Friday, August 22, 2008


I meant to write about this a few weeks ago, but I guess I got caught up in other things.

I have made many friends since starting this blog, who could see the obvious injustice from the government in Texas and the San Angelo witch trial Judge. Several of whom I have made a commitment to meet with, and some I want to meet but haven’t committed to. I can honestly say I love each and every one of you. (Even you John Lester, despite your "self-proclaimed" nuttiness.)

I want to tell everyone about the two who I have met; who are probably the dearest to me. Not just because of their kindness personally to me, but also their anxiousness and desire to defend those I love. They were among the earliest to help, and most vocal.

Maayan in Monterrey
Even before I started this blog I was fairly active in comment sections of news websites and Youtube videos. Maayan saw a comment on one and sent me a message “Who is the leader of the FLDS?” To which I replied “Why, are you looking for someone to sue?” It makes me laugh now, as she has been a great friend to me ever since. She is the author of the FLDS News in Spanish blog that is linked here.

A few weeks ago I was in Laredo TX and I decided to take her up on the invite to visit. I rented a car and jumped the border, which was easy enough until I tried to get a permit to drive the 70 miles to her house. I had to pay a fellow $5 just to guide me around the block to the permit building, and then I stood in two wrong lines for an hour because I couldn’t read the signs. Then I got lost in the HUGE city of Monterrey and had to get a motel clerk to get a cab driver to guide me to their humble home. But the trip was definitely worth the trouble.

The road to Monterrey:

Maayan made the best food I have tasted in a looooong time. She was bragging in her emails that she was a good cook and hated to eat out, but I know many who believe they are the best. Well, all I can say is Maayan was right! Saucy beef tips over rice, glazed grilled chicken and fresh steamed veggies… I am drooling on my keyboard just in memory. She packed me several days of food for my fridge, but it hardly made it over the border before it was GONE... Actually I am kinda glad I don’t have that food all the time, it is hard enough to keep in (pear) shape as it is, I would look like a watermelon real fast.

Maayan’s gorgeous little ones didn’t know any English, but I sure enjoyed playing with them. I don’t get the chance to hold a child in my arms often, and her baby girl is absolutely adorable.

Her noble and highly respected husband is a hard working periodontist and entrepreneur, and he took me on a tour of Mexico’s second largest city. The amount of culture and industry and architecture there in that town of six million, along with the well known work ethic, had me puzzled at the illegal immigration problem the USA has. But that is for another blog.

Maayan, who fled Colombian mob threats and a previous abusive husband that kidnapped her child, could write a book about her life that would make “Escape” look like the pouty novel that it really is.

An inspiration in survival and power of forgiveness defines my “mom” Maayan.

“Uncle” Bill Medvecky
Where do I begin? Few realize how incredible that man is. It is amazing to me that a non religious liberal would ever come so passionately to the aid of such an unpopular conservative group; until he told me. The man knows what it is like to suffer at the hands of tyranny and Child “Pilfering” Services. Indeed he knows first hand.

Seeing become a central area for the defense of the FLDS children and the fight against the tyranny of the Texas “official” mob, and the fear that this man put in the faces of the cowardly judge and sheriff was something that was a wonder to me. He, along with a very few others, stood up for strangers. O that we had one million Bill Medvecky’s!

I know that I make a lot of you jealous because I was able to meet this giant hearted man, but it may be harder for you to realize that he is greater in person. I also met his stalwart and brilliant wife and some of his children and grandchildren. It was very enjoyable to spend some time with them, (not to mention the steak dinner et "hic"cetera). He lives in an area that is quite beautiful, and I took a couple of pictures along the way. He has been getting a little wet from a certain storm lately, and we all hope he is keeping dry and safe!

I spent the night at his home, and on Sunday he and I were dragged to church by his wife :), which was a wonderful experience to be sure. The second time in twenty years for him! They do a lot of singing and the lecture was excellent, but to be perfectly honest it made me long for home, and feel sorry for the people who never knew what a peaceful and sweet discourse of heaven from dear Uncle Fred, Uncle Warren, or Uncle Rulon sounded like. I snuck a picture:

(Note they don't need song books because they have a projector)

If I told you all I know and love about that man he would blush and disown his nephew, so I will only say:

God bless you Uncle Bill!

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