex-member came up with. These boys who have left consider it an insult to them.

"Another thing that makes me laugh is this so called “bleeding of the beast” we allegedly practice. Why, bless my heart, I’ve never heard of the term except from people quoting how they heard about it from Flora Jessop or someone like that. I’ve NEVER heard about it from one of our members, and especially not from the leaders. I’m not on any welfare, I pay taxes, and I work hard for what I get.

"Now, there have been people in our religion who have abused it to try to gratify their desires. This is wrong for them to do so. If a 16 year old girl is being beaten by her husband, that ABSOLUTELY should be investigated, but why raid an entire community? We do not claim that every single member is perfect, but what religion does? The may very well be, and have been, abusers, and where found, they are turned over to the law enforcement.

I suggest that anyone who wishes to learn more of the truth, you can visit (I’m not the author of it, btw).Also, check out

Our religion teaches peace, love, and forgiveness. We’re all God’s children, and He is just. We believe in working through kindness instead of force, and that love should be the guiding factor in all we do."

He answers questions over there, so check it out.


John (with an h) said...

Why do teenage boys leave? How many of the boys who leave have been disfellowshipped or excommunicated?

Pligchild said...

Editor said...

This is just another witch hunt. Anonymous accusers, no presumption of innocence, mob mentality, Star Chamber....

Boycott Texas.