Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A day in the life

O Father, how can I repay?
I have no way, no way!

Through all my shame, and all my foibles, all my stumbling around, O how gratitude is filling the heart and chest so full it seems almost to burst!!

I am not worthy, no, dear Lord, why me?

I must tell about the experience that my Father in heaven gives to me, for I did not ask, He did all the work!

I left Phoenix with the most difficult task of any driver in the trucking industry. I was to deliver the things of a man who I did not know well, but who I had seen a few times around the office in Phoenix. His name was “Butch” Pierce. Three weeks ago he had a tie down on his trailer come undone, and so he pulled over to fix it on the side of the interstate. He was hit by a car and killed instantly.

Delivering all of his things to his widow was not easy, but to me, it was an honor and a privilege. For I know that this life is not the end, no, not at all, it is much closer to the beginning than the end of our existence. But to take these things to his widow was a very wonderful and spiritual experience for me, and made my testimony all the more strong. Because I was not able to go to Val Jessops funeral, or to any other funeral for several years, I always would remember “Funerals are for the living, not for the dead” And they who I knew and loved who pass on I shall see again.

But there is something else when you load boxes of someone’s personal belongings into his widow’s vehicle, and give her a long and great big hug with a lot of tears, that is something deep and spiritual to me. And I have never seen her before in my life. I also met “Butch’s” mother, 81 years young, and held her hand for a few moments. That will be something I will never forget.

But that was nothing, I delivered in San Antonio TX yesterday, and I had a special delivery from Uncle Bill to the FLDS folks. It was late before I was empty and I did not know if my boss was going to send me out again. So I did not contact the ranch about it yesterday. Yet today I knelt before my Father and asked him if he wanted me to give these today in this way, open up the way! O BOY DID HE!!

Sorry Uncle Bill, and Maayan, and Regina, meeting you all was wonderful, and I will forever be indebted for your friendship, but meeting Maggie, and Dan, and a few other GREAT folks to me has been wonderful beyond compare! Pinch me, is it a dream?

And yes, I will tell the world, My last breath is worth less to me than my Testimony of my best friend, Warren Steed Jeffs.


Naiah said...

Oh Allen, I am so happy for you that you got to make that stop, more than I can say. Funny how the Lord opens the way when we act by faith...

Maayan said...

You deserve that and more.
Keep on going Al...............