Sunday, January 18, 2009

A prayer for our Prophet

O God, thou God who rules on high
Bow down thine ear to me
Listen, O, to my cry
Hear thou my fervent plea

Forgive the heartless wicked clan
That wish Thy servant harm
Protect him from the power of man
By Thy Almighty arm

Let unseen watchmen wait around
To shield thy servants head
Let all his enemies be found
Caught in the net they spread.

Thy grace like prairie dews distilled
To all his needs apply
And let his upright heart be filled
With Spirit from on high

O, hide him in Thy secret fold
When on his path they tread
Safe as Elijah who of old
Was by the ravens fed

Bring his accusers deeds to light
And give Thy people rest
Eternal God gird up thy might
And succor the oppressed

The work is Thine Thy promise sure
Though Earth and hell oppose
Roll, roll it onward and secure
Thy Prophet from his foes

-Eliza R Snow

*Sent to me by one who calls themself "Sweety"


Anonymous said...

Heaven bless Warren Steed Jeffs

Anonymous said...

I second that--Amen :)