Saturday, August 23, 2008

Required Reading

If you are unwilling to even listen to the FLDS people, you are a bigot. If you only listen to only to a persons enemies you would condemn each and every one. What if I told you that no one in the FLDS church even READ Carolyns book before the raid, they had no idea that she was spreading such lies! They would forgive her in the smallest of split seconds if she would but tell the truth, that is why they didn't want to read it. They don't have any axe to grind, only the preservation of their peace.

By their FRUITS you shall know them:

From "What are you thinking Carolyn?"
By Maggie Jessop

"Think about this. What if I were to go on a big campaign all over the United States and say a lot of things and make a horrendous stir, maybe even write a book about all the evils and corruption in the world today? I know there is much evil in the world, so I make it my crusade to save everybody from themselves and protect the women and children from those evils. How do you think that would go over? Okay, so Carolyn goes on a campaign to expose the evils that she has decided are present in the FLDS lifestyle. She was miserable, so every other woman must be miserable, right? Wrong. Does she have the right to represent us? Does she have the right to claim we are abused when we claim we are not? Carolyn says it took her a year after her escape to be able to think of herself as a person, not an object. That’s interesting. I do not feel like an object. I am a person, and I feel good about myself and all others. I’m telling you, it is all in the perspective.

"The women in our society are all controlled by the men, you say? Hardly. I know hundreds of fine men, young and old, honest men who treat me with kindness and respect, and they look out for my best interest, just as I do theirs. The media image of tyrannical FLDS men who lord it over the women, forcing them to obey, is not part of my religion. The women just don’t dare speak up, you say? Well, what am I doing right now? Am I just an exception? No, I am not an exception. I have hundreds of friends. I know hundreds of very bright, intelligent, well-balanced, beautiful, happy, spunky women. You have to have a deep love for truth to live the way we do. You have to be willing to continually humble yourself before the Lord, and truly desire for Him to bring about the experiences you need in your life to see yourself and improve step by step. You have to have a lot of backbone; yes, even the nerves of steel to endure the mockery of the world.

"Carolyn claims she has had a horrible life. Have I had a horrible life? No, but if I had, it would be my own fault. Have I had hard times? Yes. Have I had humbling experiences? Tons. Have I known hardship and want? Of course I have. Jesus was treated very badly. Did He run out and tell everyone? Did He write a book about all those mean and wicked people who mocked Him and even killed Him? Did He start up a campaign of talk shows and media exploitation so He could make a million dollars to pay for the abuses He had endured? There has been a book written. It is called the Holy Bible, and therein, He gives the recipe for success: forgive, forgive, forgive, and then do it some more."
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Other required reading:
Marie Musser, mother who's broken promise to her children was torture to her soul:
"We have been a persecuted and driven people. We are not popular with the world, so our reaction was to gather all the children into the house, close our blinds, and lock our doors. We finished the day in normal routine. Why are we not accepted by the world? Because we are different, and that scares the world."

From the sweet grandmother and College teacher "Aunt" Dorothy Emma:
"My story as an FLDS member is a little different from many others in that I am a convert to this Faith. I lived for sixteen years “out there” just like most of you. I saw the trends of the day in society in general that pointed to a marked decline in morals and good old honesty. You know it as well as I do. Your mothers and fathers and grandparents were heard to say, as mine were, “Decency just isn’t what it used to be. Why, I was taught that it was criminal to treat your partner dishonestly, whether in marriage or in business.”

From eighty-year-old patriarch dear "Uncle" Sam Roundy:
"Anyone who does not have the character to endure the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is our purpose, is and always has been free to use their agency to come and go as they please. And if they make known their desire to leave, we would supply them with transportation and money to help them. It is against our creed and belief to force any person against his or her will. Such characters who do leave us feel that they have escaped because they did not have the character to live up to the high standards of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and so their escape is the feeling they have from having laid off the burden of the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

Maggie Jessop, mother who just had her children stolen from her and still said this:
Hello America! So you want to hear from the FLDS women huh?

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