Friday, October 24, 2008

O my Father way up there
Will you hear this little prayer?
I seek for you to hear today
My anxious prayer in some small way

I know I am slow, and far behind
I’m not always sweet, pure, and kind
But still my Father I will pray
With all my heart anyway!

For just one thing I ask
One single solitary task
Nothing is to great for Thee
Even if it is just for little me

All I ask from you today
O If there is any way!
Tell those I love with all my soul
Just how much I love them so!


yutthehay said...

Is there anyone out there who dosen"t understand the meaning of this poem? Comming form Al it is a rill tear jerker.

Tuffy said...

Sweet! Nice poetry

Anonymous said...


I read this thinking of our Best Friend on earth who is behind a tightly locked door:

The Closed Door

I never crossed your threshold with a grief
But that I went without it; never came
Heart hungry but you fed me, eased the blame,
And gave the sorrow solace and relief.

I never left you but I took away
The love that drew me to your side again
Through that wide door that never could remain
Quite closed between us for a little day.

Oh! Friend, who gave and comforted, who knew
So overwell the want of heart and mind,
Where can I turn for solace now, or find
Relief from this unceasing loss of you?

Be it for fault, for folly, or for sin,
Oh! terrible my penance, and most sore
To face the tragedy of that closed door
Whereby I pass and may not enter in.
--Theodosia Garrison

Not many months ago I often passed his closed door.....

Pliggy said...

Indeed, he is the center one of "those I love".

Thank you for that.