Monday, April 28, 2008

My sister Fawn

Fawn Holm is my little sister, she was born on my fourteenth birthday. She has 12 older sisters married in the FLDS church, and not one of them was married under 18. My sisters had to twist my fathers arm behind his back to get him to “turn them in” to get married.

Fawn “escaped” when she was sixteen. When her twenty-year-old boyfriend and our nineteen-year-old brother moved to the “lost boy” party house in Hurricane Utah, she decided she wanted to go live with them. Her mother threw a conniption and said, No Way! Several times the Hurricane police were called to that "lost boy" house for the parties they threw, and Fawn had several fines for truancy, and underage drinking. I went there twice to pick her and some of my nephews up.

She was determined to go and that is when she called Flora Jessop. When Fawn went missing overnight, her mother was frantic. She even called my eldest brother Carl who lives in Salt Lake. He told her that he saw Fawn on the news! With two TV crews in tow (including her lapdog Mike Watkis) Flora Jessop kidnapped my sister. She knew it and concocted a great big story about imminent forced marriage, abuse by her father, and blood atonement. She had the two Fawns write these stories in an affidavit. It was either play the abuse card, or go home.

Sexual assault and child abuse charges were filed against my father and the Arizona CPS came and inspected his home and interviewed all of the children left in the home. Soon charges were dropped, and custody returned to our parents, but Flora kept Fawn hiding from her mother. It was rather hard on her as Fawn was her youngest child. My father’s lawyer suggested he press charges of kidnapping against Flora and anyone else involved, but he was free to forgive. He just wanted Fawn to be safe. He knew Fawn wanted to leave.

When custody was restored to Fawns parents, Flora then helped her ditch the CPS in Phoenix and held a press conference with my brother Carl’s wife Joni claiming the state would not "protect" Fawn from polygamists and did not know where she was. Fawn turned up at Joni's house in Sandy, Utah a few weeks later.

It was arranged for Fawn to live with Carl and Joni (which could have happened without the fanfare) BUT Fawn didn't like the rules there either. She wanted to live with her boyfriend and brother who now moved their "lost boy" party house to St George. The news media made a big deal about her going back to Polygamy when she turned 18. She moved in with her 19 year old niece who left the FLDS to marry the 40 year old man running the "lost boy" safe (party) house.

Fawn went to a "deprogramming" school in Boston paid for by the Dr. Phil show. She was having trouble seeing how much better it is to live outside the church. She has had a few life altering experiences and now has moved back to Utah with her boyfriend from Boston. I love Fawn very much, and I have no desire for her except for her every dream to come true. God bless her forever!


Anonymous said...

Alan, How are you doing? I am anxious for you, yet grateful for your work here, I'm sure the Lord known's your heart.

From one of your old friends.

Inquirer said...

You have an interesting blog. I have no desire to debate anything you're saying here, but I do have some questions.

In your initial post you said:

"I am writing this blog for a place for the truth to be explained in plain view to all who want to know about the beliefs of the FLDS without the bitter prejudice from very bitter ex-members."

I for one would like to see answers to questions posed in this comment section as a way to achieve your stated purpose for starting this blog. Will you post answers?

You said: "To "Escape" the FLDS church is to walk away. Not one man or woman is ever forced to stay except through their own feelings."

1. Regarding the above quote, are you saying a woman can gather up her children and walk away and no one will stop her - there would be no physical force involved?

2. Since you say you are no longer FLDS - I assume you are possibly a dissident, apostate or perhaps one who is "repenting from afar" - what makes your perspective more believable than people like Flora or Carolyn (or others who have left) who publicly relate their personal experiences?

3. Is it your opinion that everyone who leaves the FLDS religion is bitter?

Pligchild said...

I am glad to answer your questions, thank you for asking them. I cannot coerce you to believe me over anyone else. You will have to take what I say, and judge it against what others like Carolyn say. That is all I can do.

To answer your questions:

1.- Yes, a woman can gather up her children and walk away, and many have. But just as if she were leaving in any city in any monogomous family in America there is questions over custody of the children. Absolutely no physical force is involved.


2- For the FLDS there are different degrees of Apostacy, but the term is usually reffering to one who does not merely leave, but one who becomes very bitter and enraged to the point of rediculous allegations and portrays them as personal experiences. One who seeks to destroy what they once spoke highly of.

A dissedent, I would say, is one who doesn't believe anymore, who may have some feelings, but goes on to whatever they want to do without becoming bitter and fighting those who stay. They don't feel the desire to destroy the church.

3- No, I have several brothers who like me are outside, and are not bitter. (A couple were for a while and got over it, and one who is bitter now) But for every bitter, dishonest one out there, there are quite a few who are not.

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

I would like to know more about your side of the story on the Lost Boys and what you call the Party House and others have called the safe house.

Pligchild said...

Zookeeper, I am writing it right now.

Anonymous said...

Hello Alan, I admire what you're doing here. Keep up the good work. It's interesting how your Great Grandfather was a member of the corporate LDS Church and then when delving deeper into the original founding Doctrines of the Church he discovered the Corporate Church was laying aside the saving principles of the Gospel. He had the Moral Courage to study into the doctrines that the Prophets Joseph, Brigham Young, and John Taylor taught and realized the corporate church was really the renegade splinter church (with the majority of the members who folded because they were about to lose their property) from the original doctrines believed and practiced.

Pligchild said...

My great grandfather lived in Sweden and was converted and baptized to the LDS church while there. Before he was baptized, he made a promise that he would live the Celestial Law, including the Plurality of wives. He was later excommunicated from the church for doing so.