Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Call

I am sure that it is pretty much common knowledge now that Rozita Swinton of Colorado Springs, Colorado made the phone calls to the Texas Child Protective Services. She claimed to be a 16 year old girl named Sarah who had a child and was pregnant with another. She told authorities that she was being beaten and raped by her 5o year old husband while her sister wife held her baby.

While I do not blame the CPS for wanting to investigate such an allegation, I am completely disgusted that they would believe anyone would protect a man who would do such a thing. I knew it was a hoax immediately after hearing about it, just because the allegation included the claim that her sister wife held her baby and knew it was happening. But I don't blame them for investigating.

What I want to know is why Flora Jessop did not report her "abuse" to authorities before. Flora Mae claims she has over 40 hours (I repeat, 40 HOURS) of recordings she got from this lady. After she was traced back to Colorado Springs, Colorado, then Flora comes out with the story of having known all along. On one clip from CNN it even seemed that Flora was coaching her what to say. "Remember you told me that your dad hits your mom too?" she asks the "girl" on the phone.

Flora Jessop does not tell the truth. Her own personal story was a work in progress every time she was interviewed on televison. Many times she claimed to have run away from being married to a 5o year old man when she was 16. But she now at least uses the boy she ran away with as her "forced" husband. I honestly have no resentment toward her, but I have alot of resentment toward what she has lied about. "O well", they say; because of her "good cause" her lies are looked past, and the fact that she kidnapped Fawn Holm and Fawn Broadbent, with two TV crews in tow, is completely forgotten about.


Hugh McBryde said...

Before the Rozita Swinton story came out my friends and I, who are supportive advocates of the practice of polygyny theorized that Flora might be in the middle of this and that the call was phony.

While we are Christian polygynists, not LDS or FLDS, we are appalled at your treatment. I am "blogging" daily to that effect.

Anonymous said...

Flora ran away with her cousin Phillip Jessop. He was not much older than she. I know I lived there. Flora was never in a plural marriage relationship except her father had more than one wife. When she found out what kind of a guy Phillip was she came back home. It only got worse from there on. I really do feel sorry for her because I can see the bad choises she has made.

Anonymous said...


Many of us believe Flora may have been in on the ruse and she bailed just as quickly as it became no longer in her interests to remain in the middle of it. So now she looks like the hero instead of a co-conspirator against the FLDS.

Flora is such a sad little person, and misery loves company. It's too bad she can't leave well enough alone.

Hugh McBryde said...

Texas canceled the original warrant.

They have shed the legal baggage of defending that warrant and have moved on to what they saw, when they were inside.

Hugh McBryde said...

New information on my blog about Rozita.

Anonymous said...

I found the blogs by the way ;) but I am curious why did you leave the FLDS church?