Sunday, May 10, 2009

Am I a crime?

To quote myself,

"As a child I loved to sit at my grandmother’s feet while she told us about her life. The stories she told and the life she lived inspired all of us, and most of my sisters decided to do just like she did. Despite what stories you hear of forced marriage of young girls, I have over a dozen married sisters, and only one was under 18 when she married her sweetheart. The others did not wait because they did not want to get married sooner, but my father, the protective softy that he is, did not want to let them to get married any sooner than he had to.

The life of a lady is not over when she gets married. Marriage is not slavery to my mothers, who both went to College and had jobs after they married my father. They did it because they wanted to, and they only had the children that they wanted to. I am very glad they wanted me.

I ask all of you mothers, is there a greater relationship in your life that the one between you and your child? It should be the greatest, because it is for your child. For me, my mother was second only to God. She represented God to me. She taught me who God was. She taught me how to pray. She taught me to look to my honorable father for direction in my life. She was my first and most favorite teacher. She still is the greatest woman on this earth to me; when I think about the word love, I think about my mother. Every day is Mothers Day to me.

I ask sincerely, should I have not been born? Should I not exist? Should I not have the father and mother that I do? Would the world be a better place had I not been born? Do you not want me to exist? Am I a crime?

You see, my mother was a teenager when I was born. And my father is as good a man as there is on this earth. Yes we were on food stamps sometimes, yes the government paid for much of our medical care, but is the government wrong for doing it? Am I a fraud? Am I a crime?"

And then...

"Only three decades ago a teenager became pregnant with a baby. The father of that child was married to another woman, and was more than ten years older than the young girl. And I couldn't care less if the entire world, all of the governments, and all of the churches put together, and even if you, your own wonderful pious self, condemn what happened at that time.

I was born, and I was not a mistake, let alone evidence of a crime.

I was the greatest thing to happen in the life of a girl, I was the most cherished thing on the planet to one particular mother, I was brought into this world to the greatest woman on Earth, and one of the greatest men, and if anyone does not like that, too bad. If you do not like the fact that I was born when I was born to who I was born to, you might as well go read the Anti-FLDS sites, because you cannot be helped here.

I was born into a Covenant, and that Covenant was ordained by God, the Creator of this world and of this Universe. I was born to a couple who were sealed for time and All Eternity in the one true Church on earth, by the only man on earth who Almighty God gave that authority to. I was a large part of the reason my mother not only willingly, but very anxiously entered into that Covenant. I was not only wanted, but those two people, my wonderful parents, were sealed together for the very purpose of bringing me into this world. My heritage and birth is the greatest honor and privilege that God has ever given to me. And if you don't like it, I have no way to help you. I am alive, and I will not go away for you.

Putting my father in jail would have accomplished nothing good. Putting my mother in jail, or in a shelter, would have done absolutely nothing good. Kidnapping me from my mother, which would have been like killing me (which some people might endorse), would have accomplished absolutely nothing but to serve the devil. And if you would have liked any of this to happen, you are serving the devil yourself, willingly or not.

If you are praying for me to see the light, praying that I would condemn my own birth, my own father, and my own religious procreation, then I know that the god that you pray to is not the God of heaven, but is the god of hell, and all your prayers for me are much, much less than a waste of time.

If that is your prayer, please pray for someone else besides me. I have had enough problems with Lucifer and seek no more of his “help”

The people who say that the raid on the YFZ ranch happened the way it did to avoid another Waco are very confused, and some very willingly. That is as opposite of truth as there ever has been in history. The reason the raid happened at all was because they WANTED another Waco; they were expecting another Branch Davidian fight. And those who yet to this day endorse that awful State-sponsored terrorist act, are either rotten bigots, dark-hearted apostates, or among the masses of the grossly and willingly misinformed.

The most horrid of people, those who yet say that the Temple doors were broken down, and that sacred building was desecrated by the wicked sheriff and his monsters for even the slightest hint of a good reason, are serving the master of mayhem, Beelzebub himself. That sacred and holy temple had been anxiously awaited for over a hundred years by the greatest of people, and only the devil himself and his willing followers could have ever desired to make it the worthless shell it has now become. And only the darkest imaginations and vilest hearts could have ever desired to invade and invalidate the sacredness of such a place.

May they repent and ask forgiveness, is my only desire for them. Until then, they are my enemies. I forgive my enemies already, and will seek to do only good toward them, but that does not change the fact that they remain my enemies, and the enemies of my people."


Xorphshire said...

I remember the first time I read these posts. The first question I asked myself was, "Who decides what a crime is?" Really, who gets to decide who's a "victim" and who's not? Since then, all I've come up with is the interesting phrase "Color Of Law."

I could go on and on about this -- but I'm afraid it would end up being bigger than your blog entry. LOL

All I can say to so called lawmakers is enjoy your crayons while y'all still got em.

Pliggy said...

"I'm afraid it would end up being bigger than your blog entry. LOL"That doesn't scare me a bit :)

duaneh1 said...

Good post pliggy. It is very disturbing to think about a child growing up to find out either of his parents are incarcerated as a result of his/her coming into the world. It is ironic that if the FLDS practiced birth control and abortion, they wouldn't be having these legal troubles. FYI, my mother was 16 when she got pregnant, my nephew's mother was 16 when she gave birth in 1992 with the father being 22, I suppose my newphe is the result of a henious crime as well, however no one in my or her family thought anything of surreal to think of what is happening nowadays.
My wife's grandmother was 14 when she got married. But since none of them were Fundie Mormon is perfectly ok.

ChristianFundyMom said...

Allen, I really enjoyed this post. It was heart felt and very passionately written! Definitely one of my favorites :)

In Love

Xorphshire said...

What duaneh1 said is exactly what I'm talking about. That sums it up pretty well. I guess it's the psychology behind it that intrigues me. When did the change come? Why is it so strange nowadays to be a teen mother? The ability to be a mother isn't a "right" or a "privilege" or a "gift" granted by state governments. (I'm sure TBM could prove me 100% wrong on that with his colorful, military-grade, state issued box of double barrel crayons. LOL)

The cheerleaders and major activists behind the FLDS persecution seem to be so wrapped up in their hate, that they'll hardly notice -- or care that their own freedoms are dissolving too. But hey -- it's OK as long as those darn pligs get it.

Not as big as your blog entry yet. I'll keep practicing. :)

rhondas view said...

hey allen- you stopped by and left a comment- which i very much appreciate! i haven't had a chance to read much of what you've written here- but i'm curious and you have such a fascinating story- so i'll be back!
in regards to the readers who find me, instead of you- could be! although, honestly i don't see the confusion :)

yutthehay said...

You are not a crime and neither is your grandmother who had three children by the time she was twenty. Grandmothers are very wonderful people. It is not a crime to be a GRANDmohter. What makes good mothers and grandmother is good FATHERS and grandfathers.

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

If your religion doesn't require that a girl get married (and I mean married, not a version of betrothing) at 13, 14 or 15, why do it, though?

That's a sincere question.

Pliggy said...

Pray tell, what is a version of betrothing? When you say "married" do you mean a ceremony or a sexual act?

My religion does not require marriage at a certain age, and the question can be asked the same way to you, with the same answer.

willow said...

I have found great interest in your Blog over the past view days. I am a Christ following Christian with an interest in different religious teachings. I like to explore different paths so my mind can be kept open. Thank you for the insight.

fanchon said...

I do find it so interesting (and hypocrytical) that the government and public don't get into as big an uproar over all the unwed teen mothers who continue to have numerous children with multiple fathers, and spend their life living off of the government. But a young lady choses to enter a marriage and have children with the one person they intend to spend all time and eternity with, and it's a huge political issue. And along those same lines, a man strays outside his marriage and has numerous mistresses (and even children) outside his one legal marriage, and he is not persecuted. But a man choses to have multiple wives that are all aware of each other and commited to being a permanent unified family, and they are persecuted and arrested for breaking laws. How does this make any sense?