Monday, January 12, 2009

What Cheese said

From Brooke Adams blog

cheese said...
harley, there is a girl in Dallas who is hispanic. She has a baby from her live-in boyfriend who is also hispanic. She is 15 years old and he is 20 years old (more than 3 years older than her). They know who he is and he even admits that the child is his. Her parents were a party to this 'crime' because the man is living with them and the girl. The girl and her baby are not in a CPS jail.

Now there is another girl who is Caucasian, who is not even pregnant let alone already with a 'crime' to care for. And here's the stickler (drum roll).... SHE'S FLDS! AND THIS GIRL IS IN A CPS JAIL!

Now harley, in your great ability to be objective then consider the differences of these two girls and you come up with why she's in jail. Is it because she's white instead of hispanic? It can't be because her 'boyfriend' is more than 3 years older than her because the hispanic girls boyfriend is too! Is it because she has no little 'crime' to care for? Is it because she isn't pregnant that she's in custody? Remember when you were were watching Sesame Street harley? "One of these is different. One of these things is not the same. Now it's time to play our game." Remember, harley.

She's not in jail because she's white, that's no crime.
She's not in jail because she's pregnant, because she isn't.

About the only thing I can conclude is that she's in jail for exercising her First Amendment right to freedom of religion (be FLDS) and her right to freedom of thought and expression (purport). I'm cheese napolitano and that's the verdict!
3:11 PM


Anonymous said...

May be that Harley's Harley is to loud to think, she shouldn't
read and write.... er ride at the same time. Free Merrianne I could care less about tibet who are those crazies anyhow :))

Anonymous said...

Both Harley (The name of my dog by the way!) and Ron (Who never has a client) would have made really great Nazi's.

We should send them to Gaza so they can lob mortars at Israeli children
and feel real good about themselves

I would have much more respect for the both of them if they just came right out and admit they just don't like Mormons no matter how young they may be.

I'm told Ron is a Lawyer. What does he do, sell babies to the Saudi's for a living? Did he lose a ton of money when the Supreme Court ordered the return of his slaves?

Uncle Bill