Monday, September 8, 2008


Twin brothers walk up to an ice cream stand. The attendant says, "Here is a free sample of our newest flavor of ice cream. I will give it to you, and all you have to do is write down the name you would call it and give a brief description of what it is like. For now we call it FLavor D-S."

"Cool" one boy says, "Ugh" the other one says, but they both take the treat and write their comments.

What will they say?

Of course they didn’t notice the giant billboard on the way to the stand that says “WORLDS NASTIEST ICE CREAM- says former taster" But a large group of other boys sure did, and they yell at the two “That is gross!” before marching off to find the former taster to get more info on how bad it really is. The two boys looked up at the group as they marched away, and one continued writing, but the other erased a bunch and re wrote his.

Now what do they say?

Someone then runs out of the plant the ice cream is made, “Poison! Poison I tell you!!” Running right past the boys, to write another billboard.
The leaders of the plant fire some of the workers for putting sawdust in the batch and the rest of the workers eat and work as if nothing happened. Then the FEDS come and arrest all the workers for firing the former employees, and making a bad batch of Ice cream.

You are one of the twins now, which one?


Anonymous said...

wow - you really have no understanding of this entire situation, do you?

abbracadabbra said...

Pliggy, the Feds aren't going to arrest the workers for firing employees who put sawdust in the ice cream.

1. Workers don't fire their co-workers, managers do.

2. The Feds don't regulate labor law, that's a state issue.

3. People don't get arrested for wrongful termination. They can be sued, however the former employees would not prevail in their lawsuit since they were fired for just cause.

Now as for which of the twins I would be, how can I answer that question until I know what each twin wrote, and how the ice ice cream tasted?

Rose said...

That's easy which twin you are.

There's the twin that could choose for himself, and not make judgment on what others think or say. And not be afraid of the truth.

Or the twin that ran with what others think and say, whether it be true or not. They go with the flow. Afraid to look different. Believe all the stories they hear. Ready to judge without knowing for sure.

Pliggy said...

Abra, as much as I appreciate your comments, you must not realize this is an analogy.

"the Feds aren't going to arrest the workers for firing employees who put sawdust in the ice cream."


Rose said...

Thats for sure, but pliggy you should have said the workers were FLDS....that would have made sense why they got arrested.

Pliggy said...

FLavor D-S its an analogy.

Ron in Houston said...


I really tried to figure out what your "point" was in this post (eve if I disagreed with the point!)

I simply didn't get it. Maybe it made sense to you and maybe it will make sense to other FLDS insiders but if you're trying to reach outsiders, this guy just didn't get it.

I don't know. Maybe I'm just being dense here.

Pliggy said...

Finally, he admits it!

Stop the presses, stop the presses!

duaneh1 said...

Ron, the first part of this story is an allusion to FLDS apostates and their vilification of their former faith and the public's perception that the FLDS lifestyle is decrepid.

The second part is analogous to the FLDS leadership excommunicating members who have misbehaved and as a result, the the courts and state moving in on the FLDS: seizing the UEP trust, the YFZ raid, and punishing and slandering the FLDS members in general for cleaning up their house.

At least that is how I understood it.