Friday, October 10, 2008

Will's son's story

I did not know Will very well, in fact I only met him once that I remember, but I do remember that wonderful experience very, very well. It was not long after he was released from the Hospital after his accident in Nevada. (They were dismantling a portable steel building)
He just so happened to be walking down Memorial St in Hildale when I was loading up to go on a picnic. He called out "HI AL!" and came walking to me with a great big smile. I greeted him just as warmly and shook his hand. I don't know why, but I have never loved a brother more, he treated me like his best friend and bore his testemony to me of the Priesthood and the Prophet and the work of Zion. He was so filled with love even for me that I cannot even describe it. We stood there and spoke for 45 minutes... I will never forget that... How I want to be like WILL!

But that is not why I started this post. I want everyone to go and read about Will's son Willson, and his experience with CPS. Here:


cheese said...

Johnson Ave. isn't in Hildale

Pliggy said...

Oops, I got confused because of the house I was at.

Anonymous said...


The story said that Will passed away - he was so young.

I feel so badly for his wife and children. I cannot believe that CPS is now hounding her and calling her neglectful after they allowed Wilson to be so ill while in CPS care.

With all the heartache she's been through with losing her children, and now her husband, it is a wonder she can still smile, yet, I know that God is her comfort and strength.


Pliggy said...

Yes, I know.

I said I didn't know him very well, but really I did, he and I were best friends for those few minutes.

Maayan said...

Im so sad, speechless really. This hurts so much, this little boy must feel abandoned. Poor kids. This woman is so strong,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I love you all each day more, and more, and more, and i hope i can learn to be so loving and to have the patience you have..

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to this beautiful women and her children many prayers are being sent to her. Hopefully CPS will start to show that they have a heart and let her and her family heal.

Song of Joy said...

I am afraid that CPS is like the ravaging wolf. Attacking the weak, the helpless, the most vulnerable. If anything, they are attempting to resuit her because she is so devastated.

May God bless her and may those who care about her provide a hedge of prayer to keep CPS away from her and her children.