Sunday, August 24, 2008

How to "SAVE" an FLDS girl

Four years ago a sixteen year old girl from the FLDS church contacted her eighteen year old brother. Her brother who along with her “boyfriend” had apostatized from the church and moved to Hurricane Utah. They had a dilemma, her mother was being unreasonable.

All she wanted was to have fun for crying out loud, and her mother recently got her in trouble for underage drinking and being out way into the night, and finally after only a couple times caught at the bachelor "lost boy" party house in Hurricane Utah, called the police. The police caught her in a car in the middle of the night and gave this girl a ticket. Before the Moccasin, Arizona judge the mother swore out a restraining order against the brother to keep him from driving the twenty miles to Short Creek and picking up his sister to take her to his all male party house as was done several times before.

So what did the poor brother and sister do? This girl was given the phone number to the all knowing savior Flora Jessop. Flora had one of her cronies from Hurricane Utah contact the girl and her sidekick with the same name, and pick them up late in the evening in January 2004. When her daughter went missing way into the night this girls mother was frantic.

Meanwhile, toting two news crews along with her, Flora Jessop drove up from Phoenix, Arizona and picked up these two girls. “Smile big for the camera and tell them you are fleeing a forced marriage, I will do the rest” she reassured them. “I don’t want to marry an old man… or something like that” her friend said to the television camera and the stupefied audience.
“Then they loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly’s”
“Hills that is, swimming pools, movie stars”
Mike Watkiss, the hero.

When the girls mother was completely beside herself the next morning, the brother at the party house said he knew nothing, and actually, he didn’t. O where would this mother find her “party girl”? She phoned everyone and everywhere, including her eldest son who had left the church years before and had been somewhat close to the family when they lived in Salt Lake before 2001. He did see her, ON TV!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch in her new “safe house” in Phoenix, you know the buddy of Flora’s house who only had one sixteen-year-old boy living with her. Flora then explained to the girls that they HAD to tell Arizona CPS that their fathers molested them, beat them, and were going to force them into a marriage with old men. She told them that they faced being murdered by their families if they were ever caught. This they told CPS down to the letter, and when CPS asked the girl how she know this, she said “Flora told me” (Only that part didn’t make the affidavit the judge saw) "All is cool young ladies, you are now free to paaartteeeee! Woo! woo!"

In the next few days, with nerves frazzled, the girls mother was beside herself with what to do, this was her baby girl, her last one at home. Her son from Salt Lake promised to “help” all he could and so he and his wife Joni drove to Phoenix. The next thing this mother who ate, drank, and slept by the phone received was what shocked her the most; charges by the state of Arizona against her and her husband for child abuse. Her father was charges with sexually assaulting her, and physically dragging her across the room, and the "immanent threat" of marriage. And her mother was charged with accessory. The “helpful” brother Carl John Holm had signed the papers agreeing with the allegations.

It took several months and many 300 mile trips by the girls parents before they were exonerated. And when the judge signed that, she also signed a motion for FLORA JESSOP to have NO FURTHER CONTACT with the girl.

O that was easy, Flora knew, give the girls who had now joined up with Joni Holm’s daughter Megan, a car, cell phone, and a couple hundred bucks. AND THEN HOLD A PRESS CONFERENCE. “We don’t know where they are” said Flora and Joni each in front of the capital building in Phoenix. “The state of Arizona has failed to protect these kids, and they have run away again” CPS in Arizona still had temporary custody of the girls, but because they were at Flora’s “safe house” they had run away. CPS “tried” to find them.

And thankfully, said the entire United States press corp. they turned up at Carl and Joni Holm’s house in Sandy Utah a few weeks later. “Safe at last” CPS in Arizona had temporary custody, and never closed the case until she turned 18.

Although the girls’ mother refused to sign over custody to her son and his wife, she [edit WAS NOT ALLOWED TO STOP THE GIRL FROM STAYING] in Salt Lake, although in open rebellion to the rules of the “new” mother for a year and a half, when she turned 18. Finally in June of 2005 she was able to join her party brother and get drunk and have the boy she “loved” dump her after a one night stand, and another boy getting her drunk at a party and taking advantage of her. Joni told the tabloids “She fled back to Polygamy”

FREE AT LAST, now she was a true American girl. My sister, Fawn Holm

On a side note, our sister who is just younger than Fawn and was constantly berated by her and the boys of the neighborhood (who all ended up "lost"), wrote a letter to the prophet, and was praying night and day to her God to bless her and her sister. While Fawn is in Boston today, rescued from the "brainwashing" by Dr Phil, and safe shacking up with her boyfriend and living hand to mouth; this sister is a mother of the most beautiful baby you will never see. She is married to a young man whose honor and virtue and work ethic are unmatched anywhere on earth.

So who escaped what? Who is saved from what?


ztgstmv said...

So then... Flora Jessop and Mike Watkiss are kidnappers.

kbp said...

Thanks Pliggy,

A good read here today.

"the judge signed that, she also signed a motion for FLORA JESSOP to have NO FURTHER CONTACT with the girl"

Can we get a copy of that motion?

yutthehay said...


Disciple said...

Isn't the predominate Western culture interesting?

If a young woman likes to party, drink, etc., she is acting under her own free will and will be lauded. Geez, girl's just wanna have fun!

However, if a young woman prefers marriage and children, she is "brainwashed" and will be pitied - or maybe even "rescued" "for her own good" as has happened to poor Merrianne.

Thanks for sharing, Al. I hope this will help open some eyes.

Pliggy said...

ztg, no they were "rescuers"


The Game of Flora and Joni's
"A few days before the girls were reported missing, a Maricopa County judge issued a restraining order against Jessop that would have kept her from contacting the girls."

from Flora's own site:
"That case, however, sparked an anti-Jessop backlash. The girls ran away from their foster home after a judge, at the request of Holm's parents, ordered Jessop to sever contact with the two girls."

Pliggy said...

Oh, from the same article on Flora's site:

"Jessop’s efforts to help the girls, aided by a group of expolygamist wives who call themselves Tapestry Against Polygamy, comes at considerable risk. She could face charges of kidnapping, or at least custodial interference."

Pliggy said...

Do you still want a copy of the motion? I don't have it, but I might be able to get it when I get back to Phoenix.

Fawnzy said...

This is Fawn B. If you are going to tell my story try to get the facts straight! I was there And I know thats not what happened some where ever your getting you facts, you may want to have proof that thats what really happened!
Have a great life

Pliggy said...

Howdy Fawn,

I am sure you would be glad to tell us, we're all ears!

Who gave you the money if it wasn't Flora? Was it Joni? Where did you go? Which part is wrong?

Holm said...

This is sad. Even Alan (Al) doesn't no the truth . He was only there at the very first hearing. I have the motion from the judge,the point to that would be what? Let me make it clear the only reason the charge's got dropped,was because Fawn was no longer in State control. Alan also didn,t make it clear that the sister who was married,was also underage.(yes she is happy and very lucky ) The girls didn,t have a car,money or what ever he thinks that they had.Alan does not no the whole story. Alan take care of yourself first and your problems, but please stop telling about thing you don,t no !

Pliggy said...

Joni, you are right, it IS SAD.

I was there and saw you guys huddling with Flora and I almost wanted to cry. Not even much more than saying hello to my parents. And then Carl LIED in an affidavit about two of our sisters. Your bitterness was and is very, very, sad indeed, and something I will never understand.

I was there for all but one hearing, I was there with my wife and little girl at one of the hearings and I wanted you guys to see, but no. You wanted to be my fathers enemy.

I was there when CPS came and interviewed all of the my sisters still at my fathers home. They dropped the charges of abuse, and the only one they held on to was the "threat" of marriage, because Carl John LIED about his sisters.

I was there when they realized that NOT ONE of Fawns older sisters MORE THAN A DOZEN, was married under any pressure or under 18.

Yes the younger one was 15 when she married the 18 year old, but she didn't have her child until she was 18. And I have another sister who is now 18 and still unmarried, among several others. The point would be what? She got married because she WANTED to. ALL of my sisters are happy, except perhaps Fawn. I just sent her some funds to help her buy a car of her own.

The girls were gone for how long? Without any money? Calling you but not telling you where they were? Showing up in Sandy without a car?

Yea right.

Your game was about as hidden as the full moon.

I wish you guys all the best, but listening to you on Nancy Disgrace, and hearing your desire to see the children in Texas tortured, was absolutely, sickeningly, sad to me.

Pliggy said...

And Fawn was no longer in state control because she RAN AWAY with your daughter.

Maayan said...

Fawn B,
Believe me, nobody wants to know your lies, cause you said a BUNCH of lies, and we all know it. I guess you are having lots of fun playing around without getting married first huh??? Flora is a manipulator, and Holm, im sooo sad for you........... alone, and worse, unrespectful to your parents.......... do you know the commandments? do you know there are 10? do you know what it says about mother and father?? GUESS NOT!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Al, This is Mother, your article about Fawn hit it on the head. It was in a nut shell but everything you said was and is true. What you do not know is the many hours of tears after the CPS let Carl and Joni take Fawn. We tried and tried to contact her but we were told by C. and J. that they were the only ones that could contact her and that she was under 24 hour protective watch with an advocate group. We found out later that she had been with Carl and Joni all of the time. Fawn was kidnapped in January I did not see her again until the next December. When I saw her again my innocent girl was gone and her place was a very disturbed and unhappy young woman. My prayers for her will never cease. I love her so. Esther B. Holm

Pliggy said...

Mother, I LOVE YOU SO!!!!!

I just sent her 2k to get a car of her own, and she does call me every couple of weeks.

Pliggy said...

Are you saying that CPS gave Carl and Joni custody? I thought you told me they never did. I will fix the "let" part.

Maayan said...

Its so sad, I wish I could get to know Fawn, tell her the uglyness of this "outside world" and the good life she could have....................... and i am not, never been or a wanna be flds!!!!!!!

Maayan said...

dear Esther. I pray for your Fawn every day. I hope heavenly father can help to give her peace in her heart so she can know and understand she has been and always will be loved by her family who only want what's best for her. I hope (really do hope) Carl and Joni wont have problems with their kids cause when you mess with others you never know what you will get for yours. And for you must know you have an adorable son named Allen who loves you very much and always remembers there's no place like home and like family. Its a blessing for me to have found him. Congratulations on the good work raising him. You must give me the secret recipe one of these days so my kids turn out as good as him.
With love

Aaron said...

Allen this is Mother, just wanted to clarify; the state of AZ. did not give custody of Fawn to Carl and Joni. They knew that Flora still had her and even though there was a restraining order against her they did nothing about it. By the way the restraining order was put in place through the court appointed AD LITEM This is why I fell that the state gave Fawn to Flora.