Saturday, August 9, 2008

Letter to the Governor of Texas

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To write a letter to the governor of Texas, as well as the Congress of Texas protesting the rediculous attempt to take children from thier mothers again. The Texas CPS is saying that if the mothers do not sign a piece of paper that is useless except to make them guilty before the public, they are abusing thier children. The paper is an order to be signed by the mothers that is an acceptance of guilt.

Tell the governor that you think it was wrong for Barbra Walther to have an "ex parte" meeting with Mr. Childress, head of the CPS investigations. Tell the governor that it was wrong for them to conspire on a motion to "stay discovery" of the parents against the state, when the state has full discovery against the parents. Say this ten times! Full discovery is required by law and she has taken it away from the mothers. Tell the governor it is wrong for a piece of paper to be interpreted as "child abuse".

The mothers are verbally and physically acting upon the requests by the state CPS, they refuse to sign because of the trap that CPS and law enforcement are trying to spring on the parents, with this order to keep children away from men that are not a real threat to them in any way. All that the state and CPS has at this point are allegations of mis-conduct. They have to prove it by clear and convincing and/or a preponderance of the evidence. The trial has been moved up by over a month and the mothers are without ability to see what the charges are, or the evidence that the state has against them because of the "stay of discovery" motion. The Walther court is nothing but a NAZI tribunal. The CPS has not given the mothers any evidence at all that the fathers actually do present a danger, it is just the hysteria of CPS mavens driving the case!

The JUDGE HAS ALREADY DECIDED; just like she did previous to the fourteen day hearing after the first roundup and torture. THIS IS ONLY GOING TO BE A SHOW TRIAL AGAIN.


Ron in Houston said...


Do all the petition drives you want. People see what the true issue is with the FLDS. You need to renounce Uncle Warren and his 12 year old wives. you need to renounce underage marriages.

Until you do this, Texas will systematically take your children away from you. Get used to it pliggy.

I still feel sorry for you because I haven't seen where you personally are willing to give your daughter in some under aged spiritual marriage.

Uncle Warren has only brought problems on your community. When are you willing to renounce him?

Pliggy said...

Ron, I really think you have been so blinded by your "knowledge" of the FLDS that you wouldn't believe the truth if I told it to you. I feel sorry for you, not me.

I have more knowledge about how the FLDS works than you do, or any of those "expert" tabloid authors ever will, and you are not even willing to listen to me.

I have waay more concern about your daughter than mine, if you had one. My daughter is where I want her to be, and that is the safest place on the planet for her. There is no chance of her being exploited in the FLDS church.

Your problem is you believe lies. You believe liars. There truly is nothing more pitiful to me. The "documents" that you keep digging up and referring to are reprints of reprints of allegations that are not true, or are twisted half truths turned into lies to vilify the innocent.

If you were willing to learn I would be glad to help you understand, but your wild and disturbing imagination needs to settle down.

I won't discuss my religion or who I like or don't like with you until then, and I won't renounce you either.