Sunday, September 7, 2008

Pliggy Dictionary Pop Quiz

I was going to write the definitions to several words here, but rather than that I would like YOU to write the definitions to these words. I won't publish any until next weekend, but I would like you to write how you THINK the FLDS define these words, and then how you PERSONALLY define these words. (All or some, its up to you)

If you are FLDS, then the reverse, how you define them, and then how you think OUTSIDERS define them.

Free will
Criminal bigamy
Welfare fraud


Dale Kemp said...

Virtue - Honesty, Truth, Purity. FLDS women have lots of this I've noticed.

Marriage - That's my business how I define it and none of the government's.

Free will - The greatest gift God gave us.

Prophet - One who guides the Lord's people.

Revelation - How the prophet guides.

Fasting - If you don't know what this means then learn to pray first.

Atonement - The greatest gift God's son, Jesus Christ, gave us.

Fundamentalist - No such thing. You either follow the Word of God or you don't.

Criminal bigamy - Keeping the wives secret from each other.

Racism - SIN

Welfare fraud - Yeah, welfare is a fraud. It's just another way for the Government to interfere in the lives of the people.

Underage - underage for what? To drive a car? Consult the DMV manual. To get married? Consult the Bible.

And before my answers get me accused of being FLDS, I'm not.

I am mainstream LDS MORMON.


Dale Kemp said...

OOPS, I posted my definitions for the words rather than what I think the FLDS definitions would be.
Sorry about that. It's late and I didn't read the instructions carefully enough. But still, I stand by my answers.