Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lost Boy questions

From Bored in Vernal:
"When I was reading your blog, I was very interested to read about the safe house for the "lost boys." This is a totally different story than what I have heard from the media. Were you living at Short Creek when all this happened? It sounds like you know all these guys personally. I just wondered if you think it would be accurate to say that the boys leave voluntarily because they are not living the principles being taught in the community and would like to go and "sow their wild oats?" Where is the media getting their story of these boys that are just "dropped off" to try to survive on their own with no resources? Are there any boys that experienced this?"

Top to bottom
Richard Roundy (underage, my cousin)
Johnny Jessop (underage, recently sued looking for mommy)
Carl Ream (underage, Richy's brother)
Tommy Sam Steed (One of the 6 sue-ers, see "Lost and Found")
Not sure
Walter Fischer (One of the 6)
Raymond Hardy (parents left)
Richard Gilbert (Lead of 6, see "Lost and Found")

I couldn't find a picture with my brothers in it, but at the time they were in most of them


Yes, I was living in Short Creek and I do know most of the "lost boys"

Yes, they all left voluntarily so they wouldn't have to live up to the rules in their homes (party, booze), or some were asked out for not living up to the rules of their homes. (Most over 18). None of the minor boys were "dropped off". Their parents did seek for them when they took off, but the older boys (if they were FLDS they would be called Adult Men) would cover for them when their parents came looking. They each have their own story, but they all left more than willingly. Resources? Sorry, that made me laugh. Some of these guys were hard workers, others freeloaders. They are in this picture for one reason, and that is to get money from Dan Fischer.

The "Lost Boy's" term and the "dropped off" stories came from Shem Fischer and his brother Dan Fischer. Dan left the church over a decade ago, and was rather bitter but not until Shem came running to him claiming to having been unjustly fired from his job (his resignation letter said otherwise), did he decide to join the crusade. They filed four lawsuits at the same time, and this was one of them. After the big media campaign and the lawsuits, the underage boys now had a place to hide behind to avoid going home. Just say "I'm a lost boy" Instead of making them go home, the crusaders would "protect" them from the polygamists.

Funny, "Lost Boy" is an insult to most of them now.

I know several fellows who had left the church and came back a few years later, but it depends on how they "sowed their oats". It's a whole lot easier just to stay.


Anonymous said...

A little input on Tommy Sam Steed- He was not a part of this religion. His mother had him after she had left and found someone else. She left his dad and married another man and had two more children. Those two where baptized into this church, but not Tommy Sam. He never was a member. They fled back to her mother after she found out she might have AIDS. She wanted her children to have a loving family to raise them after she died. She found out she did not have AIDS, and was re-baptized into the church, and re- married.Her choice. She had a problem with drinking and drugs. She paid Tommy Sam to run over her arm so she could get Lortab. She was always doped up. Talk about children that needed to be removed. Her brothers paid all her bills and took care of her children. When Tommy Sam said he had to live in a shed at work, thats not true. He slept there without permission. He would sneak in to get away from his mother. The men would find him there, safe ,warm and he always had food there to eat. He was well taken care of. I was shocked to see he claimed to be "kicked out" since he never was one of us.

Pligchild said...

I also want to update on Richard Roundy. My adult unmarried sister told me last night that he lives back at home with his parents in Colorado City.

Also want to clarify about the John Jessop lawsuit looking for his mother. His older brothers were not contacted by him, and they knew exactly where their mother was. He sued a man in prison, and got on the news for a "lost boys" fundraiser. Did you donate?

Magekind said...

A little mistake in your listing by that picture: Raymond "Ray" Hardy is the tow-head next to bottom. I don't recognize many of the others, being a recluse, but his face reaches out and bites me. I wonder what he'd say if I showed this to him...

Skinny said...

Hey this is Raymond Hardy. One of my friends Magekind showed this Blog to me. I would like to just help get some of the stories straight at least as far as i am concerned. I was on my way out the door (so to speak) when I was asked no to addend meetings so I left and moved up to SLC. I left before my parents left. I have no problems with plural marriage. I think it is way better then something done by a person look at by most people as being a "role model" Hugh Hefner. As far as payment the only things i got from Dan was a room for a few months and started in school and even that didn't turn out very well. I have only ever maintained my own website I haven't worked for Smiles For Diversity. Yes i am the second one up from the bottom.


Pligchild said...

Apologies, I will fix it. What is that fellers name two up from you? And you look an awfully lot like Justin, who was also a "lost boy"

Skinny said...

Since it is not posted anywhere and I don't think that he would want me giving his name out I am not going to.

Pligchild said...

Embarrassed to be called a "lost boy" too eh?