Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Rape at YFZ

It is very difficult for me to put into words the truth about what happened in Texas just over a year ago. Certainly it is my religious conviction to forgive even my enemies. And yet, to let the enemy violate me is neither kind nor forgiving, it is suicidal. But when their aim is murderous, the choice is a hellish one; die from murder for trying to defend yourself, or suffer the violation. That is no real choice, but only from one is there ability to recover, if you can call it that.

The Temple of God that had been longed after for three generations; that was built up for sacred and holy rites and ceremonies as Eternally important to the FLDS as any is in any other religion, as any you can possibly imagine. It was a building as sacred to the FLDS people as the womb is sacred to a maiden. I wish I could convey how sacred that really is. Perhaps you can understand.

Yet Satan and his willing yet blind servants, determined to rape or to murder, violated that sacred and holy edifice with as much gratuitous passion and filthy viciousness as the pukes in hell in years gone by destroyed virtuous maidens. The only defense that good men had was to die at the hands of the hired killers, or to kneel and pray in anxious tears.

And then, and THEN! Those heartless degenerates who with voyeuristic glee defiled the flower of my people, had the fiendish gall to announce to the world that they discovered what pleasure they were after, that all the blind may cheer their deed. A bed used to lay the dead or gravely ill in Gods house to seek His blessings for them. The raiding fiends had to call their spiritual leaders, those apostate liars closest to the devil, to legitimize their degenerate imaginary tale.

Now a photo of the bed is in the media. And just recently the panel in Texas congress, supposedly gathered to investigate the crime, had the audacity to point to that photo as they would the victim’s blood, and ask the victim why it was there.

Someday, they will know.

I forgive and leave them in His hands.


Carol said...

You can forgive them Pliggy, but I have not found it in my heart to do so.
Such cruel and meaningless acts must be denounced to the heavens and paid for here on earth.
I know your Heavenly Father will extract payment when the time comes, I do not wish to wait that long.
Please forgive me for being brash. I am seeing so much ugliness in our world, someone must be held accountable.

WC said...

Absolutely nothing is sacred to them, not even their own laws. They said in their commitee meeting that even though they broke the law in seperating the children from their mothers, they would do it again and again. No morals, no conscience. Is there any doubt that this is the "beast" talked about in the scriptures?

Anonymous said...

I think the FLDS should demand an apology from Governor Perry for his government's acts of desecration and defamation of the FLDS people.

Prof said...

Articulately and passionately written Pliggy. We who love the truth and yearn for the cause of Zion, feel as violated as that sacred edifice was, when all that is sacred and holy is put before swine and mocked!!!
Section 121 outlines God's judgments on they who offend God's servants.

Us said...

One of the things the devil loves doing is desecrating sacred things. They desecrated the Temple and now Wisan is desecrating our Cemetery by allowing apostates to be buried there. I forgive them also and leave judgment to God knowing that he knows all and will repay Texas, Wisan, and all others who are fighting the Priesthood according to their works.

Pliggy said...

Us, while I know it is true that the apostates and the freeloaders who were stirring up the media and the the government to "fight the FLDS" over burying their child in the FLDS cemetery, I also do not believe that the innocent child who died was an apostate, and I am sure you would agree.

That was a publicity stunt using the death of their own child. I pity their dark hearts.

Us said...

I wasn't aware that it was a child that they buried there. If that is so you are correct.