Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Racist

First off I want to tell you the audio that you hear Warren Jeffs talking about the black race, almost all of it was him reading quotes from 19th century Mormon prophets. The bitter people who put out the snipped recording took all of the neutral and positive comments out and only have the worst sounding quotes they could find. He explained the teachings about the black culture and the truth about the black race as the FLDS believe it. Warren Jeffs is no more a bigot than I am. But the term racist can fit us, because we do believe races are different, and are treated differently in the gospel. The term racist and the term bigot are not the same thing to me, as I know that racial identity is widely considered racist. I can't change my heritage no matter how hard I pray about it, and neither can they.

I had an email conversation with a black Mormon man who was looking to the FLDS so he could live polygyny in a religiously sanctioned way, as his wife was unable to have children. We parted on good terms and mutual understanding, although I could not answer all of his questions. For the past few weeks I have been having a really friendly chat with a fellow from Vanuatu, he is a struggling college student who is black as well, I sent him some funds to help him get a camera or cell phone. When I grew up in Salt Lake one of my best friends in grade school, one who came over to play as much as any other, was a black fellow named Michael Scott. I have not a bigoted bone in my body. But I, like those in the black community, understand and accept racial identity and I am glad for my heritage.

The FLDS people believe that we are LITERALLY descendants of Ephraim, the son of Joseph who was sold into Egypt. As a Israelite, you cannot mix with other races and still be an Ephraimite. It is Biblical to marry within your heritage. In the Old Testament only the sons of Levi could be Priests, and since the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ, Only Ephraimites can be priests.

We believe that God made different races for a reason. There is a reason a black man is black a white man is white and a brown man is brown. Although we don't believe in anything but equal rights for all humanity, and even all races can be members of the FLDS church, only Ephraimites can be Priests, Elders, or Apostles.

We believe that the dark skin is a "curse" upon a certain family, but we believe that all people since the time of Adam have "curses" placed upon them. A curse is an obstacle that must be overcome. To us it is equivalent to being born with a disability in some way. God loves all of His children equally, but some are born into the world blind, or deaf, or otherwise handicapped. The black man was cursed as a community because of what their ancient forefathers did. They must live with the curse throughout this life, and can overcome the uncivilized nature of their curse, and be blessed in the next life with all the same blessings that any other child of our Heavenly Father can, including Ephraimites.

Joseph Smith was a strong anti slavery advocate and believed in absolute freedom for all; that was part of the reason he was so hated in Missouri. He even ran for President of the United States in 1844, the year he was murdered; and part of his platform was to free the slaves and give land to them. There were many black people who were members of the church at that time and none can be found who were ordained to the Priesthood. Except perhaps Elijah Abel.

Joseph Smith is widely known to have said that black slaves could be baptized, but not ordained to the Priesthood. Although there is no directly recorded quotation from the Prophet Joseph Smith that he meant ALL of the black descendants of Ham could not hold the Priesthood; we have confirmations from 7 men (four of them Apostles) who said that Joseph Smith told them personally that Negroes could not be given the Priesthood. One of these men is Brigham Young.

Yet according to some historians Elijah Abel was a black man who was ordained to the priesthood by Joseph Smith. I believe that there were two Elijah Abel's and one was black while the other was not. They were both members of the church and left little or no posterity. Joseph Smith translated and wrote the Book of Abraham recorded in the Pearl of Great Price:

25 Now the first government of Egypt was established by Pharaoh, the eldest son of Egyptus, the daughter of Ham, and it was after the manner of the government of Ham, which was patriarchal.
26 Pharaoh, being a righteous man, established his kingdom and judged his people wisely and justly all his days, seeking earnestly to imitate that order established by the fathers in the first generations, in the days of the first patriarchal reign, even in the reign of Adam, and also of Noah, his father, who blessed him with the blessings of the earth, and with the blessings of wisdom, but cursed him as pertaining to the Priesthood.
27 Now, Pharaoh being of that lineage by which he could not have the right of Priesthood, notwithstanding the Pharaohs would fain claim it from Noah, through Ham, therefore my father was led away by their idolatry;

This is a quote from Joseph Smith:
“Elder Hyde inquired the situation of the negro. I replied, they came into the world slaves, mentally and physically. Change their situation with the whites, and they would be like them. They have souls, and are subjects of salvation. Go into Cincinnati or any city, and find an educated Negro, who rides in his carriage, and you will see a man who has risen by the powers of his own mind to his exalted state of respectability. The slaves in Washington are more refined than many in high places, and the black boys will take the shine off many of those they brush and wait on" (History of the Church 5:217) (Read by Warren Jeffs in the very same History Class)

These are quotes of Brigham Young:
"Negroes should be treated like human beings, and not worse than dumb brutes. For their abuse of that race, the whites shall be cursed, unless they repent." (Journal of Discourses 10:111)
"Men will be called to Judgment for the way they have treated the Negro." (J.D. 10:250)

We believe in freedom for all, but we also believe that only the blood of Ephraim can be high priests in this day. In ancient Judea only the Levites were allowed to be priests of the Levitical Priesthood, and since the restoration in this day only the Ephraimites are given the Melchizadek priesthood (which can give the Levitical Priesthood). There is a third Patriarchal priesthood that perhaps can be held by the other races, I do not know. In the resurrection all will be blessed according to the faithfulness and virtue they lived up to in this life, and many will be given the High Priesthood. But in this life we are all cursed in one way or another, the black skin is a sign of a curse. We must all overcome our curses and obstacles, to pass the test of life.

Someone asked:
"And what it seems to me was being said [by you] is not that African Americans, or other black and brown folks are bad. What is being said is there is only one group that can have a certain role in this life on earth; that other peoples have different roles; that everyone is loved by God, that every role, although different, is important, and that all roles will change and move forward as we move through our spiritual lives. Am I correct?"

That is exactly right; God has a plan for each of us individually, and each and all are important to Him. The only exception I take with it is the term “African” American because most black people have been full blooded Americans longer than I have. To me the term Negro (Spanish for black), or Black American is less belittling their contributions to this country, and any who do not like those terms have an inferiority complex.

We believe that the Native American people are descendants of a man named Lehi, who left Jerusalem with his family around 600 B.C. They are descendants of Manasseh, the brother of Ephraim, and were later cursed with a dark skin because they apostatized from the gospel. They were cursed with a brown skin because of what their forefathers did. My son has been cursed for what I have done, and must overcome me. My family has been cursed to have a higher obedience requirement because of what my great grandfather did (he joined the church)

There is actually a greater punishment for not obeying the religion if you are baptized FLDS, than if you aren’t. There is a greater punishment in the next life if you are a Priest who apostatizes than if you were never a Priest. The more you are taught, the more is required of you by God to obey what you are taught. In some ways I ENVY the ignorant masses sometimes. A black man will not be punished as much as an Ephraimite for the same sin. A FLDS woman will not be punished as much as a FLDS Priest for the same sin. Women cannot be Priests either.


Anonymous said...

You do know, that this belief in racial differences is perhaps the main reason you are persecuted currently. These days, any one who points differences between races in a way that is deemed to be imputing inferiority on one race, especially a non-white race, is virtually stripped of his credentials, and in some countries prosecuted for "hate crimes."
Don't take this as a warning to tone down your message. If anything you are in a good position to spread your message, since you have nothing to lose. Others do; for instance James Watson, the famous Nobel Peace Winning pioneer scientist, who made statements regarding differences in IQ between the white and black races, for which he was castigated in the press, his lectures canceled and he was relieved of his administrative duties and Cold Sprint Harbor Laboratory.

cheese said...

Read the book again, Pliggy. Lehi left Jerusalem around 600BC.

WC said...

Joseph Smith also said something to the effect of "everyone born into this world has the chance to improve themselves before God". Whatever people's circumstances, they can either sit around and complain or they can take what they have been given and with hard work, amplify those gifts. I haven't had much to work with but am happy with what I have been able to accomplish.

Matthew Hardin said...

Can you explain what sort of a curse your son would bear for the actions of his father? Would he still be eligible for the FLDS priesthood?

Pliggy said...

I definately will, thanks for the correction

no (I don't want to), and yes

Sojouner Truth said...

You're right, Plig, you are a racist. And this sentence has no meaning: "the truth about the black race as the FLDS believe it." You mean to say, "whether or not true, this is what FLDS believes."

Anonymous said...

Sojouner. By calling Plig a "racist" are you implying that she hates blacks? Not sure what your point is in going about name-calling like that.

Pliggy said...

I admitted it in the post. But can I ask you a question? Why are black people black and white people white? And can you answer it honestly? "I don't know" is not being honest.

Darwinists cannot answer it honestly without sounding racist. Bible thumpers cannot answer it honestly without ignoring much of the Bible. Most people pretend it isn't even a viable question for themselves to answer, but point the scorned finger at anyone else who talks about it, calling them a racist.

She is a he.

Pliggy said...

Sorry Ron for deleting your comment, as it did have a good explanation (although incomplete) about Darwinists, only telling the suntan theory.

Even the personal insult you heaved at me could be discussed, but I doubt you meant for it to be a topic, only an insult.

You prove that the race topic can never be discussed with a clear head. I qoute myself again:

"Most people pretend it isn't even a viable question for themselves to answer, but point the scorned finger at anyone else who talks about it, calling them a racist"

izzy said...

Can you explain what "uncivilized nature of their curse" means and how this supposed "curse" is worse than a curse on a caucasian? For instance, what is the level of "curse" for a person of Asian descent with their particular color of skin. Does the shade make a difference?

Pliggy said...

James Watson is a Darwinist. Although his findings are relevant, they are not all inclusive as he says.

It sure is a pity that people can't be calm about the topic of race.

I know that white people have mistreated black people way to much and still do today. I have absolutely no desire to belittle anyone because of thier race. I celebrate success from anyone, but I know that it is more difficult for a black person to succeed in business, education, and purity.

I also know it is more difficult for a white person to be tolerant, artistic, or atheletic.

Take a completely white neighborhood in Canada and introduce one black person, and take a completely black neighborhood in Africa and introduce one white person.

Just think of the different way people are treated, and act. Not all, but most are predisposed to do these things based on race.

Pliggy said...

There is no "level" of curse. Skin color is merely a mark to differentiate heritage.
A "Curse" is a disability that can, and will, dissappear in the next life.

We are all given disabilities that we must recognize and work around. That is the purpose of this life, to pass our individual test.

izzy said...

OK. So since Oriental folk or Latin Americans are lighter than blacks but darker than caucasians, that doesn't necessarily mean their skin has to do with their curse?

And I still don't understand what overcome the uncivilized nature of their curse means. Especially since you say they have to live with it their entire lives here on earth and won't be blessed until the next life.

Pliggy said...

Izzy, please read what I wrote in the above comment. Skin color is an identifier that marks a curse in some way, not a perticular level or grade of curse. A "curse" is something bad (to me) I was born with, but must live with and overcome.

The black culture, predominant in the black race (NOT 100% mind you), and in the Native American race, Is to be uncivilized. Un- civil- ized.

Civil is to have structure and manners, to tear down the world of nature and master over it rather than live in it. From the natural world to natural humanity.

I think civilization is the upgrading of morals, education, and society.

Some people think that my definintion of uncivilized is more civil to them, but just because we don't agree doesn't mean we hate them. We just disagree.

Go ahead and be glad for your heritage and culture, call it the greatest thing on the planet. I am going to do the same; whether anyone else likes it or not.

Go ahead and call my belief system a curse, or my culture a curse that I must overcome to be civilized, fine by me! Go ahead, just don't enslave me to your definiton, and I won't enslave you to mine.

izzy said...

That's wonderful that you think so much of your heritage and culture and think it's the greatest thing on the planet. But, to then go as far as imply that your culture is superior to another race because they supposedly were born with a lack of structure, manners, humanity, morals, education and socialization deeply bothers me.

Upgrading of morals? education? society? Call me crazy but I'm scratching my head when trying to equate FLDS with those words.

And no, I would not characterize you as uncivilized. Just like I wouldn't label black people in such a way.

BTW, I saw you say you'd rather vote for BO than McCain. So do you feel he's overcome his "uncivilized curse" enough to run this nation? If so, isn't that scary to you since your heavenly father won't bless him until his next life?

Pliggy said...


I almost apologize for bothering you. I wish that you could read what I wrote and understand it, it does not sound like you want to. If I would just change the way I believe all the world will be much more improved for you and you would no longer be bothered? Why does what I believe, mean so much to you? Am I not entitled to my own belief?

And THEN you go an look down your nose at the FLDS? As it the FLDS is LESS THAN you? You cannot see the rediculous double standard? The irony?

I will believe what I believe, and I will consider the black race to have a greater struggle in a white man's world than a white man does. You can label me as labeling them all you want, I ALLOW you to believe what you want to.

AND YES I do believe that BO has greatly overcome a lot of obstacles that are against him because of his race, and I do think that Martin Luther King was a great American who said these words "where a man is not judged by the color of his skin but by the content of his character"

NO ONE will be blessed fully until the next life. Not me, not my fathers, not you, and not Barack Obama. I have no fear whatsoever that Heavenly Father will or will not bless him in this life or the next. My God loves him, and you, as much as he loves me. We just have different lives to live, and curses to overcome.

And NO, I will not be voting for Obama either, if anyone is wondering.

Disciple said...

"Bible thumpers cannot answer it honestly without ignoring much of the Bible."

Hmmm ... Let me "take up the gauntlet" on behalf of "Bible thumpers", taking the Bible as my basis and speaking from experience - mine and that of Gregor Mendel.

My wives are both of African descent (i.e. dark brown skin); I am of European descent (i.e. "white" skin). Our children are basically "white" - but tan very, very nicely. :-)

This taken with Mendel's observations (and the work done in then field of genetics since then) leads me to conclude that we are indeed all one race and just as every physical characteristic is programmed into each person's DNA so also the amount of brown pigment in our skin.

Answers in Genesis explains this very nicely. They have a DVD entitled "Only One Race". This is explained very nicely there.

Pliggy said...

We are all of one human race. But the families in the Bible were kept sacred, in many instances. Priests in the Old Testament were only of one particular family.

I only explain my views, and apologize to anyone who thinks I am requiring people to agree with me.