Saturday, October 4, 2008


[This is my personal belief and may or may not be truth, I am always striving to learn and subject to correction]

All religion is the same in the belief that our individual identity does not cease when our bodies cease to have life in them. Without this belief then we are atheist, or believe that life does not exist except in a physical way. I believe both; the spirituality of the soul is physical beyond the visible body. Science has begun to grasp this through quantum physics, and quantum menchanics, but in their “String Theories” they try to exclude God. Microbiology does not have the technology to “see” what life is, life just “IS”. Life is made of refined and “invisible” subatomic matter, often referred to as “energy”

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity says Energy equals Mass (of matter) multiplied by the speed of light squared. Life is an energy matter mastered only by God, and His speed and energy is unobservable. Satan has much scientific prowess to sustain life, but his power and existence is energy based on anti-life, which is anti-energy, which is anti-matter. His “life” is dictated by the true life in God. Time is even relative to speed and energy. But time travel is impossible in reverse. The past can be seen, but cannot be changed from now or in the future; but the future can be seen and changed from now. Eternity is one continuous “now” leaving a trail called “the past”. Our Father in heaven is jealous of us because we are so naive about our own existence.

Our Father in Heaven is Eternal, He existed forever. Yet it is also true that we His children existed forever. Energy as matter of intelligence, or Life, Love, and the Spirit of God, is without beginning of days or end of years. Our Father and Mothers created us as individuals from the eternal energy called Life, and gave us our individual existence, our Spirit “me”. Life exists with or without individuality. We were created as individuals by God, but our life existed eternally, as did His. Our individual “Life” existence predates our life here, and when, how, and who we come here as is greatly influenced by our pre-life existence. God, who sits enthroned in Heaven is a resurrected and perfected physical and embodied “man”, we are created as earthlings in His “image”. He gained mastery over life through His perfected Love, His purification of the individual spirit and individual body that His parents gave to Him before he became God. We as His children either become “like” Him, or we will eventually lose progression and seek to be dissolved.

Inasmuch as there is death, there is eternal dissolution. The second death is the death of the body and the individual Spirit, which can be the only time that the soul ceases to “exist”. We were not created out of nothing, and thus we cannot be destroyed into nothing. Those who experience the second death will cease to exist as individuals, and shall be dissolved into the Life pool, or Life energy existence without individuality. Sometime later to be created again as an individual, perhaps a child of a god, or possibly as animal life, somewhere in eternity. Life, or the Spirit of God, has existed forever. Individual gods, or the spirit children of God called human’s, have not.

When we die we do not change from being who we are. We enter the world of Paradise, or Spirit World, waiting to be resurrected with the exact same character and weaknesses that we have here. When the resurrection occurs we are given our completed soul again, meaning our mind and body is restored to our spirit, and we are judged according to how we treated it. Then we are given a mansion in His house that we can appreciate, in the kingdom with those who are similar to ourselves. Those who are not worthy of the highest heaven will be separated from those who are. Two other Kingdoms will be created for those who are not worthy of the highest, but they will be visited and taught by those in the higher kingdoms. Those who are able to grasp the necessity of righteousness and “think NO evil” shall enter the highest kingdom, the school or Church of the gods, and become joint heirs with Jesus Christ.


WC said...


Thanks for the post. I often think on these things as well- how science seemingly disproves religion, such as the big bang theory or evolution. There is nothing wrong with science's search for the truth, but what bothers me is th audacity of scientists to say that certain things are the truth when they are not. For example, Newton's laws of physics were so harmonious that they seemed absolute-but were later proved wrong. The big bang theory scientists say there was a beginning to everything,that the universe was at one time the size of an electron and them exploded into the universe now- hence,
there must be no God. But they fail to believe in Him and think that maybe that means that most electrons in the universe have the potential to become universes themselves, without a begining or end, a truly awesome concept. The thing is, science changes, and what is one generations scientific law, may become relative in the next generation as things are learned.

WC said...

Sorry, Newton wasn't proved wrong, just not applied to every physical situation.

Anonymous said...

Nice catch on Newton!

Disciple said...

Very true about the audacity of those who would believe that "science" has or eventually will discover all there is to know.

One very good example is the complexity of the cell. In Darwin's time it was impossible to know just how incredibly complex even the "simple" cell is. There is simply no way that such complexity could arise in small graduated steps.

In his book, "Darwin's Black Box", Michael Behe demonstrated just how complex - and delivered a fatal blow to the plausibility of Darwin's Theory of Evolution ... at least for those with open minds.

Pliggy said...

The Darwinists will always think that "Evolution" is defined as "Progress through change", and that cannot really be disputed (within species there have been subtle changes).

SO they think you are a kook and don't "believe" in Evolution if you call Darwinism worthless.

I say ACCIDENTAL progress is impossible, and that blows Darwinism away as junk science. Evolution is not Darwinism, "Origin of Species" is.