Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Universal Faith

There is a belief system that permeates all mankind, one that every citizen of the United States believes in, no matter whether they are at the bottom of faith in a higher power or at the top.
Everyone has faith in this belief system to one degree or another, no matter what other religion you ascribe to, the necessity of gaining faith in this doctrine is important to all functioning societies. I am talking about MONEY. Money is a reality based on imagination, faith, trust, and belief. The value of money is the collective faith that people have in it.

The US government this week is deciding on an emergency bailout of the banking industry, in reality this is the largest banking and money crisis since the depression. They just don’t have any faith, or money, without the government going further into debt. In other words, don't count on it fixing anything.

I have always disliked money, and I am sure that most do, or at least we say we do. Over the last three years I have been reading and learning what the stuff is that I get up and go to work for every day. I mean really, who thinks about what this green stuff really is that you spend an overwhelming amount of time trying to get?

Most people do not even realize what money is, or where it comes from. They just want it because they can buy stuff with it. But what is money? Well even the “experts” like to keep everyone confused, or are confused themselves. Money today is not a receipt for gold or silver as it once was, money today is a receipt for debt, and nothing else. The US money is the (privately owned) Federal Reserve Bank dollar, printed and exchanged for government debt, or faith in the government to pay it back with interest. Here are a few words the bankers use that all mean the same thing, debt: securities, bonds, paper, bills, mortgage, credit, etc. Whenever you hear or read theses terms in the news, they all are fancy words for “debt” Money is also debt, and yet there is this strange idea that money can pay off debt. The problem is that there is way more debt than there is money; at least ten times more. This may be surprising perhaps, and perhaps you think I am speaking some “conspiracy theory” That is what the bankers want you to think, the mystery gives power to your belief in the value to money.

“Above all, money is a function of faith. It required an implicit and universal social consent that is indeed mysterious. To create money and use it, each one must believe, and everyone must believe. Only then did worthless pieces of paper take on value. When a society loses faith in money, it was implicitly losing faith in itself…. The money process, nonetheless, still required a deep, unacknowledged act of faith, so mysterious that it could easily be confused with divine powers”
– William Greider, “Secrets of the Temple, How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country” pg 53


Disciple said...

Very interesting and very true.

And what is debt? It is a pledge on our future - a pledge on our lives. Money is generated from our lives.

Reminds me of "The Matrix" and human beings being used to generate electicity.

Anonymous said...

The national debt is mortaging our childrens future, it is immoral, sick and all the plan of hte evil one. So, Al's analogy is spot on!!

It's all in the plan of Heavenly Father, he said he would throw it all down.

Anonymous said...

You entitled this "Universal faith" and then went on to speak about the US Dollar and economy. Do you realize that the whole world does not go by this system?

Pliggy said...

You would be surprised. Look up "World Reserve Currency" That would be the US dollar. Well, the Euro is passing us by, but that system is identical, if not worse.

I would also like to explain that the economy the way it is run REQUIRES the government to run up debt, to create money. If you have money, spend it on something you can sell or eat in the next few years because the green stuff is going down the tubes again.

Or you can open an account in Euro's or Canadian money and they will last longer.

We are not in for a recession folks, we are in for a depression.