Friday, September 12, 2008

Truth Will Prevail

There are many good articles in the TWP newsletter.

My father is Richard Holm's eldest brother, and I know personally of a transaction where he bilked my father out of tens of thousands of dollars, and a home. But my father would never tell you about it, and he has forgiven Richard a long time ago. Jethro Barlow was actually behind BOTH sides of the CCUSD public school government raid fiasco.

Education is VERY important to the FLDS, but for much different reasons than the general public. I would stack a group of FLDS 17 year old girls against a group of new college students any day of the week.

And you NEED to read Melinda's open letter to her dad.


Lewis said...

I have read the article about "Birds of a feather", The picture of wisan shows his office a mess! if this is the kind of "housekeeping" he has, no wonder every thing else he does is such a mess! Only worried about the "almighty dollar".

Anonymous said...

It warms my heart to see the FLDS fighting back.

For far too long these jackals have had a free ride depending upon their victims to "Forgive" them.

They can be forgiven in jail just as easily.

Bill Medvecky