Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cultural Awareness Guide

I found a copy of the "Cultural Awareness Guide" that the state has passed out to the those running the shelters that they have taken their little prisoners to. And I want to point out each of the things that they obviously got from "escapees" (or those who have become very bitter) and are bigoted lies.

1-The very first thing under "Culture" is just plain bunk. "Have a deep instilled fear of the outside world" That is just not true whatsoever. Most fear is a result of hatred, and they are taught to love and forgive all. To avoid association with those with lower standards is not because of fear.

2-"Males dominate Females" I don't think these people have met my mother. If the man is the head of the family, does he dominate? "No power or influence can, or aught to be maintained by virtue of the priesthood. Only by persuasion, by long suffering, by gentleness and meekness, and by love unfeigned" (I just typed that off the top of my head from being REQUIRED to memorize it).

3- "Distrust all outsiders" I am sure those who have interviewed the children could bunk this one. But to trust after being told your mother is just going for a minute? Why should they trust them?

4- "Electronics are prohibited" TV, and modern music yes. Computers, cell phones, i-pods are very common and have never been prohibited.

5- "Children, while in care, especially young boys, have made derogatory remarks to staff of color" I am sure some have made derogatory remarks to all of the staff, they are children, and they have been kidnapped. They are not taught to be bigots, but to be respectful.

6- "Children in care were initially extremely compliant, but are beginning to “act out” after separation from parents" Well duh!

7-"Children are socialized to believe that sexual activity with adults is positive" Now this one, this one is so sick minded that I would rather not even mention it, but there it is in black and white. Why is bigotry is considered common sense to these people?

8- "No pork" I better stop eating hot dogs!

9- "Occasional fasting for 1-3 days" This came directly from bitterness. Children are never included in fasting unless they want to. Fasting is an extension of prayer, and is referred to as "rejoicing and prayer" You can't fast and be grumpy about it, you might as well eat.

10-"Some children may not have education beyond the 8th grade." This one may be true, but it made me laugh. I bet not one of those six-year-olds have more than an 8th grade education!

11-"Since 4/4/08 children are playing with cars, battery operated toys, riding tricycles, and enjoying other more mainstream toys" The only toys that are discouraged are talking animals, and action figures.

12- "Children do not know the correct names for body parts and are not familiar with the terms “intercourse”, “sexual intercourse,” or “sexual relations”. GOOD GRIEF! Are you people telling me that YOUR children understand these terms?

13- "Clarifier: At this time, it is difficult to determine many of the religious beliefs of this particular community due to their isolation from mainstream society." That is because they are treating mothers like third class animals who are too stupid to tell them. What an insult.

14- "...and discourages the use of conventional medicine." Since when? Sure home remedies are great, but everything is given to man from God, even all of the modern medicines.

15-"They believe personal revelation can come in the form of a strong impression, dream, voice, vision, or “burning of the bosom.” The still, small, voice. A burning peace. I am curious, is this meant to be an insult? The way it is written it seems to be because it has absolutely no bearing on how to treat children.

16-"If children do not conform to high standards set by the parents, they often feel they are failures, and parents may take extreme disciplinary measures to force obedience." Good heavens, I hope that they are not believing this garbage.

17-"Intercourse is referred to as “heavenly relations”, or “marriage relations” Intercourse is not even referred to at all with children under marriageable age.

18- Some of the glossary is really stupid and irrelevant. Not one of those children will know what you are talking about when you say "Lost Boys", or "Poofers". And I have never heard of the "True order of Prayer" garbage myself. This is obviously information attempting to prejudice the workers against these children's parents.

The only thing they are "rescuing" these children from, is believing the gospel of their parents


Anonymous said...

I have one question and point.

Why, in God's name, do people care about how the FLDS women dress and do their hair?

Would they prefer they walk the streets as common harlots whoring out their innocence and virtue through the clothing of this day and age.

I applaud the conviction of those women to dress they way they desire in the face of all opposition.

I don't hear the media criticize and question they Muslims dress. If they did they would be called out, reprimanded, demoted, and cast aside.

How DARE a society full of whores such as Paris Hilton criticize they way these women dress. And how DARE a society riddled with pornography criticize the way these women dress.

Anonymous said...

15-"They believe personal revelation can come in the form of a strong impression, dream, voice, vision, or “burning of the bosom.” The still, small, voice. A burning peace. I am curious, is this meant to be an insult? The way it is written it seems to be because it has absolutely no bearing on how to treat children.
Yes they are insulting the (F)LDS with that. In historical orthodox Christianity stuff like that must be verified by the pillar and foundation of truth -- the Church, which has existed since He began it with these word to Simon, "Thou art Rock, and upon this very same rock I will build My Church ... and the gates of the world of death shall never prevail against it." (cf Mt16:16ff). Many heretical sects (Protestants) think they can just read the bible and judge it properly, never realizing they interpret the Bible through their own biases.

And as for number 12: many of them probably do TV is so explicit these days. See the Hannah Montana headlines.

And number 6: My kids act out whenever they become comfortable enough to do it. Practically never at school but often at home.

I do wish that the FLDS would allow someone to come to talk to them about why polygyny isn't so good from a historical stance (see Isaac and Ishmael fighting, sure the Israelis versus the Arabs is (partly) the result of Abraham's polygamy with Sarah and Hagar) -- I think many of them could look at what it's going to lead to among their children and decide it may not be good for them. No amount of religous argument will work because these people want to do right by God and family (secondly).

Pligchild said...

Exactly, you could never convince them that what what mother, and grandmother, and greatgrandmother lived, loved, and taught, is wrong.

No, they don't watch TV Thank heavens.

They definately don't need anyone teaching them what to believe.

Anonymous said...


The FLDS who want to know more about life without polygamy can easily learn more from the LDS church. I know a number of FLDS people who left the FLDS and converted to the LDS church, because they wanted the religion without the polygamy.

On the other side of the coin, I know some LDS members who have become fundamentalists, either AUB or Centennial Park, because they became convinced that the LDS church had abandoned the true faith when it abandoned the principles of plural marriage and the law of consecration.

So, no, I do not think the FLDS need someone to come teach them. That is a very patronizing suggestion, as though they are little children needing corrected.

jjb said...

The list was ridiculous. It made everyone sound like freaks. My sisters live in CC and they are FLDS. They are ages 16, 18, and 20and not married. Girls do NOT get married as soon as they reach puberty! I'm sure some girls have begged to at a young age, but most wait.

My sisters dress very nicely and modestly, and they are morally clean girls. That's unusual in "mainstream culture" and it's so refreshing. The world looks at the women with modest clothes and mocks them. I don't understand how they feel justified in saying the plygs are immoral and are teaching their children to be perpetrators. The FLDS people don't want to look like or live like "mainstream culture" but that's what the CIS workers are supposed to "help" them integrate into. That's everything they have been trying NOT to be.

I think a better list for cultural awareness guide would say to treat them like people and as individuals with brains. Respect their right to be different. Stop lumping everybody into one big mass and saying they are all brainwashed and uneducated. That's not true.

I grew up in CC and I'm a pligchild too. So are my kids. I'm with Winston so I guess I'm not considered FLDS by the FLDS anymore. That doesn't matter to me. This attack was against polygamy everywhere. Those people in Texas are my friends and relatives.

Abuse is not part of our religion and has never been. Abuse happens everywhere in every culture, but we protect our children the very best we can. We try to guide them with love, not with threats or beatings!

The media has made a big hype about everything they possibly can and it's shameful to do all this arguing and finger pointing.

A lot of little children need to be allowed to go home to their parents.

Anonymous said...

Many of the people on the outside are educated enough to see that this stuff is just ridiculous. I grew up in foster care and I can guarantee that most foster parents tossed it in the trash and completely disregarded it. Foster homes are mostly run by the foster parents discretion and no one cares to change how their home is ran. When the children were returned, I'm sure the parents saw that immediately. I think that this had to have been written not only to feed the media but satisfy those on the outside who wanted the children to be treated humanely. But writing down a culture will hardly enforce it and they knew that. Hence the reason that no one made sure that the information was accurate.